Monday, September 12, 2022

A Reader Asks For Some Help For A Friend...


 Reader "T" sent this email earlier today:



 Irish,Long time reader but not a comments kind of guy. I have contributed to one? Of your past go fund me shares/requests, I think it was for Mike, maybe you can contribute or share this info. A buddy of mine is suspended without pay for refusing to get vaccinated and is currently in court over this issue. The Go Fund Me link has all the details. He is looking for financial help for the legal expenses.

I thought you might be interested in supporting this GoFundMe,

Even a small donation could help Jonathan Lucas reach his fundraising goal. And if you can't make a donation, it would be great if you could share the fundraiser to help spread the word.

Thanks for taking a look!

Reader "T"


 Stop over and check out the gofundme.( yes , we all know gfm is run by lefties).

 Jonathan is suspended without pay for not getting the vaccine. 

As always, it's up to you if you chose to offer some help.

"T" asked that I share this so there ya go. 



This could be from any of the main stream media outlets of today


I'm guessing he was a Trump supporter

There are some conflicting reports regarding this story. In my humble opinion, something seems very odd about the way this killing transpired. It was reported that plain clothes cops interrupted a funeral killing a pallbearer mid-embrace seconds after he had helped place his father's casket inside a hearse.

* Jason Arnie Owens, 37, was shot dead at his father's funeral service by West        Virginia Police (some reports indicate two U.S. Marshalls were involved).           


     * Plain clothes cops walked into the funeral, called his name, and shot him.    


*They fired seconds after Owens acknowledged his name and never identified themselves as law enforcement. Owens was not armed despite reports he was.  


I would suppose acting like that could go "south" in a hurry in WV.

 Read more HERE.

H/T to Ed in Moulton.