Saturday, September 10, 2022

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 Just an image I found scrolling wallpaper sites.







It Appears There Are Gremlins About....

  Friends of the blog have noted that recently The Feral Irishman

has "lost" it's feed when it's linked on other blog lists.  I noticed it earlier once Phil

reached out to me.

From what I can tell, the feed for updating is corrupted??  Possibly by

nefarious intent or not, who knows.

I do know others have had some "gremlin" issues as well.

I keep a link to my site in the blogger list on the sidebar to make sure it updates.

Earlier it was all the way at the bottom of the list and not updated the feed.


When you edit the blog list in blogger it looks like this:

Copy and paste the blog you want to add to your list


 When I first did this earlier it came up as FEED NOT DETECTED.

After some research I found the edit below will add the feed.

Some of you are getting this as a feed

IF you edit this    ?alt=rss  in after the word default it appears to work



 When I went back to the "Blog List" it now appears both are working????


Who knows WTF is going on.   IF you have linked TFI to your blog list would you please

check it and let us know by comment or email if it works. If it doesn't work

try editting in the ?alt=rss  as you can see above.


I will test both versions for a bit.



Thanks for stopping by as always.


Test Post Regarding Blog Feed Issues



I am working on a post but wanted to test this first.


Please stand by as our technicians are working on the issue.




Friday, September 9, 2022

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

"Mad Dog" on the loose in Memphis (UPDATE: Suspect is in custody)

I just saw about fifteen minutes ago where there is a shooter on a spree in Memphis recording himself shooting and shooting at victims on Facebook Live. One video captures "Zeek Huncho" (aka "bankboy Zeek") walking into an Auto Zone store and randomly shooting a man. Police say he has shot multiple people and warning folks to stay indoors. I'm sure we will hear all about it tomorrow. 

Below are few links from a quick Google search.




I Like The Cut Of Dylan's Jib...










Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Holy Crap! I Didn't Realize "The View" Was Filming Locally......










Talk About Getting Lost In Time With No Pharmaceautical Enhancement...


 Working at the computer on quotes and 2 hours goes by before I knew it.


STxAR commented on last Friday's post and linked this band from France.

Push play, lean back and close your eyes.....



 THANKS STxAR. Holy shit that is good.




Monday, September 5, 2022

That Would Be An Easy To Understand Chart For The Dr's Office....







Have You Seen Or Heard Of Byrna Non-Lethal?



I was just introduced to this when I happened upon this video.... 

A definite WTF moment.





 From the video description:

 ******PLEASE READ****** This guy walks up to my house and proceeds to enter my home. Bad timing for him as I was sitting inside holding my new Byrna launcher. I refuse to live amongst criminals any longer. Time to take back our cities. Package thieves, Mail thieves, Lawn Ornament thieves, BEWARE. I will fight back! While my home may be open to friends and family, Others may want to KNOCK! Update: I have a Full arsenal of Lethal options. The Sheriff was called. The Noodled Intruder was spanked and released. It's California, You cannot hold or pursue anyone that is not an immediate threat. I am not losing all my worldly possessions for a tweaked out street wandering fool. I removed the threat with my Non-Lethal option. It was in my HAND! The door was just unlocked for my cousin to enter for dinner who arrived 2 minutes after this. I was sitting inside watching this fool walk up to my door. I thought he was going to knock. It honestly shocked me that he opened the door which you can hear very clearly. Sheriff said Misdemeanor Entry is all he could take him in for. He did say, "you would have been within your rights to unload any weapon on him in this situation prior to leaving the house". Once you start pursuing, it changes everything.

A Couple Videos Well Worth Watching ...

 First up Kari Lake nukes the site from orbit:

via <<

Next up, How soon we forget huh?

They bank on a very short attention span of the citizenry.   These are clips from the past

12 years.

For the record, I can not stand any of these people and what they represent.

Watch all 10 minutes and share it.  We need to be reminded of this.


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