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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Get Ready For The Moochknuckle.....









Tuesday, September 26, 2023

More Clearing Of The Inbox... Memes and Sundries.... Like the band on the Titantic, we keep playing...


First off, thanks to Bob, Mark, Jay, Ron and all the others for the fodder.


This right here is a succinct summation of where we are headed.....


Make sure to read all the way to the end for a special prayer to help you through these times.


Monday, September 25, 2023

♫♪♫ Animals and Eric Burdon.....♫♪♫

H/t to RB







Alphabet Soup....


 "B"  is for bitches 

"D"   is for Drive it like you stole it

"F"   is for F**k Fauci 

"P"    is for Physics

"R"  is for Roman Empire

"S"   Is for Staff 

"W"  is for We are f**ked.

"X"  is for xchanging money like the banking system.

Kinda Like That...


  When it comes to apologies....







Ah Monday, We Meet Again....


 Start off with a laugh.....







Sunday, September 24, 2023

♫♪♫ Some Symphonic Metal Recommended In The Nightwise Post Comments....♫♪♫










Ancient Apocalypse Series...


 I finished the last 4 episodes while cooking and making lunches for the week.

This was a great series if you haven't seen it yet. He has some interesting Hypothesis.







A New Genre Of Cover Bands Is Formed...






 Link to original <<<



Gray Skies With Drizzle , Perfect For Dumping Memes and Sundries... Here's More Than Feinstein's Trips Around The Sun..



Keep poking the "bear"

Active duty German soldier captured by Russian recce unit driving Leopard II tank in Ukraine

This news is troubling. A NATO tank a crew has been captured on lands that Russia claims as their own. As a nation, the United States has grown weary of "Russia, Russia, Russia" (whether the Ukrainian conflict or connected to Trump) and hardly even notice when our country crosses a redline in our  seemingly endless quest to kickoff WWIII. That tank and crew did not drive from Berlin or any other part of Germany. As with most of the vehicles operated by Ukrainian forces, the United States/NATO formulated a logistical plan and delivered them there to be used against Russia. I'm afraid the clowns who are supposed to be driving "clown car" are going to keep messing with Putin/Russia (who has shown great restraint) till they FAFO. Keep your larder full and your powder dry!

 Click HERE and HERE for more.

Saturday, September 23, 2023

“It is hunger that makes the world move” and "an army marches on it's belly".

Most have probably heard those quotes in their lifetimes. There are conflicting reports as to who each one may or may not be attributed too. These are two truths and military leaders down through history have known this fact, felt the pangs of hunger, and then died of disease or starvation. Some saw it coming and pressed onwards only to die in a foreign land. Americans and their military leaders are no different. The U.S. Army realized early in our nation's history the value of keeping soldiers fed with calorie rich foods and a few luxuries added in the mix. This seemingly simple concept can go along way towards improving morale and combat effectiveness. Manufacturing, packaging, and distributing such rations has proved at times to be daunting logistical feat as anyone can imagine. I have always been interested in what American soldiers ate (good or bad) from the American Revolution till today. I have a very good friend who enjoys "building" authentic ration boxes, packaging, labels, etc. He makes various types of German WW2 field rations, iron rations, and specialty packages that the Germans provided to their wounded troops, Christmas treats, or sometimes a package of luxury items to take along when on furlough. My friend also makes various American WW2 rations (boxes, packages, labeling, wrapping paper, etc. ). He researches all the items and sometimes replicates the contents. Believe it or not, many  of the items that comprised wartime rations are still available today and in some cases, the manufacturer of the item is the same. Anyhow, my ration hobbyist friend sent me this well written article from  Beaches of Normandy Tours. I hope the readers find it as interesting as I. 

A Marine heating up C-ration M-units and brewing coffee on Saipan
(Photo: U.S. military)

Friday, September 22, 2023

10! For Sticking The Landing....








Friday Femme Fatale Farrago..... Finally Fucking Friday...








Respected Teacher Found Shirtless And Holding A Gun In A Burning School Building


School and law enforcement officials are trying to figure out what went wrong. It sounds as if this guy has some mental issues, but then again, this sort of behavior sounds like someone on serious drugs. I'm glad the principal talked him into a peaceful outcome and no one was hurt. 

Teacher at Saks High School arrested after being accused of setting fire, having gun on school caCALHOUN COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) - A physical education teacher at Saks High School has been arrested after authorities say he is accused of setting a fire and having a gun on campus.

Lagregory Deon Thomas, 38, was booked into the Calhoun County Jail on charges of Arson 2nd and Criminal Mischief 3rd.

The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office says the principal at Saks High School was making rounds at the school Thursday morning when he noticed smoke coming from the gym.

When the principal went inside, he found broken windows. That’s when the door opened behind him - it was Thomas who was shirtless with a pistol in his hand.WBRC was told the principal was able to get Thomas to put the handgun down and got him out of the gym because of the fire. There were no injuries during the incident.

The Sheriff says Thomas has never had any issues prior to this incident.

The Calhoun County School District said in a Facebook post about the incident, Superintendent Dr. Jose Reyes said campus security and local law enforcement were immediately contacted to investigate.

“The safety and well-being of our students, faculty, staff, and visitors are our top priorities,” Reyes added in the social media post.


Monday, September 18, 2023

Meanwhile... On The Fairway....









Meanwhile, In Columbus, Ohio... What the actual fuck did she say?

  First off, the comments are moderated. iykwimaityd

 As pissed off as you may be and I am with you. I find this to be so amazingly incomprehensible. Let's Discuss it like adults. 

It's only a short clip but there doesn't seem to be any excuse for someone be so fucking callous.

The father handled it extremely well.

She needs to go. Fired. Now.

 Welcome to 2023.






 By the way, I think they must be getting a lot of flak.



Meanwhile, In Westport CT...








RE: The F-35... Something is up for sure if this is any indication...


  This is gonna get really interesting.









So. True. Almost Every Morning, Except It's 5:00am At The Bunker...








‘Look at them freakin’ teeth!’ Pensacola beachgoers rescue shark that washes ashore


We had gone down to Gulf Shores, AL for a few days. The weather was nice, the gulf was warm and the roadways and campground not too crowded. I was having my coffee this morning and perusing this commie website (one has to know what the enemy may be up too) and saw this story of some Texicans visiting Pensacola, FL. According to the article the two were in the water when this shark "beached' itself (they were about 30+ miles from my location). 

Alright , which one of you in South Carolina has this in your backyard?




Not the real plane, obviously.



Military officials say they're responding to a "mishap" involving an F-35 fighter jet.


Officials say the pilot of an F-35B Lightning II ejected from the jet and landed safely, but the search is on for the now missing F-35.




Sunday, September 17, 2023

Saturday, September 16, 2023

We Survived Hurricane Lee. Although There Was A Casualty And Limbs Down... The Power Stayed On..





Hurricane Lee Casualty


Limb Cleanup.. No Chainsaw Needed





♫♪♫ Some Tunes To Share......♫♪♫


  When ever I'm outside doing my chores I have on my Apple  Airpods or Shokz Openrun Headphones.

I'm usually streaming different stations on Pandora.

Here's a few songs from this week. Some I never heard before. Also, the last one was sent in by 

"Skip".  Give it a chance. It's an earworm for sure.







 The last one, Dope Lemon, was sent in by "Skip".  

Since it's a Saturday and nightfall approaches, you may enjoy this video version

if you come back later this evening after partaking in some adult mood enhancers of 

your choice......












No Shit...



 Stolen , with all due respect from THEBURNINGPLATFORM






If there was any gender confusion in Holland on either side in September '44, nobody noticed as approximately 35k allied (mostly American) dropped into Holland where over 100k Germans were waiting.


Paratroopers of the 101st Airborne Division inspecting a broken glider during Operation Market Garden
(Photo: U.S. Army Signal Corps)

Operation Market Garden is one of the best-known Allied failures of World War II. A daring, but hastily assembled and extremely risky plan, it was intended to liberate the Netherlands, enter Germany without having to fight through the Siegfried defensive line and bring the war to an end by the Christmas of 1944, all in one fell swoop. The plan, however, was just as badly ridden with problems as it was ambitious: equipment failure, a poor use of airborne troops, bad intelligence, a lack of aggressive spirit by some units and just having too many moving parts that could go wrong all conspired to ultimate defeat.

Read more from about the war in Europe at Beaches of Normandy Tours  or this particular article regarding Operation Market Garden HERE.

Can I Get An Amen?








Meanwhile , In Munich Germany, Octoberfest Started at 12:00pm Local = 6:00am EST







Thursday, September 14, 2023









Alrighty Then, Whose Aunt Is This??











Dave, The Astronomy Enthusiast ... One Of Two Things...


   He hangs around with Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye...




Master Troll..

Straight To The Point...








Lee Projection From Ventusky...


 Based on the modeling our max wind gusts at the bunker have been estimated @43mph.

That's the gusts.  It looks like it's tracking further East than the models from the past few days.

 Trees and or tree limbs will probably be the only concern as we have had much higher gusts

over the past few years from storms. Both Nor'easters and thunderstorms that roll through.

Only time will tell.  Preps will be done tonight. Fuel, generator, chainsaw, cat food.










So, I Guess It Wasn't A Sandbag....






 H/T to Bob


Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Hurricane Lee, and we watch the approach....


This VIA reader VOLCHEK <<

 Hurricane Lee is not a Cat5. Sustained winds at 10m above sea level are 75-85mph. What they are doing is using wind speeds at 1500m to 3000m altitude to justify it as Cat 5, and even then the winds at that altitude are barely breaking Cat3. Since the Hurricane season thus far has been a nothingburger they are hyping every storm.
Idalia was not a Cat3 at sea level. It was barely a Cat1 hurricane. Several residents in the Big Bend have been documenting the damage and it's consistent with Cat1 winds at sea level. Mainly downed trees, some roof damage, and storm surge damage to coastal roads. Even the storm surge was less than expected because Idalia made land fall in low tide. This is all hyped up to support the sham narrative that globull warming is making monster storms when there is ZERO evidence to support it.
Also, for real-time weather data, check ventusky.com. Zoom in on Lee and select wind speed at 10m. Also change it to 5000m and 9000m and zoom out to see the upper level jet streams. These are good predictors of hurricane paths.
I live on the gulf coast of Florida so hurricane preps are paramount, but I also don't want to skedaddle for no reason. Thus far Ventusky has been 100% on target and a huge help to make good decisions regarding hurricanes and if NOAA and the various weather organizations have been truthful in their reporting.


Irish adds... Thanks Volchek, It will be an interesting Saturday here at the bunker in southern NH. 

I'll be around but lots to do between work and prepping for a "just in case in staggers a bit more westward scenario" Better to be ready than caught off guard.

 The coastal shoreline will have issues and the storm is gonna pile water right into Cape Cod Bay...

 Stay safe....

Still photo below VIA Ventusky <<<<<  click for live map and projections.

Another Link in the comments was for TROPICAL TIDBITS <<<

 I also follow this guy on F-book << 

I had never heard of this fellow, but I like him.


              The Fallout From Liberty Safes Is Bigger Than We Thought

         If you've never heard of Buddy Brown, allow me to introduce you to him.



 This is a prime example of the tyrannical practices implemented by the "sitting powers that be"  to deter future opposition no matter how peaceful. Political prisoners are facing serious jail time for minor infractions.  Read this story and see how a mother and son were sentenced to FIVE years in prison for walking through an open door of the U.S. capitol building. Let this be note to future "rebels". Be sure to carry the necessary "sporting hardware" to upcoming demonstrations. -Jeffery

Eric Munchel (32) is a January 6th political prisoner along with his mother, Lisa Eisenhart (59). Eric escorted his mother to Washington, DC on January 6, 2021. They were one of over a million Trump supporters who came to Washington, DC to protest their grievances about the stolen presidential election. This action is guaranteed by the US Constitution.

According to The American Gulag website, a project of The Gateway Pundit, Eric Munchel entered the Capitol with a cell phone attached to his chest. He is pictured next to a mob of people who attacked two police officers and pursued them. Munchel admits to having a taser with him that day for self-protection and to protect his mother. He accompanied his mother, Lisa Eisenhart. Ms. Eisenhart wanted to attend President Trump’s rally and be part of the events of that day despite having an injured shoulder.