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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Did Breitbart Have Dirt on Obama?


  1. Some scary times we are living in my friend.

  2. It wouldn't surprise me if that came to light. I just hope that if he did have these videos, that he made copies and gave them to a trusted individual.

  3. Welcome Jacked Up Glock Mom.. I see That I am on your blog list :)

    I shall add you to mine.

    I am sure that whatever Andrew had he made sure to give to various sources to distribute when the time is right.

  4. @ boilerdoc.. you ain't kiddin buddy.

  5. In a position such as his, touting what he did publicly, he'd be a fool not to have had a 'Poison Pill' - time will tell if that was so

    Its been working for Assange - cause you can bet your last nickel Assange would have had an accident in a hot tub otherwise by now...


  6. Thank You! Yes that is the same thing my hubby said about any potential videos....It just sux, I am really going to miss him.

  7. I had forgotten about this. Posted.

  8. This is going/has gone viral. Good.

  9. Go take a look at weaselzippers they are supposidly releasing them in 7-10 days


  10. I try my best not to be paranoid. A friend likes to tell me that it's not paranoia if it's really happening.

    This smacks of Clinton/Foster. And who is Sec. of State?

    Okay, the nurse came in. I gotta get off the interwebs and take my meds.

    Wow, scary stuff in an election time.


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