Thursday, June 6, 2024

80 Years Past D-Day

80 years ago today (last night) was the apex of the largest military sea assault/invasion the world had ever seen of Axis occupied Europe and particularly the Atlantic coast of France known as Normandie. This massive project was years in the making. After accumulating a staggering number of men, equipment, vehicles, planes, ships, LSTs, and supplies in England, the conditions were as "right" as they were going to be for a couple of more months, and after pulling off one of the most effective deceptions in military history, the Allies dropped the hammer. Though the operation looked "iffy" in the first few hours, Allied forces, mainly Americans, gained a toehold onto the continent. Over the coming days the amounts of war materiel pouring into Europa was mind-boggling. The Germans had waited too long to send their Panzers to repel the invading allies. Unknown at the time to either side, but this would be another huge nail in the coffin of German armed forces and the NAZI regime. Between the drops of large airborne forces by parachute and thousands of other soldiers landing by glider, the Allies had secured the way for even heavier vehicles and artillery pieces, supplies, and more men. God bless all who stepped forward and answered the call. My paternal grandfather could be any of the Americans in the combat photos as he was at Omaha Beach in the first wave. I think he, along with other millions of Allied soldiers, sailors, airmen who fought in this battle and WW2 in general would have trouble recognizing (if at all) the country they defended today.

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Living In Your Mom's Basement and Gaming In No Way To Go Through Life Son....






A Goffstown man is heading to prison for 40 years to life for killing his mother last year.

Thomas Humphrey was living in his mother's basement at the time of the killing. She had just given him a PlayStation for his 47th birthday, and the two were arguing about how loud he was playing video games before she was stabbed 22 times and almost decapitated.

"This is, as I said in my more than a decade on the bench, one of the most brutal murders that I've presided over," said Judge William Delker.

Delker spoke before sentencing Humphrey to 40 years to life in prison for the murder of his mother, Linda Tufts.

Humphrey stabbed his mother 22 times, almost decapitating her, and then lit her body on fire. Relatives told the court how Tufts' killing affected them.

"You tore our family apart," said Kimberly, a family member. "The grief, the anger, the pain – that just continues on. You took one of our matriarchs of the family. It was completely unforgivable."

When police arrived at the house, they discovered the fire and located Humphrey at the bottom of the basement stairs with self-inflicted wounds, holding a knife.

Humphrey was charged with second-degree murder and arson. He pleaded guilty to both charges.

"The brutality of this crime simply makes it too dangerous not to impose a very lengthy state prison sentence," Delker said.

Humphrey was sentenced to five to 10 years in prison on the arson charge, to be served consecutively to the murder sentence.