Saturday, November 20, 2021

and, That's When The Fight Started.... Or, How Irish Spent his time in the cold and dark........

 The sun goes down faster than Kameltoe Harlot. It was about 3:30pm and the sun was behind the trees causing the temps to drop. I had the shit-cart ready to dump in the manure pile and wanted to pick up all the trimmings that I had cut from the annuals.

The pull cart was in one hand and the rake in the other when suddenly I heard horses squealing and wood breaking. As I looked up, "Charlie" the "Bosses" horse had pushed through the riding ring fence and was ears-pinned in hot pursuit of "Hades". Charlie is the alpha and he wanted the hay that I had given Hades since Hades was locked in the riding ring and Charlie was grazing all day.  The fencing is nailed from the inside out so pushing out of the riding ring it won't give, unless your in rapid flight mode.

 The fence posts are rotted, (I now realize how bad) so pushing against the fence rail from the outside in just pushed the nails out.

Here's our Team Line up:

So Hades was penned in and had hay and water. Charlie was not having any of that. He was hungry and wanted the hay.  This is the layout from above. You can see the riding ring and where the players were standing when the shit went sideways.  I had placed hay and a water bucket in the ring because we don't allow Hades and Charlie to be together. There is one other older Thoroughbred that gets along with either. He needs a helmet and licks windows but he's sweet. His name is Koolie but I call him 

"Fuck-tard".  He wasn't involved in this.

So Hades is standing at the X

Charlie was in-between the fence lines and pushed through at the X

I was standing at X when I heard the SHTF

It was over in an instant. I heard a scared squeal and wood cracking. Charlie , ears pinned, chasing Hades as Hades bucked. He bee-lined across the riding ring and like one of Santa's reindeer, took flight.

I had to blink.  He had almost cleared the close to 6 foot fence marked X

For scale. That's a double horse trailer to the right just under the words "in the riding ring".

I ran to the fence line and was yelling at Charlie. He was wound up and Hades was up in the corner of the field probably pissing himself.

This is what I was greeted with. The 4x4 post is a true 4x4 not the new stuff. It's very punky so the rails just pushed out as Charlie tried to get to the hay in the foreground. I was standing about 40 feet back in the upper right near the yellow thingy.

So Charlie pushed through coming towards you and Hades turned and said "Fuck that, I 'm outta here!"

He cleared this

I messed up the image edit.... "JUST UNDER 6 FEET TALL"

So, Charlie is now stuck in the riding ring and Hades is free.  Koolie is running around just because everyone else is.

After a bit I grabbed Hades halter and put him in the barn.  I went back to assess the damage and realized the next 2-3 hours , would put me in the pitch dark repairing the fence.

As I stood there Charlie looked at me and I looked at him and this is what I envisioned:


"Just kidding Honey :)  "

So a few hours later repairs were made.

 I was working with the light from my rechargable Husky Headlamp. I love that thing.

After feeding them I came in, took a hot shower, grabbed a beer and wrote this post.

Have a great Sunday!!

Interesting Art Exhibit....


The stuff you find in the corners of the webz.....

 I ended up at this farcebuk post after seeing a still image of the robot.

 Here it is in action.... The comment section is worth scrolling as well...


In 1885 There was a landslide in Jefferson NH..

  One group  I belong to, and peruse, is "Forgotten NH" on farcebuk

NEMO.. you might enjoy this post.  I believe it's west of you.  From the comments it appears to be in Sheldrick State Forest.


The Sheldrick Forest Preserve is a forest located in West Wilton, New Hampshire and owned by The Nature Conservancy. The 227-acre (0.92 km2) property is host to a large diversity of old growth trees and a number of plants. The preserve's three miles of trails are available to the public.




Anyway,  One of the posts that caught my eye was this one  LINK<< 




The hardship they must have endured back 136 years ago.....

and many of ya'll laughed when I requested teh SMOD.....











♫♪♫ Too Much To Lose.. Pineapple Thief ♫♪♫... Late night.... dim the lights... kick back and close your eyes.....







Friday, November 19, 2021

Prelude..... Slips Gently Into Friday Femme Fatale Farrago.......


 So, here we are on another Friday night. Another week. Almost another month and year.

Thanksgiving with-in arms reach and Christmas music being played in the stores.

Last night was beautiful with the full moon rising above the trees. A good friend and I sat out by the fire pit listening to music and drinking . 


This is the fire pit picture I sent to the "Boss" . I since added some verbiage......


 Good news for the people that believe justice should be just and unbiased. Congrats to Kyle.




 The Moon was amazingly smooth, silky and glistening last night...The redskin indians Indigenous people named it the full beaver moon. This was due to the fact that they would trap beavers for their pelts. The pelts were used for warmth during the coming winter months. We now have heat so pelts have fallen out of favor.....





 Some of you have wondered if the kid holding the "Book of Memes" was me. 

Nope , way back then I was better looking......

and last March I was still looking good:

We were cutting down some trees at my friends house and I told him to go grab a pair of panties.

He said "what the fuck do you need panties for???"

I placed my artwork on one of the stumps....

I laughed, he laughed, the squirrels we made homeless laughed... It was moving.






Tonight's post is brought to you by:

Yes, that's my "catchers mitt"


 and for those on the couch...

Let's Go Brandon!!   Friday Femme Fatale.....

♫♪♫ Acronym Love.... Riverside ♫♪♫.... I love the guitar work on this song.....








NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 CitizenWonk #DCStatehood 💉 on Twitter: &quot;Kenosha gunman Kyle Rittenhouse  arrested for murder after cops let him flee out of state  https://t.co/4xGXyDQbHY https://t.co/Wi8EGz20IL&quot; / Twitter

Happy Friday Pondering......




 based on a text from The Furious Frenchman.

On another note, Good news on the job front. I start part time on Monday doing orientation and training.

Passed all preliminary background and drug test. ( ya I'm boring).  More on that down the road.

Have a great Friday, I'll be back.



Wednesday, November 17, 2021

AH HA!! That Explains a Few Things.....

 Tony sent this link from Ted Nugent's faasbuk:




Here's a yootoob if you want to share:















Rules Are For Thee and Not For We..


 I saw this over at Phil's place with a couple things being noticed.  LINK<<


Here is the picture, click to embiggen,



 As noted:

No Masks

No Social Distancing

Not Much Diversity

No American Flags


Way Back Wednesday

 Last week Grace Kelly was the clear winner. Hope Lange and Gene Tierney got several votes as well. I still have some suggestions sent in and will list some of those today along with a couple I threw in the mix.

1. Julie London
Julie London measurements, bio, height, weight, shoe and bra size

Julie London | Golden Globes

vintage swimsuit and beachwear — hollyhocksandtulips: Julie London

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

If You Read Anything On The Internet Tonight .... This Should Be It......




 If it gets taken down or you can't access, here is a screen shot.



You Gotta Keep An Eye On The Media....








BLM Protestors In Kenosha Had Weapons Contrary To The "Peaceful" Narrative... Lest we forget...





 Check out the videos of the violence posted here:



Lying Sacks Of Sh*t and The Crap They Spew From Their Mouths.... SMH







 Here is a link to bitchute if you wish to get the video.