Saturday, July 30, 2011

Soylent Green is Celebrating a Million Hits....

Lets help "SOYLENT GREEN" celebrate.... He says its because of all the hot chicks that are posted so I will join in the race for a million!!!

Veronika started her modeling career in 2006, at the age of 18. She has done nude modeling for numerous websites and adult magazines including MET Art, Hegre Art, Watch4Beauty and most recently Penthouse, in July 2007. As well as modeling under her birthname, she has also used the following aliases: Verunka, Veronique, Jany, Viki, Vicky and Nika.
She is a fan of rock music, and was born in the same year that Guns N' Roses released Appetite for Destruction. After listening to the album for the first time, the model claimed that it changed her life, inspiring her to have a rose tattoo on her ankle.[1]
Born in a small village in the Czech Republic she moved to Prague to work on her modeling career. Besides modeling, Veronika works as a stylist in a local theater. When not in front of the camera herself she loves to transform stage performers into stars, reflecting her own wishes onto their perfectly made up faces. For Veronika it’s all show business, and if she fails in her career as a model, she would be just as happy doing make up instead. Though a little shy, Veronika has plenty of sensual appeal to go around.

And one for the Girls......  they add to the hit meter too!!!

Set the wayback Machine to 1972......

22,000 Original miles.....garage kept...... one owner.... I am NOW the second owner :)

More details to come.

Everyone needs to see this.....

 It definately put it into "PERSPECTIVE"

Irregardless of how we got here... this needs to be stopped and addressed!!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Irresponsible Shooting.....

She should have her ear protection on...

This Will Make you Realize There is Hope for Humanity.....

Congratulations to Ian's Parents.. .THEY must be amazing people.

Who Said This?

The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. … Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that ‘the buck stops here. Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.

I'm Busy Today ...So Happy Friday to You All.....

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Public Service Announcement..................

This is What I Constantly Bitch to my Friends About....

I bitch about the lopsidedness of the reporting by the MSM and I wish I was a much better wordsmith like some of my fellow bloggers to point these issues out.

I read "THIS" earlier about malnourished children showing up in hospitals and all the things that needed to be done. Then I started asking myself some of the questions that the author didn't ask.

Low and behold someone had already taken those questions and posted them in a very concise professional "POST".... enjoy

See the Polar Bears are Just Fine................

Here's some of the latest crap in the globull warming scam:



The Golfer's Excuse....

Ellen and Bob went for counseling after 25 years of marriage.  When asked what the problem was, Ellen went into a
passionate, painful tirade listing every problem they had ever had in the 25 years they had been married.  She went on and
on and on:  neglect, lack of intimacy, emptiness, loneliness, feeling unloved and unlovable, an entire laundry list of unmet
needs she had endured over the course of their marriage.
Finally, after allowing this to go on for a sufficient length of time, the therapist got up, walked around the desk and
after asking Ellen to stand, embraced her, unbuttoned her blouse and bra, put his hands on her breasts and massaged
them thoroughly, while kissing her passionately as her husband Bob watched with a raised eyebrow!
Ellen shut up, buttoned up her blouse, and quietly sat down while basking in the glow of being highly aroused.
The therapist turned to Bob and said, "This is what your wife needs at least three times a week.  Can you do this?"
Bob thought for a moment and replied, "Well, I can drop her off here on Mondays and Wednesdays, but on Fridays, I play golf."

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

TheOnesDay® *

Barack Obama, at a recent rural elementary school assembly in East Texas , asked the audience for total quiet. Then, in the silence,  he started to slowly clap his hands once every few seconds, holding the audience in total silence..

Then Obama said into the microphone, "Children, uh, every time I, uh,  clap my hands together, a, uh, child in America dies from, uh, gun violence."

Little Richard Earl, with a proud East Texas drawl, pierced the quiet and said, '' Well, dummy, stop clapping!"

*registered to "BOREPATCH"


( I got this in an email, not sure of the veracity)


Headstone of Russell J. Larsen in the Logan City Cemetery, Logan, Utah!
I wonder if he died knowing he won the 'Coolest Headstone' contest?
His five rules for a happy life are at the bottom.


1. It's important to have a woman who helps at home, cooks from time to time, cleans up, and has a job.

2. It's important to have a woman who can make you laugh.

3. It's important to have a woman who you can trust, and doesn't lie to you.

4. It's important to have a woman who is good in bed and likes to be with you.

5. It's very, very important that these four women do not know each other.

Here's some info at "SNOPES"

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday Torrid Tushy.......

Remember Innocence?

WHY????..thats what you'll say as well as some 4 letter words

Tuesday Campaign Pic.....

Following in my "BLOGFATHERS" footsteps....

H/T to JIM A. for the words "debt-cade"

Debt Ceiling Analogy..........

Copied Verbatim From "WHATBUBBAKNOWS" with all due respect

This is a Great Analogy that is easy to understand:

The analogy goes like this:
The Dhimmicrat Congress, having reached the legal limit of it’s spending capabilities and demanding a raise of the debt ceiling is like your teenage son maxxing out the credit card you gave him and now is asking for an increase in his credit limit. Since you’ve raised the limit so many times and he’s maxxed it each and every time, you’re getting a little peeved that he can’t grasp the concept of limiting his purchases.

That’s purdy close, but there’s more to it.

Your son didn’t just charge up the card, he managed to talk several of your neighbors into loaning him even more money to blow – more money than you will earn in a lifetime. And he fully expects to pay back those loans with his credit card.
Those neighbors that he owes money to? They hate your guts.

Your son has been boarding outlaws and hoodlums in your basement. He’s feeding them, clothing them and providing them entertainment, drugs and hookers. He’s using your money to support these people, in your own home, that also hate your guts.

Your son has been buying expensive, custom-built guns and giving them to another set of your neighbors. These particular neighbors hate your guts, and have actually assaulted you personally in the past on multiple occasions. Now they have some really cool weaponry to use on you – that you paid for.

Your son has hired someone to control what you can and cannot eat.
Your son has hired someone to control what you drive.
Your son has hired someone to control what you listen to on the radio.
Your son has hired someone to steal all your personal guns.
Your son has hired someone to control all those other controllers.
And each and every one of those controllers hate your guts.

Your son is now demanding that if you can’t afford extra credit card payments, you get another job. Although your son has never had a job of his own and can’t even spell the word, he’s convinced that by spending more of your money he can create some jobs for you. You will be able to work for him. He’ll pay you with your own money so you can afford to raise his credit card limit. Just to make sure that plan works smoothly he’s also subsidizing a union for you to join as his employee. The union will make sure your son treats you right because you’re paying them too. And of course, they’re giving some of that money to your son for landing them the contract.

You are getting ready to kick the living crap out of your son.

There. That’s a fine tuned analogy for ya.

B.A.G.D..... The Spur of the Moment Purchase...

I had to pick up material at the local metal supplier and it just so happens that one of the best

"GUN SHOPS" is in the same town.....

Needless to say I walked out with this........

Sorry about the quality of the cell phone picture...

Its a Body Guard .380  by Smith and Wesson

Now that is what I can call retail therapy , soon to be followed by recoil therapy.

Not "IF" this will happen... but "WHEN"...

Its only a matter of time before we see this type of attack...

According to a declassified 2005 report "RELEASED" last week, China had been testing the effects of an electromagnetic pulse attack–the detonation of a nuclear device at high altitude to maximize the area affected by the EMP–possibly meant for Taiwan. According to the report, China was actually testing two kinds of nuclear blasts and the effects the resulting radiation would have on humans. (China was testing them on animals, which experienced “high mortality rates.”)


A good novel that describes the aftermath is "ONE SECOND AFTER"

Monday, July 25, 2011

Who was dragged down by the stone?

You got to be crazy, you gotta have a real need
You gotta sleep on your toes and when you're on the streets
You gotta be able to pick out the easy meat
With your eyes closed
Then moving in silently, down wind and out of sight
You gotta strike when the moment is right without thinking

And after a while, you can work on points for style
Like the club tie and the firm handshake
A certain look in the eye, an easy smile
You have to be trusted by the people that you lie to
So that when they turn their backs on you
You'll get the chance to put the knife in

You gotta keep one eye looking over your shoulder
You know it's going to get harder
Harder, harder as you get older
And in the end you'll pack up, fly down south
Hide your head in the sand
Just another sad old man, all alone and dying of cancer

And when you lose control you'll reap the harvest you have sown
And as the fear grows, the bad blood slows and turns to stone
And it's too late to lose the weight
You used to need to throw around
So have a good drown as you go down all alone
Dragged down by the stone

I gotta admit that I'm a little bit confused
Sometimes it seems to me as if I'm just being used
Gotta stay awake gotta try and shake off
This creeping malaise
If I don't stand my own ground
How can I find my way out of this maze?

Deaf, dumb and blind, you just keep on pretending
That everyone's expendable and no one has a real friend
And it seems to you the thing to do
Would be to isolate the winner
And everything's done under the sun
And you believe at heart, everyone's a killer

Who was born in a house full of pain?
Who was trained not to spit in the fan?
Who was told what to do by the man?
Who was broken by trained personnel?
Who was fitted with collar and chain?
Who was given a pat on the back?

Who was breaking away from the pack?
Who was only a stranger at home?
Who was ground down in the end?
Who was found dead on the phone?
Who was dragged down by the stone?
Who was dragged down by the stone?


Watch the whole thing.... its worth it......

Lovefield combines elements of horror, suspense and drama to create a story that takes the audience on a roller coaster ride of emotions.

H/T to "Brock"

Fingerpainting Classes for Stress Relief........

I'm signing up and pre-paying for at least 2 more years............

Thanks Larry!....

Now I have something that will take me away from the reality of the world for awhile...


Check this out at "Borepatch"

Follow the link to Huffpo to see where this started and is going....

This comment from genedunn on Borepatch's blog sums it up nicely :

Interesting that two so many disparate viewpoints (liberal and conservative) can basically end up at the exact some sentiment, #Fuckyouwashington.

As I have heard before, everyone hates the politicians in Washington, but they love THEIR politicians in Washington and that's why it never changes.

Make it your blog post and pass it on!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

From the YHGTBS me files.....

I just came across this in a comment on another blog.....

Seriously WTF???

SHANGHAI, China -- Working around the clock, China's biggest heavy machinery maker put the final touches Monday on sections of the new east span of the San Francisco Bay Bridge.

outsourced manufacturing of the main parts of the bridge to Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co to save $400 million on labor and materials costs. Zhenhua is hoping success in the $6.3 billion project will clinch its reputation as a top-notch builder able to meet the most stringent safety and quality specifications.


A Great Place to Relax......

This is in the Maldives...... it just looked like a really good place to catch some zzzzz's

My Shocked Face is Around Here Somewhere.......

Hmmmm   let me see....  "La Raza lowrider show"   ........

What in the world could happen??

Oh here it is:

I'm Not a Country Fan.. BUT THIS ROCKS...

You can "Keep Your Change"

I found this "here" and "here"

Do You See It/ Feel It too??

The Economy of Food:

I went out and ran some errands this afternoon. I had to grab a few things for the household and I'm told by reliable sources that one of the local supermarkets is the cheapest ( Market Basket), so I proceeded there to do my shopping. Upon pulling in the parking lot the place was jammed with cars and people. This is on  a beautiful Sunday afternoon at 1:00 p.m. or so. I drove around a bit and decided I wasn't in the mood to mingle with my fellow humans.

As I drove up the street I remembered a friend of ours that works at ( Shaws ) , another more expensive supermarket, saying that she was surprised she still had her job because that place was so dead. I pulled into their parking lot and was surprised at the amount of open spaces. I got a front row space ( I usually walk from farther out , but there was more than one available), and went in the store. The items I had to get were at opposite ends of the store so I had to cover the whole place. I bet I saw a maximum of 20 people in there.

I got the 5 or 6 things I needed and went up to an empty register line and was back in my truck in 10-15 minutes. So ALOT more people are shopping at the lower end places because money is getting tight, OK I registered that in the old memory banks and to keep an eye on Shaws to look for layoffs or store closings.

On to the next synapse firing incident:

Since I had done an outstanding job I decided I needed lunch. A quick stop at Burger King was the next thing that shocked me. I ordered a BK double stacker and a bottle of water. The girl handed me the bag and I questioned myself " Theres no way theres a burger in there?" it was too light. I pulled over into the shade of the trees in the parking lot and got this:

NOW mind you I'm not small BUT  I sure as hell ain't no giant.  It looks to me like the food industry is downsizing their portions so that they can maintain their margins.

These were just a couple things that registered to me today. I know that things aren't as rosy as they are saying and there is NO WAY things are turning around. More and more layoffs will result in less spending which will result in less revenue, which will result in layoffs....... etc... etc.... etc....

I've Seen Bits and Pieces of the TV Show Sister Wives.....

and never understood really why a man would want more than one wife...

then I saw this and now I'm packing for Utah.

I know I know.......

Sunday Breakfast for TEH WIN!!

Who is up for this?