Saturday, October 17, 2020

I Had To See If There Was An Explanation Somewhere....


  IS that CDC approved?

The imagine made me say "WTF?"  So I had to see if there was an explanation out in the etherwebz.

There IS <<<<

Header Image Info... S-Nooooooo!!! Not Yet.


 I have relatives that live in the area of Franconia NH.  So far today they have 4 inches and counting and the power went out.


Snow was not in the forecast.




Also, I have added some other genres to the SCM player if you like, Toggle the bar and music note to access the playlist:

Once You Start The Rhyme, It Kinda Has A Jingle...





 I'm sure some rapper could use this:






Friday, October 16, 2020

Friday Femme Fatale...










  * Thank God It's The Third Friday In A Row.

Shhhh... don't tell anyone, but I decided to take 3 days vacation... I've been handling all the critical shopping and actually had a chance to try yoga...

 ( there is no way I would ever want to feel the way that fucker is gonna feel tomorrow. I've been busy getting shit done around the bunker and still haven't finished all the to-do list.)

Stop back in a bit for FFF....

Phantom Fortress: The Crewless Landing of a B-17 November 23, 1944


                                                            On the subject of airplanes/bombers, here is a true enigma.

B-17 Flying Fortress

Read the whole story HERE.

Kinda Like 2020, It started off well....








 Story here<<
















Thursday, October 15, 2020

Trick or Treat


A haunted WW2 bomber: Halloween Special


Incredible Story of Survival...



 .. for this woman.


 Via the story at the link below:

 Some stories are so incredible that they become more like legends. So is the case with a girl who survived a violent plane accident which landed her alone in the Amazon jungle. Juliane Koepcke not only made it through the rainforest while injured, but a far more curious mystery surrounds her life – how did she survive the crash at all? – as she was the sole survivor among 91 other people on the plane. 


Read the rest here<<<  


 Here is the wiki listing<<



♫♫ Afternoon Driving Tune ♫♫









Thanks To The Internet and Technology, The Denver Shooting Is Being Put Under A Microscope...


 via. Redstate:


Paid agitators, missing film frames, connecting the dots...Irish


Let’s just call this the “Curious Case of the News Photographer Who Becomes Part of the Story she captured on film” — ignore the fact no one uses film anymore.

Prominent in and around the scene of Saturday’s “Patriot Muster” Rally in Denver and the BLM/Antifa counter-protest was a female “photojournalist” wearing a dayglow orange vest with “PRESS” in big black letters.  Her name is Helen Richardson, and she works for the Denver Post.  She was approximately 5 feet from Matthew Dolloff — just to his left — capturing a series of photographs with her camera on “burst” when Dolloff and Lee Keltner engaged in a brief physical confrontation which ended after three seconds with Dolloff drawing a handgun and killing Keltner. 

Lot's more here and lots of twitter links from those combing through all the data <<< 


Also related


The Rittenhouse shooting here at Gateway Pundit. If you haven't seen it<<


I've Been Checking Every Morning For Other Hungry Strays To Rescue....



but my hopes have been left empty.




 Maybe when it gets colder out and they need shelter.



Playing around with the blog this morning... updated


 Up at the top I added SCM music player to see how it will perform with the blog.

I haven't played with any of the settings or functions as of yet so this is just a test drive.

Any input will be appreciated.

Enjoy the day.


Update, I added a few more to the playlist which is accessed on the right hand of the music banner.

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Still Mornin'!



















Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Irish's Soft Side...


 Earlier this summer there came a crying at the back door. He was hungry. Ate two cans of food and took off. As time went by his visits became more often, until, like clockwork, he was there, at the door every morning, talking away about being hungry. Two cans of food, hang around a bit, then leave. I could tell when he was heading to the door when the security light turned on. A few weeks ago he started hanging around the barn and would sleep out back in a box we set up for him. 

Monday, we took him to the vet for a complete tune up and now he will have a warm place and food as the days grow colder. They estimate he is around two years old. He purrs loudly and when you lay on the floor he will come over and curl up and let you rub his belly. Today is a beautiful day out. He will be free and if he comes back he is welcome and safe.


( I wasn't allowed to name him Jonesy because #alienscaredtheshitoutoftheboss)



  We have had a random sighting of a calico that looks just like him. Maybe a sibling? We have left food further away from the house and have gotten a few glimpses of "her?"

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

What Would You Tell Your Younger Self?



Older me... to younger me..@1986.. "Go buy Microsoft, even if you have to beg borrow or steal, oh, and never sell it for a very long time"


 via Motley Fool 12/19

Patience and the right stock can lead to incredible results

Microsoft had its IPO on Mar. 13, 1986. The original trading price was $21. The stock split nine times over the years, with two of those being 3-for-2 splits. (A quick note about how splits work: In a typical 2-for-1 split, shareholders receive two shares for every one share they own. The stock price is then adjusted proportionally so that the value of the investment remains the same as before the split.)

If you had bought just one share of Microsoft at the IPO, you would now have 288 shares after all the splits. Those shares would be worth $44,505 at the current stock quote of $154.53.

A $5,000 investment would have purchased 238 shares at the IPO price. After the splits, you would now own 68,544 shares. Those shares would be worth $10,592,104. That's a compound annual return of about 25% per year, or a cumulative return of nearly 211,000%.

The dividends you would be earning every year are just as awesome. Microsoft paid its first quarterly dividend in 2004. The current payout is $0.51 per share each quarter. If you hadn't succumbed to the temptation to cash in your shares too early (as some of us do), you would be earning $34,957 in income every quarter, or $139,830 every year. <<< Read that again. aaaannnnd.. One more time to let it sink in.


The Video Needs To Be Seen And The Gofundme Needs to be Shared...


 Phil has most of the details HERE<< 


Go watch the video.


Here is the gofundme:  <<< 






The Clock Winds Down....




 WE can only hope that meme is what happens.

   Joe Biden is failing daily. 




 The media is spinning so fast, hopefully they self destruct with some "help".

The clips of Biden that are making the rounds are not only gafftastic but cringeworthy. 

Trump draws thousands in his crowds, Biden draws in the tens.

You can't tell me that the power brokers behind the scenes are sitting back in their chairs thinking this is the candidate to win.

What is the next rabbit they are going to try and pull out of their hat ass?

Will they resort to notching it up?

 The tinder is smoking and it's only a moment away from spontaneous combustion.

We know what they are capable of to stay in power.





Like every stellar suspence thriller, it starts with mysterious deaths...


 This twitter thread caught my eye over at SMALLDEADANIMALS.



The Seeker says - "To solve this puzzle, we must go back to April 2012, in Mojiang county, where six miners contracted a SARS-like pneumonia, and three of them died."


This is quite an interesting, documented, timeline that leads us to today.


A thread on the origins of COVID-19, and a possible bio-containment failure at one of the Wuhan labs. 

If you dig through some of the links in the comments of that thread  

you come across this article from 2014<<  

which references this CDC article also from 2014<<  



Sunday, October 11, 2020

People Of Walmart Blue Ribbon Winner....












The Liberal Dogma Is Strong With This One

 Here we see "Commie" Chris Wallace asking the President  during the recent  Trump/Biden debate the same question in regards to "white supremacy", etc. that Chris asked Trump in 2016. For those who do not know, Chris is a registered democrat and he has an agenda.

Navy Veteran Running Against Maxine Waters....






Reader Yogi Sets The Record Straight. The Post Of The "Panzer" Engine Is NOT Correct.

 Yogi sends: "Not a Maybach engine as used in Panzers and other wehrmacht armour but a Continental AV1790 used in US Armour"

Someone obviously mislabeled that youtube video a few posts below.

 Here is one I found of the AV1790


AV-1790 Continental engine that was used on the T30 and T34 heavy tanks. This engine ended up on top in competitive trials.

The first changes to the Heavy Tank T30 program were made towards the end of 1944. It was clear that the heavy tanks would be late to the war, and not only was the volume of the orders reduced, but the chassis was revised. The engine was the first to change. Initially, the plan was to use the 27 L Ford GAC, which put out 770 hp. However, even initial estimates showed that the power to weight ratio of the T29 and T30 would be low, and a new engine was suggested: the air cooled 29 L Continental AV-1790. This engine could produce up to 810 hp. The transmission also changed. Like the T29, the final selection was made in favour of the Alisson CD-850-1.  via >>>LINK to TANK ARCHIVES




Starting a Maybach