Thursday, May 15, 2014


It's Thirsty Thursday, Make Sure Your Orangutan Paces Himself...

What's In Your Wallet?

The card with no limit....

Better than American Excuse...

" I sure love my Race Card! It comes in handy whenever I find myself in a mess I've made.
I just bring it out ant 'voila', the mess is overlooked. In fact, there's no limit on how many times
I can use it! I highly recommend the Race Card. Don't leave home without it"


(also endorsed by Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Eric Holder)

h/t to Murray

A Quick Mental Vacation for Lunch......

Soylent Never Met A Corset He Didn't Like....

*sniff *... * sniff * ..hmmm I smell mercury....

Oh Noes!!  What do I do now? *Runs in circles screaming*

I know... I'll check the internets.......

Before Cleanup

  • Have people and pets leave the room.
  • Air out the room for 5-10 minutes by opening a window or door to the outdoor environment. 
  • Shut off the central forced air heating/air-conditioning system, if you have one.
  • Collect materials needed to clean up broken bulb:
    • stiff paper or cardboard;
    • sticky tape;
    • damp paper towels or disposable wet wipes (for hard surfaces); and
    • a glass jar with a metal lid or a sealable plastic bag.

During Cleanup

  • DO NOT VACUUM.  Vacuuming is not recommended unless broken glass remains after all other cleanup steps have been taken.  Vacuuming could spread mercury-containing powder or mercury vapor.
  • Be thorough in collecting broken glass and visible powder.  Scoop up glass fragments and powder using stiff paper or cardboard.  Use sticky tape, such as duct tape, to pick up any remaining small glass fragments and powder. Place the used tape in the glass jar or plastic bag.  See the detailed cleanup instructions for more information, and for differences in cleaning up hard surfaces versus carpeting or rugs.
  • Place cleanup materials in a sealable container.

After Cleanup

  • Promptly place all bulb debris and cleanup materials, including vacuum cleaner bags, outdoors in a trash container or protected area until materials can be disposed of.  Avoid leaving any bulb fragments or cleanup materials indoors. 
  • Next, check with your local government about disposal requirements in your area, because some localities require fluorescent bulbs (broken or unbroken) be taken to a local recycling center. If there is no such requirement in your area, you can dispose of the materials with your household trash.
  • If practical, continue to air out the room where the bulb was broken and leave the heating/air conditioning system shut off for several hours.

I'm on it......................  be back later, if I don't get these symptoms:

Symptoms of methylmercury poisoning may include impairment of peripheral vision; disturbances in sensations ("pins and needles" feelings); lack of coordination; impairment of speech, hearing, walking; and muscle weakness.

Gosh, that sounds like I get mercury poisoning every weekend?

Where The FCUK Did All These Dragons Come From?


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Crystal Clear Skies Here Tonight Allowing The Full Moon To Shine...

It was just rising over the tree line earlier and I tried to get some pictures but the cell phone didn't do it justice. I did a little googling and I found this one that was pretty close to the view I had.

Marijuana grow house hidden under doghouse

In Miami.....

A marijuana grow house under a doghouse may land someone in the big house.
Florida police acted Monday night on an anonymous tip that led them to a home in west Miami-Dade where they said they found a doghouse covering a crawl space that led them to about 64 plants and 50 pounds of marijuana, CBS Miami reported.
The space was described as too small for an adult to stand. The electrical work was so poor, police wondered how the house didn't explode prior to the discovery.
Police also found evidence of a cockfighting ring in the back of the house with both live and dead roosters, the report said.
Julio Valdes and Lazara Lopez were arrested and reportedly face charges ranging from drug possession and trafficking within 1,000 feet of a school. Bail was reportedly set at $43, 000 and they need to prove they can come up with the funding from legal sources.

It seems the dog is the one that gave it away:


Just These Headlines Make Concealed Carry That Much More Important

Go to the upper left hand corner of Drudge for the links to the articles.

 How do the people that are witness to this even sleep at night? 

At That Moment... All Was Well....

Regardless of How You Feel About Michael Sam... This is Funny...

Cargosquid Wins Comment of The Day......

I asked if anyone Can Spot The Difference on >THIS POST<

Cargosquid answered the call.

Now, here is Crapgame, to tell you what you won!

Laughter, It's The Best Medicine......

thbpbpthpt pfftthpth

ZOMG!!! We're All Gonna Drown......

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Thank You Steve Jobs.....


Why The Media and Journalists Suck--- Part (insert number here)

Yesterday we had an tragedy in one of the local towns. A 47 year old man named Michael Nolan
"allegedly" shot and killed a Police Officer then blew up and burned down his father's house after
a domestic disturbance.


Now that we have to have instantaneous news and ratings the media runs to google and types in 
"Michael Nolan" and they find a Mike Nolan in Brentwood.

Here is the article for that story  (  LINK HERE )

The New Hampshire police officer killed in the line of duty last night was remembered with fondness and sadness by a Massachusetts executive who found himself thrust in the media spotlight thanks to the name he shares with the suspect.
“He was just a really well-respected, good, honest guy — hard worker, great family,” Mike Nolan said today. “It’s just a terrible tragedy.”
Police officer Steve Arkell died responding to a domestic dispute in Brentwood, where Nolan, the president of Enzymatics in Beverly, lives. He was immediately inundated with calls from the media, including some outlets who erroneously connected him with the crime.
Nolan, a 66-year-old father of two sons, didn’t know the 47-year-old accused cop killer by the same name who perished when his house exploded in flames yesterday. But he often saw Arkell, a 48-year-old father of two daughters and a part-time Brentwood cop who had a part-time construction business, at a local construction company.
“Solid guy, salt of the earth. He was working two jobs to make a living,” said Nolan, who added one of the officer’s daughters is getting ready to graduate from high school.
He last saw the slain officer about six weeks ago when one of his springer spaniels got loose and Arkell brought the dog, named Surge, home.
Nolan’s own father was a police officer who was shot and wounded in the line of duty.

So before doing any research they start calling Mike or Michael Nolans in the area to see if they are the culprit.

What a bunch of asses.

aaaaand It's Lampshade, for the Win!

Shut Up And Take My Money.....

Monday, May 12, 2014

A Reader Asks For Help From Veterans In The Pittsburgh Area......

  I write because I need your help about an article I saw in one of my local papers today.  Stars and Stripes picked it up: http://www.stripes.com/news/veterans/missing-in-america-project-to-bury-28-veterans-unclaimed-remains-1.282683

I don't want to make a big deal over this but if you guys know any Vets in the Pittsburgh area, and could drop this story off to them, I would appreciate it.  I don't care if these deceased guys spent their hitch in the brig, stockade or shoveling shit - they all raised their hands.  And now these poor bastards are destined for paupers' graves because their remains are unclaimed.  They should not go off alone.

I am sure that you guys are inundated with requests but this one is kind of time sensitive (Thursday, May 15) so if you could just pass the word, I would be grateful.

God speed my friends!  And thanks for any help you can give!!!

Robbie in Pittsburgh

What's Up With Ace of Spades? Did I miss something?

It's been down all day?

Awesome GoPro Selfie..... Around The World....

Can You Spot The Difference?

Epic Soundtrack is, Well, Epic.....

Just for something a little different, I started streaming this around 9:00 am at the bunker.

Pretty good background music...imho

Time To Relax...

Now Let's Break a Sweat......

Now Let's Get The Heart Rate Up....

Let's Get The Blood Flowing This Morning....