Saturday, April 20, 2019

Vintage Heat

What will you do when this shit-show arrives in your area of operations?

H/T to Benton in Knoxville

Meth, it is a helluva drug

Gary Rowell

A Marshall County man found with meth says he fled deputies because "he had to feed the hogs". Gary Wayne Rowell, 47, also told deputies "these pants I'm wearing are not mine". Read all about it HERE.

It was 40F degrees at my house in the "Heart of Dixie" this morning with a wind chill in the mid 30's,,,,,,,,and raining

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Watch it to the end.

                                                  Bill Whittle nails it. Watch it all and pass along to some friends.


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                                      Charlize Theron reveals her SEVEN year old daughter is transgender.

                                                                                       Charlize Theron: Go see female-driven movies!   

Really Charlize? How does a seven year old child decide they want to be transgender? It saddens me to know this child will never know normalcy and will more than likely be another victim of liberalism and perversion which plagues our country. In the years to come "it" will probably be claimed by drug addiction and/or suicide. If you can stomach it, one of the stories can be seen by clicking HERE.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Wisconsin WalMart Chaos: Mother fights and shows karate moves, son strips naked, and dog shoplifts


I know, I know. It sounds like Florida. Lisa Smith (46) and her dog "Bo" shoplifted before she began knocking over displays and generally going wild.

Lisa Smith (Photo Courtesy: Eau Claire County Jail)

Lisa's son. Benny, stripped down buck naked then tried to steal some new clothes to cover up himself. I am surprised the cops didn't shoot him after he tried to run over them.

Benny Vann (Photo Courtesy: Eau Claire County Jail)

A photo of "Bo" the dog was not available. It is hard to believe that woman is 46. Bless her.  Read the rest of the story HERE.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Mississippi Judge Carlton Reeves compares Trump's judiciary "attacks" to the Ku Klux Klan. This is just more "buzz phrase" politics by the commie-leftist

I really doubt Judge Reeves has ever seen the Ku Klux Klan except on old PBS documentaries and news clips. He was born at a time when the paid Communist agitation movement (a.k.a. "Civil Rights Struggle") of shit stirrers had reached their zenith in the Southland and were on the downhill run. By the time Reeves had reached his teenage years there were more federal agents and informants in what was left of the Klan than there were real Klansmen. Being a liberal black man from the deep South makes it easy for him to draw the "race card" like a gun in the limelight of the MSM. The bottom line is liberal judges, including this one, are playing partisan politics in an attempt to block the successes of President Trump and stymie his efforts to stop the flow of illegal demokratic voters from further invading what is left of our country. Contrary to popular belief, most real Americans know who the "haters", racists, and race baiters really are. If one can bear it, there is more to read HERE.

Judge Carlton Reeves