Saturday, April 8, 2023

Phil and Cederq Should Use This As The Theme To End Each Post.....









How Lucky Are The Two People In The Center Of This Clip?








With Determination and Speed... You Can Accomplish Anything...








I Have Questions....

My phone needs an update.

I have never heard of or seen the "pushing hand" emoji. I know, sheltered life and all.

How does this become an important update to a billion dollar company?

Do people inundate the complaint line?

Do people really sit around and check to see if the emojis have the correct skin tone?

Is this the important issue of the day? "Muh Skintone" 

Is there an office next to Director of Diversity Equity and Inclusion

 that has a Director of Emoji Skintone QC?

I can only imagine that hire. 

I guess I'm just old and don't understand.

Anyway, rant over, off to better things, like breakfast!!

Friday, April 7, 2023

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago... Now With Security.....






Clear Up On The MEME Aisle In The Inbox...



 With this comment regarding the Meme Wars.....

Some of them are too rude, and some of them are too cute, but most of them are just too right for these treacherous times. Memes are a form of rebellion and signal a refusal to go along with the theft of our country. There is a Deep State. The election was stolen. Fetterman is incompetent. Joey has dementia. Obama is enjoying his third term. Turbines kill birds and bats. Electric vehicles are a scam. The country is broke. The dollar is worthless. The bankers are thieves. Guns don’t kill people unless they are in the hands of killers. Transsexuals are mentally ill. Abortion is a form of genocide. The virus came from a lab. No one on Epstein's list has been arrested. American-Africans commit a larger percent of violent crime than Whites. California has become a ruined Shithole. Ireland is becoming one. Nothing will happen with the Uni-party in control. The Tree of Liberty needs watering. And, the best Irish whiskey you never drank is called Clontarf. 

Another "confused" trans person goes berserk and slaughters homeless shelter coordinator in gruesome axe murder

Leah-Rosin Pritchard (pictured above), a social worker and homeless shelter coordinator, was brutally murdered by a man who identifies as a woman. Zaaina Asara Zakirrah Mahvish Jammeh (shown in custody with police in the photo below) is alleged to have hacked Pritchard to death with an axe he/she/it had bought that morning for $33.69 because, as he told other people present at the shelter, "I did not like her". Her body was mutilated beyond recognition.

These sort of things are the end results of immigrants not being vetted, and the toleration of mentally disturbed third world people being allowed to walk about without fear of persecution, incarceration, punishment, etc. I know I should expect it, but what gets my nanny-goat is the fact that FOX News stated the suspect was "a man who identifies as woman" and they along with every other news agency I have read this morning continues to call this savage a woman. There is a plethora of sources out there. HERE is one.


Meanwhile In Some Future American Utopia...


   First Bud-Light

Now Nike and Jack Daniels..

Up next?  Caterpillar? John Deere? Smith and Wesson? Harley Davidson?.....

 Sooner or later the will to fight will be over.....








Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Science.. Updated. Destructive Testing. Ice "1" - Shut off "0"


  So it looks like the one I was bitching about was compromised at the end of last season and I 

got a cold shower for not prepping before the temps went below freezing.  I'll back track 

my trash talk on imported items a bit.

Tarheel was the one that first commented about freezing due to experience. :)

MOAR Memes for Humpday.. Like Sifting Through A Yardsale, You Never Know What You Might Find.






Questions and Answers....

 From the comments:

 Justin O Guy asks:

 "Can Anyone explain Why we are seeing so much support and willingness to change society for such a miniscule percentage of the population?"


Dan P. responds:

Since you asked, I'll share the excellent discussion I stumbled on answering that same question. It is 40 mins, but well worth the time.

After The Show, He Was Found...


  ...Hanging from the doorstop in his hotel room with floss tied around his neck. Shot twice in the back

of the head with the M249 SAW that was laying on the bed and hundreds of self inflicted stab

wounds after over dosing on fentanyl.

It was ruled a suicide.

Watch this clip in honor of his memory..

H/T to JayBee

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

A Hodge Podge Of Stuff, Take What You Like and Share....






Godspeed and Good Luck Mr. President


Someone Postulated A Theory . Irish Does Science....


 On the issue of the cracked hose shut off. I thought it was crap and split when it hit the ground.

A comment by Anonymouse mentioned that it looked like it had frozen.. So..

I bought one today and set it up like it was back in the fall.

Ran the water, then shut off the nozzle.

Then shut off the valve and removed it from the hose.

It's now sitting at 0°F in the freezer.


More tomorrow.




There is a small bung of water between the valve and the spigot. We will find the weakest link.

And Now.. A Special Message From Kid Rock... ( watch the volume )









Re: Tomas and The Avalance.. is "Force Majeure" a Movie..

From  2014 <<<<


Monday, April 3, 2023

and Thom-ass Never Got Laid Again...


 ..and probably divorced.







Well, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Marjorie Taylor Greene doubles down on ‘Democrats are pedophiles' remark during 60 Minutes interview

Some Republican commentators have taken to calling Democrats "groomers" for supporting drag show events for children, with Tennessee attempting to ban the practice on public property and near schools. "Even Joe Biden, the president himself, supports children being sexualized and having transgender surgeries. Sexualizing children is what pedophiles do to children," Greene said. MORE

aaaand.. It's Monday...







Sunday, April 2, 2023

On Tonight's Older Episode of FAFO TV , Please Welcome...





 ‘Bloody Puddle’ 

It happened 8 years ago and the perp got sentenced to 25 years and he's still in so it appears.

Meanwhile in Ireland, Things Seem To Be Deteriorating...

Well, at least it seems like Karine JeanPierre is enjoying her vacation....









Chinese Junk




 No ,  not that kind, this kind.

I was hosing off the tractor, after being out in the mud, and dropped the hose to go adjust the 

bucket tilt. Suddenly I got soaked. It's in the 40s and the well water is cold as well. I grabbed the

twist nozzle thinking it was loose and that opened it up even more. Grumbling foul language,

I came in and got changed.  Looks like some child labor ran the bore right out to the minor

diameter of the male thread and full depth to the cast neck section.

 It's paper thin.  Needless to say , QC, was probably on vacation as well.

...and for those that may think this is a stupid post. IT is. Those that want to get a chuckle at

my expense please feel free.  

Enjoy your Sunday evening.






Sunday Brunch.....


as seen on twitter......











Damn... That's Quite The Spectacle.... We had a thunderstorm front come through last night.


This was posted on twitter from the same line of storms.








FAFO...How It's Done In Texas...


 Truck gets stolen.

Owner activates Air Tag.

Owner calls Police.

Owner doesn't bother waiting a few months.

Owner finds truck.

Owner argues with soon to be FAFO award recipient.

Owner awards prize.

Crowd cheers.



 Story here <<<

Our Computer Overlords Are Messing WIth US...


Interesting video for your Sunday Covfefe.

Here is the info about this short film:

 Disclaimed: None of it is real. It’s just a movie, made mostly with AI, which took care of writing the script, creating the concept art, generating all the voices, and participating in some creative decisions. The AI-generated voices used in this film do not reflect the opinions and thoughts of their original owners. This short film was created as a demonstration to showcase the potential of AI in filmmaking.