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Bucket List Item.... Smothered By A Storm Trooper..

The Indoctrination Is Strong With This One......

Chivalry Isn't Dead....

If The Anti-Gunners Really Cared About Death.. They Would Focus Their Energy Elsewhere...

Leading Causes of Death

  • Heart disease: 611,105
  • Cancer: 584,881
  • Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 149,205
  • Accidents (unintentional injuries): 130,557
  • Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 128,978
  • Alzheimer's disease: 84,767
  • Diabetes: 75,578
  • Influenza and Pneumonia: 56,979
  • Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis: 47,112
  • Intentional self-harm (suicide): 41,149

So, After The Paris Attacks, Many Libtards Added The French Flag To Their F-Book Profile Picture..... I Don't See Them Doing It WIth The American Flag,...Hmmmmmm


This was the rage on F-book:


 I like this one....


Caturday Tylenol......

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Gun Control....

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Training exercises dovetail with mass shootings What are the odds?


 For what it's worth... the last link posts a list of the mass shootings and "drills"

Scroll through the comments on the links as well.

Here we go again:

No lone gunman shoots up a building full of disabled people: (THINK about it)

All of these events were staged with active shooter drills happening a the same time.
Think about that.

KTLA reports—here’s a key quote:

“The call first came in at 10:59 a.m. of multiple shots fired from the area of 1365 S. Waterman Ave., San Bernardino Police Department Lt. Richard Lawhead said. The department’s SWAT team was training nearby and was suited, ‘ready to roll’ and responded rapidly, Lawhead said.”

—Yet another mass shooting where, by chance, a training exercise was going on during or prior to the event.
San Bernardino, east of Los Angeles. Reports state several shooters in a cluster of three office buildings that employ 600 people, 20 victims down, and shooters apparently at large.

Here is a recent article I (Mike Adams) wrote about mass shootings paralleling training exercises:

Training exercises dovetail with mass shootings What are the odds?

sent in by reader Tony

Egyptians "Hillarious" Reaction to Pres. "Osama's" Speech Declaring Global Warming As The Greatest Threat To American Security

I can tell you for a fact that the Egyptians are not the only ones who view our current occupier of the White House as being weak and maybe even insane. It is truly a sad time for our nation. Less than twenty-four hours ago San Bernardino suffered a jihadist attack where fourteen innocent and unarmed Americans were slaughtered  with several more wounded. Now, all that is on this president's mind is finding a way to  address the nation without offending muslims or casting that cult in a negative light, "stricter gun control measures" and global warming. The media and the commie left did not have any qualms about labeling the planned parenthood shooter last week as a "fanatical Christian" (not that I agree with killers killing the killers, but just saying).  It is pitiful, just pitiful.

Hat-Tip to "Bob" in Cullman!

At That Moment... All Was Well....

 ...maybe not so much soon after....

It's Guns! It's The NRA!.....

It's White Males!

It's Christians!

It's Conservatives!

It's Republicans!

It's Climate Change!

It's Rednecks!

It's Tea Partiers!

It's Pro Lifers!

It's Bible Thumpers!

It's The Confederate Flag!

It's Fox News!

It's Donald Trump!


It's .......Syed Farook?...... A Devout Muslim?

     Oh,  just a loner. Nothing To See Here. Probably work-place violence.
 The guns forced themselvesinto his hands and made him shoot up a holiday party.

Nothing to do with Muslims, Islam or Terrorism. Move Along......

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Who Is The Pilot?

I didn't check with Snopes, etc. before posting this. If it isn't true, it ought to be.

This 1967 true story is of an experience by a young 12 year old lad in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. It is about the vivid memory of a privately rebuilt P-51 from WWII and its famous owner/pilot.

In the morning sun, I could not believe my eyes. There, in our little airport, sat a majestic P-51.  They said it had flown in during the night from some U.S. Airport, on its way to an air show. The pilot had been tired, so he just happened to choose Kingston for his stop over.  It was to take to the air very soon.  I marveled at the size
of the plane, dwarfing the Pipers and Canucks tied down by her. It was much larger than in the movies. She glistened in the sun like a bulwark of security from days gone by.

The pilot arrived by cab, paid the driver, and then stepped into the pilot's lounge.  He was an older man; his wavy hair was gray and tossed. It looked like it might have been combed, say, around the turn of the century.  His flight jacket was checked, creased and worn - it smelled old and genuine. Old Glory was prominently sewn to its shoulders.  He projected a quiet air of proficiency and pride devoid of arrogance.  He filed a quick flight plan to Montreal ("Expo-67 Air Show") then walked across the tarmac.

After taking several minutes to perform his walk-around check, the tall, lanky man returned to the flight lounge to ask if  anyone would be available to stand by with fire extinguishers while he "flashed the old bird up, just to be safe."  Though only 12 at the time I was allowed to stand by with an extinguisher after brief instruction on its use -- "If you see a fire, point, then pull this lever!", he said.  (I later became a firefighter, but that's another story.)  The air around the exhaust manifolds shimmered like a mirror  from fuel fumes as the huge prop started to rotate.  One manifold, then another, and yet another barked -- I stepped back with the others.  In moments the Packard-built Merlin engine came to life with a thunderous roar. Blue flames knifed from her manifolds with an arrogant snarl.  I looked at the others' faces; there was no concern.  I lowered the bell of my extinguisher.  One of the guys signaled to walk back to the lounge. We did.

Several minutes later we could hear the pilot doing his pre-flight run-up. He'd taxied to the end of runway 19, out of sight. All went quiet for several seconds. We ran to the second story deck to see if we could catch a glimpse of the P-51 as she started down the runway. We could not.  There we stood, eyes fixed to a spot half way down 19. Then a roar ripped across the field, much louder than before. Like a furious hell spawn set loose -- something mighty this way was coming. "Listen to that thing!" said the controller.

In seconds the Mustang burst into our line of sight. It's tail was already off the runway and it was moving faster than anything I'd ever seen by that point on 19.  Two-thirds the way down 19 the Mustang was airborne with her gear going up. The prop tips were supersonic.  We clasped our ears as the Mustang climbed hellishly fast into the circuit to be eaten up by the dog-day haze. We stood for a few moments, in stunned silence, trying to digest what we'd just seen.

The radio controller rushed by me to the radio. "Kingston tower calling Mustang?"  He looked back to us as he waited for an acknowledgment. The radio crackled, "Go ahead, Kingston." "Roger, Mustang. Kingston tower would like to advise the circuit is clear for a low level pass."  I stood in shock because the controller had just, more or less, asked the pilot to return for an impromptu air show!
The controller looked at us. "Well, What?"  He asked. "I can't let that guy go without asking. I couldn't forgive myself!"

The radio crackled once again,  "Kingston, do I have permission for a low level pass, east to west, across the field?" "Roger, Mustang, the circuit is clear for an east to west pass." "Roger, Kingston, I'm coming out of 3,000 feet, stand by."
 We rushed back onto the second-story deck, eyes fixed toward the eastern haze. The sound was subtle at first, a high-pitched whine, a muffled screech, a distant scream. Moments later the P-51 burst through the haze. Her airframe straining against positive G's and gravity. Her wing tips spilling contrails of condensed air, prop-tips again supersonic. The burnished bird blasted across the eastern margin of the field shredding and tearing the air. At about 500 mph and 150 yards from where we stood she passed with the old American pilot saluting. Imagine. A salute! I felt like laughing; I felt like crying; she glistened; she screamed; the building shook; my heart pounded.  Then the old pilot pulled her up and rolled, and rolled, and rolled out of sight into the broken clouds and indelible into my memory.

I've never wanted to be an American more than on that day!  It was a time when many nations in the world looked to America as their big brother.  A steady and even-handed beacon of security who navigated difficult political water with grace and style; not unlike the old American pilot who'd just flown into my memory.  He was proud, not arrogant, humble, not a braggart, old and honest, projecting an aura of America at its best.

That America will return one day! I know it will!  Until that time, I'll just send off this story. Call it a loving reciprocal salute to a Country, and especially to that old American pilot:  the late-JIMMY STEWART (1908-1997),  Actor, real WWII Hero  (Commander of a US Army Air Force Bomber Wing stationed in England), and a USAF Reserves Brigadier General, who wove a wonderfully fantastic memory for a young Canadian boy that's lasted a lifetime.

All Was Well.... Two Seconds Ago.....

Rodney Carrington "Show Them To Me"

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6 Time Felon Killed in Shootout with Home-Schooled 13 Year Old During Home a Home Invasion

Have you ever thought it strange that stories, such as this one, are rarely seen on the "evening news"?

Brave 13 year old uses his mother's pistol to fend off two hardened felons from breaking into his home. Click HERE for the rest of the story.

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