Thursday, November 9, 2023

The AI Community Standards Officer That Keeps An Eye On TFI.....








To Us He's The King...




 To the Giraffe, He's something a little different....



Sorry Darlin' There Are Two Issues With Your Text Message...

 Irish receives a random text.. I smell a set up....


   Point of contention number 1:

I would definitely remember you.


 Point of contention number 2:

My little Town doesn't have a convention center. 


 It started of with "Hey, It's Linda". 

I then responded "and?" 

This is what transpired.


Meanwhile in Massachusetts...High Profile Sex Trafficking Exposed....




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Oscar Winning Performance For When You Don't Want To Go To Work..










If you thought the entire Ukraine narrative could not get any crazier, watch this.


Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Steak.. In Search Of The Best... 12 long years..


 Many moons ago, 2011, the local butcher started carrying beef from Brandt Beef in California.

The ribeye was one of the mostest bestest tasting steak I ever sank my teeth into.

It was without a doubt like crack cocaine addictive. At least to me.

Everyone that I shared it with raved about the flavor. It was rich and tasty and just 

so meaty delicious that, writing about it, makes me feel like one of Pavlov's Dogs.

Anyway ,  after awhile maybe 6 months or more, it didn't taste the same. When I questioned

the butcher shop manager he said others noted it as well. They contacted the farm and were told  

nothing had changed with the cattle or feeding program. Brandt soon fell by the wayside and

the butchery changed brands to Cedar River last I knew.

 The flavor of the now in stock beef  didn't compare to the Brandt that I got before that.

Here is a post I did back then <<<

Anyway, I was wondering what is the best tasting steak you know of?  Steak that has that "smell" when

you're cooking it on the grill and then the taste that just reminds you of the feeling of euphoria

when you hit your taste buds with the best steak ever.

Can't shoot for $h!T

This is a daily occurrence in Bessemer, AL yesterday (metro-Birmingham). No one was killed outright in this mag dump(s), but two men and a woman were injured. There is a homicide every other day down there. Sometimes these gun battles end with multiple injuries and deaths.  The majority of these homicides are black folks shooting black folks. Almost all of the images of crime scenes coming from either Birmingham or Tuscaloosa look them same. Often times there will be over "100 shell casings recovered at the scene" (in the best newsperson voice) and nobody gets shot. It is a pattern. Chime in if you are seeing poor shooting skills in your AO.

It is pretty routine, but if anyone wants to read the short story, click here.


Meanwhile In Britain, Please Hurry and Drop Dead.....

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Monday, November 6, 2023

More smokestack demo with Alabama connections (UPDATED)


Anybody remember the Burt Reynold's movie Hooper? I bet the track hoe operator in the second clip had to change his drawers.

Here is the scene where the rocket car jumps the Warrior River. It was unmanned of course. One of my cousins witnessed the event when we were kids and he told me it tore that shell of a Trans Am all to hell.

Also, here a couple of links I found while searching for this. Click here and here for more.