Saturday, October 7, 2023

Alright, Whose Woman Is This and Have You Reported Her Missing?









Hitler and Kamala Harris Phone Call

 I saw this earlier today over at Wired Right. This short video is not a spoof that uses the "melt down bunker scene" . In fact this video is one of the better "Hitler spoofs" I've seen. Have a great weekend TFI viewers!


To Serve: One of the worst sort


Small Town Police Sued For Planting Drugs On North AL Drivers

Friday, October 6, 2023

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago....





The Golfer's Dilemma....










I'm Thinking, If You're Gonna "FA" and There's A Good Possibility You Might "FO", This May Come In Handy.....









For Nemo....








Sadly, there are millions of Americans that feel this way about Christians, Gun Owners, Hetro Sexuals, good folks who just want to be left the Hell alone, etc., etc.

As most of you are well aware and if you are reading this via the TFI, odds are YOU fit the bill as one of the Americans Hillary Clinton and millions of other Americans believe  need to be "DEPROGRAMMED." I suppose they believe the most efficient method of doing this would involve transportation to Deprogramming Facilities (a fancy way of saying cattle railcars and concentration camps aka Konzentrationslager). The first two photos below illustrate the end result of Hillary's concept. Prepare accordingly. There will be a test later. 

 Deplorable Jeffery in Alabama

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Thursday, October 5, 2023

Memes and Sundries to help ease you into Friday.....





Well, I Guess WE Are The Enemy..... But You Knew That Already...


If you missed the memo, the United States Federal government and all of the associated agencies including and especially groups like the FBI and ATF, have declared the American people to be the enemy of the American state.

Never has it been more clear that there is no more virulent anti-American group in America than the American Federal government.

The language They use to talk about regular White Americans sounds an awful lot like how we spoke about al-Qaeda after 9/11 or the Japanese after Pearl Harbor. It is intended to dehumanize us and make it easier down the road to eradicate us. Make no mistake, it doesn’t matter if you own a dorky Make America Great Again Hat or if you ever voted for Trump. If you are White and not with the program, you are MAGA and therefore an extremist and thus viewed as a potential enemy combatant in your own country. 




H/t to Michael in the comments..

Prayer Request Requested


 via The Tactical Hermit

Fellow Blogger, Meme Jedi, Fishermen and Retired Paramedic, The Madd Medic over at Freedom is Just Another Word is having Triple-Bypass Heart Surgery this week so I would like to ask all of you to say daily Prayer’s for him and his family.



Tuesday, October 3, 2023

The White Cross....


I was awoken by the pitter patter of feet above my head earlier. Too early for Santa's reindeer, it's

probably "that damn cat" I thought as consciousness slowly poured into what was the realm of 

sleep. Getting up to hit the head, I opened the slider and called out. Sure enough, 3:21am , here he

comes bounding up to the screen to be let in. Not even a thank you, Sir. Probably a "what took you

so fucking long, human".

  He went off to eat and I slumped back to bed. As I got comfortable again and the moonlight

shone through the skylights, my brain revs his engine, not so fast fatso, we got thoughts to think.

 "Work, life, mom, bills, what day is it?" 

Wash rinse repeat.

 Even, the sheep wouldn't come out, they are getting tired of being counted.

I thought about The White Cross and this video that I posted the other day.


As individuals the interpretation is to each your own:




The White Cross

Sunday, October 1, 2023