Thursday, December 27, 2018

"Small Town (County)" Christmas Eve Night/Santa Tracking

Living in a rural laid-back setting has many benefits. One that I, many other adults, and children in our area enjoy is listening to the "Santa reports" on Christmas Eve Night and getting to see the reaction of "younguns". Three fourths of the small rural county in which I live is owned by the USDA (National Forest Service). There are five small towns with a total population of less than 24,000. The largest town has less than 4,000 people. The next in line is the county seat and it has just over a thousand people. In this county there might be six deputies and the sheriff along with a probably less than 20 "municipal policemen" total. There isn't a lot of crime and we have good lawmen for the most part. In fact it is so laid back on most Christmas Eve Nights that these lawmen, along with Sheriff's dispatch have time to pass along "Santa reports" to all the children who might be listening on scanners, volunteer FD radios, etc. This isn't one of the better sound bytes, but it is a pretty generic sample from Monday night. 

It Seemed Like A Good Idea....

Luckily she's still alive <<<

"Oh, Bother"....

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Nice Buck

My neighbors son killed this nice  buck over the Christmas weekend. I don't yet know what it scored or weighed, but will update this post when I do find out. I have hunted many years with this boy's father and have watched him grow into a fine hunter of turkey and deer. They have some local land leased and do an excellent job managing it as you can see in this photo.

Monday, December 24, 2018