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Working Harder Than Most Teenagers.......


The killer tornadoes that tore up much of Alabama this week were south of where I live, but we had lots and lots of rain.

 There is an old saying here in Alabama that goes "if you don't like the weather today, just wait until tomorrow." True to form, the weather has been "changing" lately and for the worse for many. The town of Moundville, just south of Tuscaloosa, has been hit hard by tornadoes twice in less than two weeks. One monster tornado formed in Green county near the Mississippi state line and stayed on the ground for 162 miles traveling across the state into Georgia. The town of Ohatchee was hit Thursday. Five people were killed and many homes, businesses, and churches were destroyed. We "dodged the bullet" with most of the nastier weather being south of where I live (Hale, Jefferson, St. Clair, Shelby, Jefferson, and Blount counties). We did get hammered by heavy rains (over 5"). Below are a couple of pictures sent to me by a friend of the dam at Brushy Lake Recreational Area (built in the 1930's by the CCC) not too far from where I live. I am surprised some kayak "suicide jockeys" were not out there shooting the rapids. 


                                               This is how the lake looks most of the time.

Whether the lake is high or low you cannot leave Brushy Lake without a walk  to the dam. - William B Bankhead National Forest

                                                                This is how it looked Thursday.

Friday, March 26, 2021

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago....


TGIF!!.. I'll Post This With All Due Respect To Greg Lake....


Welcome back, my friends
To the show that never ends
We're so glad you could attend
Come inside! Come inside

Running up the stairs

He trips and no one cares

Confused by days affairs
Move along! Move along

Come inside, the show's about to start
Guaranteed to split the country apart
Rest assured they'll get your money's worth
The greatest show in Heaven, Hell, or Earth

You've got to see the show, it's Joe and the ho
You've got to see the show, the clown is Slo-Joe

Right before your eyes
They'll pull your rights using lies
Your gonna laugh until ya cry
Then you'll die, then you'll die

You've got to see the show, it's Joe and the ho
You've got to see the show, the clown is Slo-Joe

Soon the knee pad Queen
with Joe removed from the scene
Will be on the TV screen
What a scene! What a scene
When will we take a stand
and bring back freedom to the land
They'll try to force our hand
Drain swamp land, Drain swamp land

Roll up! Roll up! Roll up
See the show

Pandemic as a tool
each day your treated as a fool
Media adding gas as a fuel
Keep your cool. Keep your cool
We want to be left alone

It appears the seeds are being sewn

Half the Country's on our own

On our own, on our own

Come and see the show
Come and see the show
Come and see the show
See the show

See the show



Interesting Commentary.... Some Thoughts and Ideas on Fighting Back...

  One of Irish's rules of interneting is to scroll the comment sections of posts I find interesting.

That's how I came upon this video below.  Phil had posted a article from Breitbart regarding

DEE AACH ESS scouring the internets for dissident Citizens  HERE<<<.

In the comment section over at THE LAST REFUGE posting someone linked this video:

I found her videos to be worth a listen if only for the reason that most of what is conveyed is

how many of us see what is going on. (p.s.  I'm sure some of you will fall in love as well )

As always >>  FWIW  YMMV 





IF you want more..............................

S U P P O R T Good Patriot: W e b s i t e : https://www.goodpatriot.com P a y P a l (donations): hello@goodpatriot.com A f f i l i a t e L i n k s w/ D i s c o u n t s: https://campsite.bio/GoodPatriot Say hello on S O C I A L: W a r r i o r P o e t S o c i e t y N e t w o r k : www.watchWPSN.com G a b . c o m : https://gab.com/GoodPatriot P a r l e r : @GoodPatriot B i t c h u t e : https://www.bitchute.com/channel/sLTr... T e l e g r a m : www.t.me/goodpatriot I n s t a g r a m : https://www.instagram.com/goodpatriot/ F a c e b o o k : https://www.facebook.com/goodpatriot/ T w i t t e r : https://twitter.com/_GoodPatriot

If you watched it, I found the link to the "asian tech guy" she mentioned"


and, here is a link to the "WIRE" app mentioned.  I'm sure it will need to be researched for veracity.


Thursday, March 25, 2021

UPDATED: I bet I'm not the only one who remembers these days.


                                                                                           The Snake River "jump" attempt

Wade Sends A Follow Up To The Poll Regarding The Death Rate....



As of today (Wednesday 3/24/21), the CDC has not published its final U.S. death counts for 2020.  It does publish provisional weekly death data and below is that data (d).

2020: Total U.S. deaths (d): 3,364,084

2020: Death rate (c): 1020.7 deaths per 100,000


2019: Total U.S. deaths (a): 2,854,838

2019: Death rate (a): 869.7 deaths per 100,000


2018: Total U.S. deaths (b): 2,839,205

2018: Death rate (c): 868.6 deaths per 100,000


According to the provisional weekly data, the total death rate went up from 8.7 per thousand in 2019 to 10.2 in 2020, a 17% increase. 

Who was right?  I was surprised by the results of the poll.  All but 2% were mostly right (either no increase or a small increase). When I asked my sweet wife what she thought, her first response was “leave me alone, you’re full of crap”.  Her second response was an increase from 8.7 to 20.  The Feral Irishman has a smarter group of readers than average.

Context: For historical perspective, below is a link to a time series of “age-adjusted death rates” from 1900 to 2018.  The age-adjusted rates seem to be 1.5 deaths lower than total death rates (e).

You can see the spike in 1918 (the Spanish Flu) up to an age-adjusted death rate of 25.4 out of a thousand.   The age-adjusted death rate declined steadily since then and was 10.4 as recently as 1978.

If you don’t believe this, I’ve given you the data sources below.  Do your own analysis and tell me where I’m wrong.  (I’ve been wrong before.)

Who am I?  I’m not the Feral Irishman.  I am 50% Irish blood (Borrisnoe, County Tipperary); I’m the Domesticated Irishman.  I’m a middle-aged married man with school-age children who believed what the government told me until Bush the Lesser told me that there were WMD in Iraq (2003).  (I haven’t believed the State Media since Three Mile Island -- 1979.)  My career was in auditing and then accounting and financial analysis for manufacturing companies. I am a Southern partisan and a fan of German Shepherd dogs.

Editorial opinion:  Solzhenitsyn exhorted us to “live not by lies”.  Those who believe what they are told by the U.S. FedGov or the State Media are fools.   Trump won the 2020 election in a landslide.  There was massive Democrat-orchestrated voter fraud in 2020.  Russia did not interfere in the 2016 election.  Flooding the country with illegals who don’t speak English, let alone Spanish, is a really bad idea.

I decided to follow total deaths because I know the State Media and the U.S. FedGov lie.  Knowing that the Covid infection and Covid death rates are subject to manipulation, the only reliable information is total deaths, since even a government bureaucrat like Fauci can tell the difference between a dead person and a living one.

My condolences to all those who lost loved ones, but an increase from 8.7 per thousand to 10.2 did not warrant shutting down the economy for over a year. The State Media used this slightly worse than usual flu season to create hysteria.  The Ruling Class used the hysteria to help get rid of Trump.




a: https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/deaths.htm



b: https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/products/databriefs/db355.htm Summary section at the bottom.



c: https://www.census.gov/popclock/  The population used in this calculation is the average of the beginning and end of year per this website. 


d: https://data.cdc.gov/NCHS/Weekly-Counts-of-Deaths-by-State-and-Select-Causes/muzy-jte6  Weekly death counts for 2020 adjusted for days at the beginning and end of the year.


e: https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data-visualization/mortality-trends/




The Mathematics of Countering Gun Control (A little long, but worth the read)


Gun Control

Introductory Proviso: The following essay on possible gun confiscation is a purely conjectural gedankenexperiment about the future that extrapolates from recent history and current trends. Nothing herein is seditious (per 18 U.S. Code § 2384), nor a call to arms, nor a threat to our government or to any individual, agency, or group.


The current mass media-driven “debate” on firearms (actually more like paternalistic lecturing or chiding) seems to be leading toward greater restrictions by Congress. The collectivist gun grabbers have the dream of ignoring the Second Amendment and somehow magically removing all detachable magazine semi-auto rifles from civilian hands. But it is just that: a dream. If they think that they can disarm us, then they are thoroughly deluded.  I’ll explain why, with some simple mathematics.

The United States has the world’s first or second most heavily-armed populace, per capita. (It’s possibly second only to Yemen.) The number of FBI firearms background checks for transfers by Federally-licensed dealers from November 1998 to April 30, 2018 totaled 287,807,015. That isn’t all new guns. It of course includes many second-hand sales that cycled back through FFL holders. But it is still a staggering number. And it does not include any private party (“not through a dealer”) sales of used guns. That is thankfully legal in most states. Nor does it include guns that are legally made at home. (Typically made with 80% complete receivers.) Those home “builds” are becoming quite popular. Their ownership is mostly opaque to any would-be tyrants who might covet seizing them.

There are somewhere between 370 million and 420 million privately-owned firearms in the United States. Let’s just call it 400 million for a nice round figure. Most of those guns are not registered to particular owners. That is why there are only rough estimates. It makes me feel good to know that Big Brother has no idea where those guns are, and who owns them. When I last checked, the total U.S. population is 327,708,500.  So that is about 1.2 guns per person. The adult population is around 249,500,000. And according to Wikipedia, the “Fit for service” Military Age Male population (men, ages 16-49) of the U.S. is just 59,764,677. That equates to 6.6 guns per Military Age Male in the United States.

Of the 400 million American guns, roughly 20% are single-shot or double-barreled, 60% are manually-operated repeaters (e.g., bolt action, lever action, pump action, or revolvers), and 20% are semi-automatic. There are only about 175,000 transferable Federally-registered full autos. That number would have been much larger by now but production was sharply curtailed by a hefty $200 tax (starting in 1934) and then there numbers were effectively frozen in 1986. It is noteworthy that if it were not for the National Firearms Act of 1934, selective fire guns would by now be in what the Heller decision calls “common use“. After all, it costs only a few dollars more to manufacture a selective-fire M16 than a semiautomatic-only AR-15.

With every passing year, the predominance of semi-autos is gaining for both rifles and handguns. (In sheer numbers produced, revolvers are becoming almost passé.) The biggest-selling handgun in the country is the Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm, followed closely by the Glock Model 19 9mm. Gaining rapidly is the highly modular SIG P320, which was recently adopted by the U.S. Army. All three of these are semi-automatic. Standard magazine sizes for autopistols range from 13 to 20 rounds. And the most popular rifles of the decade are AR-15s and their clones. Their standard capacity magazines hold 30 cartridges. (That isn’t “high capacity”.)


AR-15 and AR-10 variants are truly generic and have been sold under more than 120 brand names. The number of ARs (AR-15s, M4s, AR-10s, and variants) sold from 2000 to 2014 was approximately 5,672,900. Since then, AR-15 clones have become even more popular and ubiquitous with approximately 1.2 million more produced in 2015, 1.6 million in 2016, and 1.5 million in 2017. At least 1.2 million will be produced in 2018. It can be assumed that 99% of the ARs produced since the year 2000 are still functional. There were more than 2.3 million other ARs produced for the civilian market between 1962 and 1999. It is safe to assume that at least 95% of those of that vintage are still functional. So the total number of functional ARs in private hands in the U.S. is somewhere around 11 to 12 million. (As of May, 2018.)


Next we come to the more fuzzy math on the wide variety of other models of semi-auto centerfire rifles in private hands. They include detachable magazine, en bloc clip, and stripper clip-fed designs. Here are some rough estimates. (Some of these estimates are based on my own observations of the ratios of different models I’ve seen offered for sale):

  • Various semi-auto hunting rifles (Remington 740/7400 series, AK Hunter, Browning BAR, Winchester 100, Valmet Hunter, Saiga Hunter, HK SL7/SL8, HK 630/770, et cetera): 2 million+
  • Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30: 1.2 million
  • M1 Garand: 800,000+ (With many more being imported, soon.)
  • AK Variants (imported and domestically made, from all makers including Valmet and Galil): 2 to 3 million
  • M1 Carbine: 1.5 to 2 million
  • AR-180 and AR-180B: 35,000
  • M1A and other semi-auto M14 variants: 360,000
  • SIG 550 series: 80,000+
  • Thompson Semi-Autos (West Hurley and Kahr Arms): 75,000
  • HK variants: CETME, HK91/93/94 series, PTR91, etc.: 600,000 to 700,000
  • FAL variants: FN-FAL, FNC, and L1A1:  425,000
  • SKS variants: 1 million
  • Steyr AUG: 110,000
  • IWI Tavor & X95: 70,000
  • Various semi-autos assembled from military surplus full auto parts sets (M1919, BAR, Sten, M2 Browning, M3, Etc.): 75,000+
  • Assorted Other Models (These include: Kel-Tec, Barrett, Leader, FAMAS, Uzi carbines, Wilkinson, Feather, Calico, Hi-Point, SIG AMT, SIG PE57, SIG MCX, SIG MPX, Johnson, BM59, HK USC, TNW, Demro Tac-1, Calico Carbine, ACR, SCAR, Chiappa Carbine, SWD (MAC), Robinson, Hakim, Ljungman, Beretta AR-70, Beretta CX4, CZ Scorpion, Kriss Carbine, FN-49, SVT-40, SVD, PSL, Gewehr 41 & 43, Daewoo, FS 2000, Ruger PCR, Marlin Camp Carbine, et cetera): 2+ million.
Totaling the list above and adding it to the preceding estimate on ARs, there are 20 million semi-auto centerfire rifles that are in civilian hands here in the States. And that number is increasing by nearly 2 million per year. (More than half of which are AR-15 or AR-10 clones.) Again looking at the Military Age Male  population (men, ages 16-49) of 59,764,677, that equates to roughly one semi-auto rifle for every three Military Age Males.


If a production and importation ban requiring registration were enacted, there would surely be massive noncompliance. For example, the registration schemes enacted in the past two decades in Australia, Canada, The Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil, and the States of California and New York have been well-documented failures. They have been met with noncompliance rates ranging from 50% to 90%.

Even with an optimistic 50% registration compliance rate, that would mean only 10 million of the nation’s 20 million semi-auto rifles would have a current name and address attached, to allow eventual gun confiscation.


Let us surmise that following several years of a registration scheme there were an outright “turn them all in, Mr. and Mrs. America” ban. I predict that even if $1,000 per gun were offered, no more than 11 million would be turned in, by compliant and history-ignorant Sheeple. (An aside: They’ll probably call this a “Buy Back”, but that will be a lie. They can’t “buy back” something that they’ve never owned.)

But that would still leave at least 9 million in circulation, as contraband.

So let’s suppose that a full Federal semi-auto rifle ban were enacted with a gun confiscation order issued.

This is where the math gets very interesting: There are only 902,000 sworn police officers in the United States. At most, about 80,000 of them have had SWAT training. There are only 5,113 BATFE employees–and many of those are mere paper shufflers. As of 2017, there were just 2,623 ATF Special Agents. The FBI’s notorious Hostage Rescue Team (HRT or “Hurt Team”) has a cadre strength that is classified but presumably less than 200 agents. Together, they comprise the pool of “Door Kickers” that might be available to execute unconstitutional search warrants.

If they were to start going door-to-door executing warrants for unconstitutional gun confiscation, what would the casualty rates be for the ATF, HRT, and the assorted local SWAT teams?  It bears mention that the military would be mostly out of the picture, since they are banned from domestic law enforcement roles, under the Posse Comitatus Act.


Next, let’s do some addition and then divide:

80,000    SWAT-trained police
+ 2,623     ATF Special Agents
+    200     FBI HRT Members
=  82,863    Potentially Available Door Kickers

… presumably working in teams of 8, attempting to seize 9,000,000 newly-contraband semi-auto rifles.

Before we finish the math, I’ll state some “for the sake of argument” assumptions:

  1. That every SWAT-trained officer in the country is pressed into service.
  2. That there would be no “false positives”–meaning that 100% of the tips leading to raids were accurate. (Unlikely)
  3. That no local police departments would opt out of serving unconstitutional Federal gun warrants. (Unlikely)
  4. That all raids would be successful. (Unlikely)
  5. That each successful raid would net an average of three contraband semi-auto rifles. (Possible)
  6. That every Door Kicker would get an equal share in the work. (Very unlikely)
  7. That every Door Kicker would be alive and well through the entire campaign of terror–with no incapacitating injuries or deaths of SWAT officers, no refusals, no resignations, and no early retirements. (Very unlikely)

A lot of those are not safe assumptions. But for the sake of completing a gedankenexperiment, let’s pen this out on the back of a napkin, as a “best case” for an unconstitutional gun confiscation campaign. Here are the division equations:

9,000,000 ÷ 82,863 = 108 (x 8 officers per team) =  864 raids, per officer 

Let that sink in: Every officer would have to survive 864 gun-grabbing raids.

Those of course are fanciful numbers. There will be a lot of false tips, and there will be many owners who keep their guns very well-hidden. Each of those raids would have nearly the same high level of risk but yet many of them would net zero guns. And it is likely that many police departments will wisely decline involvement. Therefore the “best case” figure of 864 raids per officer is quite low. The real number would be much higher.

How long would it be until mounting law enforcement casualties triggered a revolt or “sick-out” among the rank and file Door Kickers?  For some historical context: Just four ATF agents were killed and 16 wounded in the Waco raid, and that was considered quite “devastating” and “traumatizing” to the 5,000-member agency.


Here is some sobering ground truth: America’s gun owners are just as well trained–and often better trained–than the police. There are 20.4 million American military veterans, and the majority of veterans own guns.

Rather than meeting the police one-at-a-time on their doorsteps, I predict that resisting gun owners will employ guerilla warfare strategy and tactics to foil the plans of the gun grabbers:
1.) They will successfully hide the majority of their banned guns. This is just what many Europeans did, following World War II. There are perhaps a million guns in Europe that were never registered or turned in, after the war. Particularly in Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Spain, and Greece, there is still massive noncompliance. It has now been 73 years since the end of WWII. So the gun registration noncompliance in Europe is now multi-generational.
2.) They will form small, fully independent “phantom” resistance cells. This is commonly called leaderless resistance. Such cells are very difficult to detect or penetrate. These resistance cells will carefully choose the time and location of their attacks, to their advantage.
3.) They will individually target the legislators who voted for unconstitutional gun ban legislation. This will make it  almost suicidal for these legislators to return to their home districts.
4.) They will individually target any outspokenly anti-gun police chiefs.
5.) They will target all BATF agents and FBI HRT agents–first with intimidation, and then with targeted killings.
6.) They will pillage or burn down the facilities where confiscated guns are being stored and destroyed.
7.) They will anonymously phone in false police reports about gun control advocates. (This is commonly called “SWATing.”)
8.) They will use time-delayed explosives, time-delayed incendiaries, time-delayed bursting toxin containers, cell phone-triggered IEDs, computer program worms and viruses, and long-range standoff weapons to minimize the risk of being detected, apprehended, or killed. Likely targets will be Federal buildings, courthouses, SWAT training facilities, police training ranges, and especially the private residences of anyone deemed to be a gun-grabber.
9.) They will use anonymous re-mailers and VPN to encourage others to resist by forming their own leaderless resistance cells.
10.) They will begin a War of Attrition on the Door Kickers, with tactics such as these:
  A.) Ambushing SWAT vehicles while in transit, rather than waiting for the SWAT teams to set up raids.
  B.) Ambushing individual SWAT team members at unexpected times and places–most likely at their homes.
  C.) Sabotaging SWAT vehicles, most likely with time-delayed incendiaries.
  D.) Targeting SWAT teams or individual team members while they are at home, in training, or when attending conventions.
  E.) Harassing and intimidating individual SWAT team members and their families. The systematic burning of their privately-owned vehicles and their unoccupied homes and vacation cabins will be unmistakable threats.
11.) They will individually target “gun control” advocates, organizers, and group leaders.
12.) They will individually target the judges that issue gun seizure warrants.
13.) They will individually target journalists who have vocally advocated civilian disarmament.
14.) Some owners of M1 Carbines, AR-15s and HKs in the resistance movement will convert them to selective fire. (They will assume: “Well, if it is now a felony to possess a semi-auto, then what is the harm in making it a full auto?”)
15.) They will be willing to wage an ongoing guerilla warfare campaign using both passive and active resistance until the collectivists relent. This would be something like “The Troubles” in Northern Ireland, but on a larger scale, with greater ferocity, and with far more weapons readily available. Unlike the IRA, which had to import arms, all of the the firearms, magazines, and ammunition needed for any American resistance movement are already in situ. It is noteworthy that the agreed “Decommissioning” the Irish Republican Army (IRA) was delayed for more than five years because of their remaining caches of arms, which by then included only around 1,000 battle rifles!)
I believe that once it was started, the whole affray would be settled within just a few weeks or months. American gun owners clearly have the numbers on their side. Once the shooting starts, the gun-hating politicians will quickly feel isolated, vastly outnumbered, and incredibly vulnerable. And when they realize they’ve lost their Door Kicker shock troops, they will capitulate. After some horrendous casualties in a brief but fierce civil war, the politicians would be forced to:
  1. Declare a cease fire and stand-down for all gun confiscation raiders.
  2. Repeal all Federal gun laws.
  3. Order the destruction of all Federal import, purchase, transfer, and registration records
  4. Issue unconditional pardons for all convicted Federal gun law violators.
  5. Declare a general amnesty for all involved in the resistance, and drop all pending charges.
  6. Disband the BATFE.

Without all six of those, the hostilities would continue.

The foregoing math on the roughly 20 million semi-auto rifles is not the full extent of the problem for the gun grabbers. Additionally, there are at least 50 million centerfire handguns that would be suitable for resistance warfare. (And another 3 million being made or imported each year.) There are also perhaps 40 million scoped centerfire deer rifles in private hands. The vast majority of those have no traceable paper trail. Fully capable of 500+ yard engagement, these rifles could be employed to out-range the tyrants and their minions.


Then there are the estimated 1.5 million unregistered machineguns now in the country.  Except for a 30-day amnesty in 1968 that generated only about 65,000 registrations, they have been contraband since 1934. Their number is particularly difficult to accurately estimate, since some semi-autos such as the M1 Carbine, HK91/93/94 series, and AR-15 are fairly easy to convert to selective fire. Similarly, nearly all “open bolt” semi-auto designs are easy to convert to full auto. Large numbers of conversion parts sets have been sold, with little recordkeeping. Some guns can be converted simply by removing sear springs or filing their sears. Just a trickle of unregistered full autos are seized or surrendered each year. This begs the question: If Federal officials have been unable to round up un-papered machineguns after 84 years, then how do they expect to ever confiscate semi-autos, which are 15 times more commonplace?

As evidenced by the 1990s wars in the Balkans, when times get inimical, contraband guns get pulled out of walls and put into use. We can expect to see the same, here.

Now, to get back to the simple mathematics, here are some ratios to ponder:

  • NRA members (5.2 million) to Door Kickers (82,863) = 63-to-1 ratio
  • Military veterans (20.4 million) to Door Kickers (82,863) = 249-to-1 ratio
  • Unregistered machineguns (1.5 million) to Door Kickers (82,863) = 18-to-1 ratio
  • Privately owned semi-auto rifles (40 million) to Door Kickers (82,863) = 485-to-1 ratio
The mathematics that I’ve cited don’t bode well for the gun-grabbing collectivists. If they ever foolishly attempt to confiscate semi-auto rifles, then it will be “Game On” for Civil War 2. I can foresee that they would run out of willing Door Kickers, very quickly.

I’ll conclude with a word of caution: Leftist American politicians should be careful about what they wish for. Those who hate the 2nd Amendment and scheme to disarm us have no clue about the unintended consequences of their plans. If they proceed, then I can foresee that it will end very badly for them. – JWR

End Notes:

Again, the preceding is a purely conjectural gedankenexperiment about the future that extrapolates from recent history and current trends. None of the foregoing is seditious (per 18 U.S. Code § 2384), nor a call to arms, nor a threat to our government or to any individual, agency, or group.

Permission to reprint, re-post or forward this article in full is granted, but only if credit is given to James Wesley, Rawles and first publication in SurvivalBlog (with a link.) It must not be edited or excerpted, and all included links must be left intact.

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