Wednesday, February 17, 2021

♫♪♫ For The Bass Players....♫♪♫ and anyone else that enjoys musicianship


  The other day I was out doing errands with the "boss" and commented about the lack of good music even on XMSIRUIS.  As an example I noted that "You never here Rush anymore since the drummer died"

If I had said "Neil Peart died" I would have gotten this:

 Needless to say I also got the standard comment of "They were awful" . I let it go. Sometimes you have to have the talent to know the battle just ain't worth fighting. 

Like this video. Here are a couple talented guys for different reasons.

One, is the soundtrack creator on the left. Two, is the guy on the right that knew when to hold 'em.

 Caution... This woman uses some spicy language so watch the volume......

Now, where was I , hmmmmmm, Oh ya, Rush and some bad ass Geddy Lee Bass Solo to enjoy.

From the comments on the youtube video, I think this guy summed it up well:

They were 3 Who sounded like 5 And played as 1.

Enjoy the day and be happy that you're not that guy in the first video.

Way Back Wednesday

 I have posted some photos of this lady in the past and she always received a warm reception. Last week I was going through some images and ran across her again. Good photos of her are difficult to locate and those of quality are even harder, but without further adieu,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Proof This Meme Is True...


 Just over a week ago I posted this:

It was a way to say thank you to all the readers from various locations in the country offering tips on where to retire. After that post and some other shenanigans my shoulder issue came up. Again, lots of information and suggestions from people that I have never met in person , and may or may not ever meet in person, but still took their time to post a comment offering help.  I'm sure there are those that lurk that enjoyed the fact I was hurting. Anyway, all this community has given me a few ideas and when time allows I will put them up here.  

Here's some more proof  about those friendships described above:

A few examples.  Jeffery, my coauthor, reached out many a time by email back in the past. We chatted and had some good conversations. Between the blog, email, text and phone we stay in touch as life allows. We haven't met in person yet.

Leigh, found the blog and started commenting and emailing. We chatted on the phone a few times and he actually made the effort to drive down and meet face to face a few times. I have promised to go up his way at some point to visit his neck of the woods. Go easy in the comments Leigh :)

Phil, same thing, like minded, separated by 3000 miles of travel or 1-2 seconds over the internets. 

I can add plenty of others that are daily commenters or emailers that reach out to "chat".

 Thanks to all of you.

The reason I mention Leigh and Phil is what happended the other day. Each of them sent me an email.

Both emails had the exact same meme.

 So, at some point yesterday, those two were on similar meme sites or social media and both saw that and both thought of me and both took time to email. Thanks guys. I laughed. 

And I 'll leave you with this comment on the jeep/ springsteen post by unknown.

Kind of out of the loop on the commercial, but do have a faint, distant knowledge of the area. Fall of 1965, had a roommate who lived in north central Kansas and it was pheasant season. So the three of us roomies went to visit his family and go hunting. But first, the Blind Date: there were 2 girls who were recruited, but one chickened out, so I said "okay, I'll go". Borrowed an old Jeep-may have been a Cherokee-from the guy's father, and off we went, just the two of us. Asked her where we should go, as I didn't know the area. She said there wasn't much in town, but we could go up to the Geo. Huh??? The geographic center of the country, you dufus. So we found it, saw the sign, then started making out. Eventually we fell asleep with the motor running and by the time we woke up the thing had run out of gas. In. the. middle. of. fucking. NOWHERE!!! Saw a dim porch light a fair distance off, so started hiking to see what I could find. Woke the poor guy up-it was at least 2am by then-told him my 'out of gas story', and he fixed me up with a 5 gallon can of gas, drove me back to the Jeep and my new 'love', and we soon were headed back to town. Gave the guy my last $5 for his bother; he was reluctant to take it, but I insisted. Her mother was waiting up for us, noticed that her daughter's clothes were pretty wrinkled but didn't even lecture me. Though we did hook up once more the following summer, we went our separate ways for good. If you ever doubted the line from The Beach Boys about "the Midwest farmer's daughter", you ain't never been to the Midwest and spent an evening with one of them girls. BTW, we didn't even see a pheasant. Thanks to algore's Internet thingy I learned a few years back that she had passed away, sadly missed by her sons and grandkids. Her obituary had a picture-she looked just like she did when she was a high school senior-slim with a twinkle in her eye. RIP, Alice. 


Unknown, thanks for sharing your story.  When I read that I was thinking "Night Moves" Bob Seger.

Your comment also gave me a few ideas.


See that one post that I just through up there brought back memories to someone that took the time to share.


More later...  Work calls.




Monday, February 15, 2021

Who Wants To Go To Miami?








Escalation In 3...2....










Short Update so we can move on...


Called Dr.

Got appointment.

Was seen and checked.

Most likely impingement syndrome given symptoms and recovery since last week.

Amazingly most of the pain is gone and I have, almost, full range of motion.

Prescription: light duty, stretch to comfort level, NSAIDs, Lidocaine, a wee dram, not necessarily in that order. As It gets better light weight or band exercises. 

If it changes then we can go to the xray, PT route.

Thanks again for all the input and comments. I am a bit relieved with this news.

I don't think I hurt anywhere near the pain level of this "dude"


THIS is not your Father's 1965 Mustang....


 I watched this on a large screen TV yesterday....... mesmerized..

Do You Know Owen? and YHGTBSM..... schadenboner time!

Semi related in the fact that if two teams are playing and one loses then the other side winz, correct?

First off this meme:

 They lost, again.

And this:

 Over the weekend I heard talk of this but never got a chance to check it out. I did not watch the 

superbowl, #fuckthat, but I did hear people discussing the social justice/ woke/  corporate pandering

commercials that were played. One I did see was the Dr Sasquatch one and that was pretty good. 

They have some good ones HERE<<. 

Moving on, I heard Bruce Springsteen did a commercial for Jeep and it was utter BS.

For the record, I just watched it for the first time and had I seen it live I know my response would 

have been "Fuck you" while given the finger to the TV.

Here is the Ad

Meet in the middle, my ass.



 Now I see this after hearing talk about it over the weekend:

Jeep pulls Bruce Springsteen Super Bowl ad over drunken driving charge



These corporations are so concerned with out woking each other it's rediculous. 

Pandering to special interests groups, pushing the narrative and agenda.

Come on Jeep, now that orange man bad is gone we all gotta sing kumbaya?

The media is trying to smooth things over and maintain some level of calm. Some bloggers

are pointing out that there will be a mass casualty event to help ratchet the fight against 2A.

I also truly believe that soon we will be told that someone has to step down due to medical 

issues and we will truly have our first African Ameri ,  jamaican/indian female prez.

They only have less than 2 years to push through their wet dreams. There is no middle.





Every once in a while a comment will bring tears to my eyes....


  Reaching out to the community about the shoulder situation resulted in an outpouring of 

help, information, related issues others that have dealt with, and legitimate concern. One comment

really got me in the feelz this morning. It's 0-dark-thirty, I set my coffee next to the keyboard and

logged in to check out all the shit I check out before it's off to work time. Which, for whatever reason, is 

about two hours from now and it is the fastest two hours of my day. Anyway, I see there are a bunch

of comments that came in over the night time hours and one in particular was very succinct in

the concern and caring about my health. This is why I do what I do, all the way to the end...


I think what really is motivating most of us is our concern that you won't make it back for next Friday. 

Sir/Ma'am, you win the internet for the day. That right there gave me a good laugh so much so that I 

had tears rolling down my cheeks. That's fucking funny. It takes a lot to get a good genuine laugh out 

me lately, given the times we are living in, and that did.

 Although, you were probably totally serious, and speak for many as you typed it.

I can hear the conversation now:

"Shit, I just read that Irish fucked up his shoulder"

"No way, he better get it fixed before next Friday!"

That right there is some damn heart felt caring.......

Ok, now I gotta start prepping for this week.





Sunday, February 14, 2021

Irish Log, Stardate 02/14/21 20:46.. Shoulder update


 First off, THANK YOU to all that offered advice and antidotes as well as your own stories of misery dealing with rotator cuff issues. 

Per many of the suggestions I maintained NSAID's and used aspercream with lidocaine, salonpas pads, tea made with tumeric, frozen bags of peas and hot compresses for the pain. Shhhh, and maybe a wee taste of the hooch but who's counting.

Over the past few days I have been very cautious with the shoulder. I would  move it just enough to feel an increase in pain in all axis and would massage the sore areas with my finger tips.

Now, the good news, so far.  Earlier I was soaking in the shower and let the hottest water I could stand pore on the shoulder as I moved and rotated and massaged. I reached out and slowly moved my hand and arm up toward the shower head. When the pain got too much I leaned away and then walked my hand up the shower wall a little higher. The hot water felt good and I slowly moved to stand up straight stretching my arm higher with my body.

 You ever have that feeling like you have to "snap" your ankle or elbow?  You kinda shake your foot or hand then twist either one back and forth. Suddenly you hear a pop/click and feel it something give like the tendons were pinched or stacked on top of each other.  Then it feels really good right?

Well as I was pushing up and moving the joint I heard that same type of "click" not once but twice.

I'm not an orthpedic surgeon and didn't stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, so I have no idea what goes on in there but my range of motion without pain increased dramatically.  As I'm typing this there is still soreness in the front muscle right at the end of where my collar bone probably ends at the shoulder.

 All I can think is a tendon or two got bound up some how and caused the issue. Maybe some of the previous strain set up the cascade of events. What ever it was I am pleased to report, as of now, I may have dodged some serious issue.

I will use care and be very aware of what I do for the next week or so as it finishes healing. 

Again, the outpouring of info and first hand experience as well as the overall comments to the community here is so greatly appreciated. You all are the best. I am sure that everything that was discussed in that thread and all the ideas shared will be used in part by some that read through it. Maybe not now but in the future.



So that's where our weather went...




 From my Texas friends at YMATA <<< 

  Here's a snippet of today's post:



I was 8 years old. Old enough to be given my first pocket knife. A big moment in a young boy's life, given by his grandfather. 

I have written of my grandparents here early on when I started “the after” blog posting. They played an important part in my youth. Also time on their ranch and our weekend visits.

Grandpa fled Czarist Russia. Left as an “old” boy, a young man. My grandmother Rose, too. They both left their country very young, on their own, to make a life in this country. They came in through the front door. So did my father from Norway.

Grandpa was a designer/builder of all things. I spent many an hour in his make-shift foundry and metal-working shed where all things farm-related were heated, hammered into shape and attached into working machinery. Many hours in his company doing “manly” work. Milking cows, riding on the fender of his Ford tractor, tending the land and assorted barn chores.

Grandfather made everything. Metal-working, wood-working, even basket-weaving and shoes for his children. Everything. A hundred percent self- sufficient.

Cedar logs would break free from log rafts and floated up the river next to their home. Grandpa would snag one of these giant logs. A dog was set into the end of the log and it was dragged onto the shore at high tide. Grandpa now owned the log.

He would cut them into blocks from which he would hand-split cedar shakes for his barn.




This. Right. HERE. IS. EPIC.


 I watched this over at Phil's place. His comment was, THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME!!! and I felt it needed a soundtrack to add to the epicness on display... 



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 Here is a link to the soundtrack and all rights go to them. >>LINK<<