Saturday, August 6, 2016

♫♫ Remember When... Blues Saranceno... ♫♫

  I added a channel to Pandora for Ritchie Kotzen ( posted below) and this is one of the songs

that just played. I thought it was worth sharing.

♫♫ You Can't Save Me.... Ritchie Kotzen ♫♫

I had never heard of him before CMBLAKE posted this song over at his site

some swearing in the lyrics

Thursday, August 4, 2016

In The Days Of My Youth...

 How many hours were spent on a 4 x 8 sheet of plywood?

(I posted this earlier and some have commented about model trains on the slot car thread below )

images from the web:

Maybe A Concerted Effort To Boycott Their Advertisers?

 Has anyone seen a list of advertisers that are using the media listed in the comment below?

Maybe a grassroot effort by the Conservatives to hit them in the pocketbook would help?

This comment was from a thread I was reading last night. ( I believe it was on a Weasel Zippers post)

People should make a conscience effort to boycott all these Liberal bias Media sites, CNN, MSNBC, WASHINGTON POST, NY TIMES, HUFFINGTON POST, ABC,NBC, CBS, they have all contributed to the destruction of America by not doing their jobs by investigating an over reaching Government, and protecting the American people. They have been in bed with the whole Obama Administration's corrupt and illegal activities, and have not warned the public or exposed the Government corruption. When Obama gets charged with Treason and Tyranny, they should be charged as an accessory, and punished as such.

If Meat Eaters Acted Like Vegans.... ROLFMAO..

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Not Your Grandmother's Crocheting....

Mmm Mmm Mmm.... Peppered BACON!

That Hole In Hillary's Tongue...... An Irish Poll

After this picture of Hillary made the rounds on the web. People were noticing a distinct hole in

her tongue.

Many bloggers and commenters have been entertaining thoughts as to what it could be:

some   LINKS HERE<<

and HERE

now on to the poll......

What If The Hole In Hillary's Tongue Is Cancer?

I wish her a speedy recovery and on to the presidentcy
If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all
Poll Maker

As Paul Harvey Would Say. "and now, the rest of the story"!

Khizr Khan completely deletes his law firm's website from the internet. His firm specialized in Muslim immigration. You heard right folks. The Goldstar father who spoke at the DNC convention and the same man the Democraps and their allies have used to hammer Donald K. Trump in a fabricated story has been caught with his "proverbial" pants down screwing a goat on top of the Dairy Queen in the middle of town! Of course, I am using that phrase as a metaphor, but this could be damning to Hitlery and the dems. I hope the Donald uses this to his advantage. 

Read the "rest of the story" HERE.

Link O'rama.. Keeping Tabs On Things.....

Compiled and submitted by AFOI
** I would be hard-pressed to find a more egregious example of media bias than this one.  Disgusting.
** Barackus on Hellary, 2008
** FBI gives State thousands of documents?  Fox, here's your new guard post at the chicken coop.
** I keep trying to think of an analogy for just how in-the-tank the MSM is for the Left.  No matter what image I think
of, it's still not enough.  More:   

♫♫ Homesick... Atlanta Rhythm Section....♫♫

Guitars ring through the dead of night
Scream so blue sound so right
Make You Homesick
Listen close to the guitar man
A native son in a foreign land
The boy is homesick
Homesick for days gone by
Homesick for home, sweet home.

Where were you in '69
Smokin' dope and drinkin' wine
Just a outlaw
Distant drums beat an old refrain
Shakes the feet pounds the brain
Like a buzz saw
In the darkness down the hall
Black light posters on the wall
Jimi Hendrix
Someones lost in yesterday
Hazy dreams of Monterrey.... and Woodstock

Four days gone by
To kiss the sky
Guitars ring through the dead of night
Sing so blue sound so right
Makes you Homesick
Listen close to the guitar man
A native son in a foreign land
The boy is homesick

Alan B. West Has An Excellent Personal Message for Khizr Khan (EXCELLENT)

"Everyone’s talking about the speech delivered by Mr. Khizr Khan, accompanied by his wife Ghazala at the DNC that focused on the loss of his son, U.S. Army Captain Humayan Khan.
It appears things have devolved into such a level of immaturity relating to the speech that I believe there’s a need for a clear analysis of Mr. Khan’s address, and what he should have presented.
First, let me offer my condolences to the Khan family for their sacrifice, as they are now an American Gold Star Family. Their son and I share an unbreakable bond. We both served our nation and, along with three other generations in my family, took the oath to support and defend our Constitution and served in combat zones."

More Proof That Things Suck....

So, THAT'S The Secret....

A 60 years old billionaire marries a hot 25 year old girl..

After honeymoon they throw a party celebrating their marriage...

After a few drinks, the billionaire's friends want to know the secret of how he landed 25 year old hottie..

"It's simple" the billionaire boasts... "I faked my age"

"Yes, but even for a 40/45 years old guy...she is sensational, what age btw did you tell you are?" A friend asks.

With a smile on his lips the billionaire responds "85 years old"

Monday, August 1, 2016

Ruff Week, and It's Only Monday.....


♫♫ Afternoon Drum Solo......♫♫

Take The Quiz To See Who You Side With For President...

  Blog brother BOREPATCH posted his results from the quiz.

Note, you can expand the answer to each question to better tailor your response as well as

answer many questions on each subject by clicking answer more questions at the bottom

of each section.

Here is the link if you want.


This doesn't surprise me:

Fank You...

Something To Be Thankful For....

 It seems the NYPOST is enjoying putting nude photos of Melania Trump on it's cover.

We should all be thankful that they are NOT posting nude photos of that other candidates spouse OR the existing pResidents spouse either.

SO, Thanks NYPOST from saving us.


"Oh Snap!"

Congrats if you get that.


Sunday, July 31, 2016

This Could Be Interesting Research For The Future...

Click the link:

Breakthrough solar cell captures CO2 and sunlight, produces burnable fuel

and if you want to ESCAPE the "matrix".....


If you use your cell for a lot of everyday things then the moment it dies can be a bit

disconcerting to say the least.

 I just dealt with the unfortunate death of my 3 year old Iphone5. The phone would just go
into a hap-hazard scroll and load various apps and the keyboard would just start adding any
random letters and numbers.

It's been acting up a lot more recently and this morning I did a back up to the cloud and to itunes.

Luckily, they were all completed before the phone got unusable.

Verizon service guys say it's probably the screen. I might get a new one to install at some point so that I have a back up phone.

That being said, there is a new iphone 6 sitting on my desk.

 It's being repopulated from the cloud back up as I type this and soon I will be reconnected to the matrix.

Go back yours up it will give you peace of mind.

Sunday Selfie .. Thanks Steve Jobs...

h/t to the furiousfrenchman

The Media's "Word" or Theme This Week Is Going To Be TEMPERAMENT

I'm sure many readers here and throughout the country notice how the media marches in lockstep to promote whatever their agenda may be at any give time strategically "locks on" and concentrates all of their "fire" on a specific "target".  I thought I would use a few military terms to describe this tactic since elections are refereed too as "campaigns" which is also a word found in military lexicons. In this case, I am referring to the media's campaign against Trump. As I flipped through various television talk shows this morning and skimmed across numerous news agencies websites, it is clear to me this week that the "point of attack" in the next few days is going to be the TEMPERAMENT of Donald Trump. A particular piece that stands out in regards to that word was this  by the Washington Post (Pravda). In this piece the Post "aims it's guns" at the TEMPERAMENT of Donald Trump and spins the story-line into, "can a man with this kind of TEMPERAMENT be trusted to president", etc. The sub-plot of this article is to paint Trump as a callous and heartless man who doesn't sympathize with the sacrifice of this particular family's son simply because they are Muslim. I personally do not think Donald Trump said anything wrong and I also believe his speculation that Mr. Khan's statements were probably "spot on" ("straight from Hillary's scriptwriters). This article and others attempt to plant the seeds which the media hopes will bear the fruit of doubt and question in the minds of voting Americans. In truth, if the media was really concerned about TEMPERAMENT and the mental faculties of candidate, they would be on HRC like a bee on honey. I challenge each and everyone to count how many times you hear the word TEMPERAMENT from now till Friday and post your results here in the comment section. 

I Wouldn't Put It Past 'em To Do That...

Link O'rama..Keeping Tabs On Things....

Compiled and submitted by AFOI:

** Say, aren't there nuclear weapons at that base?  WTF is Barackus doing?
Quote: "The powerful European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker, has vowed that
'no matter how bad terrorism or the migrant crisis gets, the European Union will never
give up on open borders".'"
>> I'm thinking ROPE, TREE, ASSEMBLY.  And another:
** That will definitely leave a mark.  Ouch.
** I sense a disturbance in party unity.  Good, good.
** Can you even begin to imagine a Republican NOT getting flags?  But they DID have other flags: the USSR's flag, North Korea's flag, the
Fakestinian flag.
** I know one openly-gay man.  He's voting for Hellary.  As Milo says, Hellary takes untold millions from countries that kill gays.
** But they call Republicans the violent ones.
** One thing I love about Barackus is all the racial healing.