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Thursday, February 20, 2020

It's On It's Way....

Till then:


At least for tonight..........


Farming Is Hard Work...

The Resident Troll Spammer ManualTRand ...

  Since I have added moderation I think said troll has decided not waste his time. Maybe that 10,000.00 a week working from home in Pakistan has payed off.  He still drops by once in awhile and shits out a comment  then downloads some photos from Friday Femme Fatale. I can track his hits with statcounter.  

 See, He stopped in earlier:


Here Manual, you can tug one out to this....

On The Road To Friday Femme Fatale....

H/t to Leigh.....

Meanwhile At The Huffingpaint Post Corporate Offices...

So, this is how the gang over there gets their inspiration.

Hat tip to Phil over at Bustednuckles<<

Burning Dollars...

Tough Commute...

Here it is in real life.  Turn off sound the muzak sucks:

Monday, February 17, 2020

Bloomberg Describes Just How Easy It Is To Be A Farmer Or Machinist....

He doesn't have a fucking clue.

aaand It's....

UPDATE: Taking Re-enacting to a new level: V-1 with portable launch ramp pulled by a half-track


Read more Here.

Unlike "Ghost Rider", Trump was granted permission to "buzz" the field,,,,,,,,,,,,,or rather the speedway

I am sure the DemoRatz, media types, and other commies will howl Monday morning about President Trumps actions on Sunday before, during, and after his service as the "Grand Marshall" of the Daytona 500. Fox and NASCAR are indebted to the President too. I have not seen any numbers regarding how many viewers who tuned in to watch, but bet the ratings were higher than they have been in recent years.  I myself know several who temporarily ended their NASCAR boycott just to watch the President.


Sunday, February 16, 2020


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I am thinking about buying a drone. Does anyone have any pros or cons to offer?

                                                         I have tentatively narrowed it down to the SJRC F11 PRO.


A Couple of Good One's Found On Twitter

♫♫ For The New Airbag Fans, you won't be disappointed ♫♫

I heard these guys on one of my Pandora channels. It was refreshing to find something new
in one of the genre's of music I enjoy.

Severely Contagious....


Go, push play, enjoy.

The Machines That Tamed The Land...

Coffee surfin' the webs today. Came across this:

Now go spend some time on their Youtube channel:


♫♫ Bruce DIckinson Sounds A Lot Like This Guy* ♫♫

*this comment had me lol