Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Record High Gun Sales: A Strong Indicator That Americans Want Liberty

 BHO, Hildebeast, and the rest of the liberal anti-second amendment cadre will go down in history as the BEST gun and ammunition salespeople EVER! They have also helped to sell a lot of Confederate Flags, but that is another for story. I am glad that I live in a state where buying and carrying a firearm is still fairly easy as compared to states such as the "Peoples Republik of Illinois". These record high sales are rooted in the uncertainty of the times, distrust of the government, the peoples realization that police cannot be everywhere at once and being armed is an excellent way to protect ones self and loved ones. Personally, I do not understand the mentality of liberals wanting our country to resemble Europe with very limited gun ownership and rights. One would only need to look at what happened in Paris last week and what is happening today in northern France to see the failure of such "gun-free zones". I am not saying that less restrictive gun laws would have prevented the terrorist attack altogether, but I will say that the loss of life could have been exponentially less (if there were any at all). While we are on the topic of that socialist Utopian model, Europa,  let us look at Germany and the way the government ignores the will of the people. It seems as if nothing can be done by the citizenry to stop the flood of invaders who are trashing their country. Merkel and her guilt-ridden socialist-gang would have thought twice about their treasonous actions had the citizens of their country been armed, but as we know, that was not the case. I also would imagine that many Germans who do not own a firearm wish they had one to protect their females from the gang rapes and the beatings of their young men by these "refugees".  

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When Most Of The D-bags That "Work" In Washington Happen To Glance Up Through The Skylight Of Their Building..

This should be their view............