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Thursday, December 3, 2015

It's Guns! It's The NRA!.....

It's White Males!

It's Christians!

It's Conservatives!

It's Republicans!

It's Climate Change!

It's Rednecks!

It's Tea Partiers!

It's Pro Lifers!

It's Bible Thumpers!

It's The Confederate Flag!

It's Fox News!

It's Donald Trump!


It's .......Syed Farook?...... A Devout Muslim?

     Oh,  just a loner. Nothing To See Here. Probably work-place violence.
 The guns forced themselvesinto his hands and made him shoot up a holiday party.

Nothing to do with Muslims, Islam or Terrorism. Move Along......


  1. When will the sheeple finally wake up? So sick of the MSM...

  2. It doesn't matter how the spin-doctors twist it, when it is boiled down to gravy, Syred Farook and his wife were mulims. So what if he had worked at that place for five years? It wasn't simply "workplace violence". Assimilating a combat kit (gear, magazines, weapons, ammunition, tactical clothing) takes time and money. Building pipe-bombs takes time and planning. Buying "go-pro cameras" and wearing them to a "killing" is a deliberate thought. Who does anyone know who could have a bad day at work, leave, run home and convince their spouse to "kit up", go back to the workplace, and take part in a killing spree? Whatever triggered this episode I believe was a double whammy for Sayred and his wife. He and she ( I don't know what happened to the THIRD gunman) believed they were showing those a-holes at Syred's job and striking a blow for islam in the name of jihad at the same time. Already we are hearing the rally cry of the libtards calling for "stricter gun laws". Has it ever occurred to such idiots that these types of shootings almost always take place in "gun-free zones"? Kalifornia and San Bernardino already have some of the most stringent gun laws in the nation in place (well so does Chicago). I guess these law abiding "citizens" were not aware of those laws or laws prohibiting murder, etc. The truth be known, .gov probably helped this crew get to America. Also .gov likely helped with Syred's education, housing, various other forms of financial assistance, and his job. Of course, this is conjecture and we will probably never know the real story. However we do know how freely .gov is to give money that has been stolen from citizens in the form of taxes to immigrants and illegal invaders. I hope folks around the country are ready for their new Syrian (isis) refugee neighbors. It appears that is working out just fine in Europe. Stop the madness!

      (There, now that we got the liberal outraged retort out of the way.....)

      Absolutely 100% correct, Jeff. This wasn't a random occurrence, nor was it spur of the moment. This was enemy action - plain and simple.
      Then right on cue the leftist fear mongers jumped right into over-drive.
      Funny how the SCFMF was pushing for implementation of his unilateral violation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, just a couple of days ago. Then coincidentally, we have these "events" to fuel public support for his lawless proposal.
      The scumbag from Albany was up there running his mouth as well. With any kind of luck at all, Silver will spill his guts to make a deal, and little Mario spends the rest of his life in prison! Hey, I can dream - can't I?
      Then, to top it off - they want to flood our country with several hundreds of thousands of these bastards. Traitorous bunchafucks; each and every one of them!

      Whitehall, NY

    2. " Has it ever occurred to such idiots that these types of shootings almost always take place in "gun-free zones"?"

      Yes it has. They don't care. Their agenda is about controlling YOU, not about controlling "crime". They don't give half a fuck about crime and crime rates. They want to control you and prevent you from living your life as a free man.

  3. It is probably a good thing that the shooters were Muslims. Had they been black gangstas, the Black Lives Matter gang of idiots would be out in force whining and yelling at the police for doing their jobs.

  4. Just remember, the root case of this is "climate change".


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