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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Here's 12 Mins of P-51 Mustang Flying to Go With The Previous Post....

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  1. I love the Mustangs! I reenact WWII and have for several years. For a long time my outfit attended an annual event at Ft. Knox, KY. It was a display and spectator battle. For years it was held on the 4th of July, but was eventually changed to Memorial Day weekend (which I really like because it was usually cooler than than July). It was always a fun event. The base always treated us very well as did the Patton Armor Museum. Often times the museum would bring out running pieces of German and American armor to participate in the "battles". At each of these events, the museum director would invite all the reenactors and their families to the back door of the museum on Friday night. Then, he would turn off the alarms and let everyone climb on and into every tank in the building, but two that had sensitive finishes and were being restored. My children were at a good age to enjoy this and I am thankful for that experience. I said all of that to say this about another experience during the "battle" that I will never forget. During one of the "battles" there was a German 88 anti-aircraft gun in attendance with a very good crew. In the heat of the "battle" I had "died" and was laying in this field maybe 400 yards in front of the 88 that was firing very rapidly at two P-51's as they came in screaming in approximately 200 feet above the deck. The 88 continued firing and just as one the planes was almost directly over me the pilot pulled the plane straight up and roared away from the gun. The sound and the view was incredible and something I will never forget. I thought to myself I need a Bud-light because it doesn't get much better than this!


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