Friday, October 15, 2021

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago.... Memes, Mammaries, Mrs. Jones II, and other assorted sundries....



  To find Mrs's Jones solve this:

 Using the first picture below the fold as Number 1

Find the 70's sitcom star of a popular TV show.

How many occupants were there in the house?



♫♪♫ Bridge To Universe VIII... ♫♪♫


This one caught my ear earlier while I was listening to Pandora. 








  Yeee Haaaww!!!





Wednesday, October 13, 2021

It May Have Been a Meteor Creating The Sonic Boom Heard Across S NH....





A loud boom heard Sunday across parts of southern and central New Hampshire might have been caused by a meteor, scientists said.

Some Granite Staters reported hearing the sound at about 11:30 a.m. and then feeling a slight rumble. Reports came in from more than 40 cities and towns from Keene to Farmington and from people in northern Massachusetts and eastern Maine.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, there were no reported earthquakes in New England on Sunday. The Federal Aviation Administration said there was no military plane activity over the state, either.

Scientists said the sound was likely a sonic boom caused by a meteor that entered the atmosphere at supersonic speed and then quickly burned up.

"The Earth is always passing through this sort of dust of sporadic meteoroids," said Ryan Volz, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. "And mostly, they're very small, dust-sized particles, and they're creating meteor events that no one notices except scientists that try and look for them. But sometimes, you get these bigger meteoroids, and they create something that everybody notices."

Scientists said that while a meteor is likely the cause, the only way to prove it is if someone saw it. Because it was overcast across much of the region Sunday morning, there might not be any evidence of a meteor. 

Be Back Next Week With Way Back Wednesday

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Monday, October 11, 2021

"It'll only take an hour or so"........ " Not so fast fatso," says Mr. Oxidation


The end of last year I purchased new blades for the Woods Dixie Cutter Brush Hog mower deck.

At one point in it's career it looked like this:

Sweet, don't ever take it out of the garage and it will maintain the wonderful luster.

Anyway, back to the "hour" project.  The deck, here at the bunker, never really got any preventative maintenance from previous ownership. The blades were very worn and the seal on the bottom of the right angle drive leaks gear oil. 

No problem, I'll just fix it right up. 

After mowing the field the end of last season, I raised it up and figured out how to get the blades off. There is an access cover on the back of the deck but the threaded stud is rusted solid and I don't want to break it off, yet.

Crawling under the unit and using a parts diagram I was able to loosed the looking bolt on one of the blade pins and tool out the hardware and blade. The other pin was tight so I put it off until I got the parts and could spend the time. Little did I know.......

Fast forward to yesterday afternoon. 

Plan: swap the blades and mow the field.

Blade Pin: Fuck that, you're gonna be here until dusk.

The one pin came out with one hit. I had cleaned and greased it last season when I reinstalled it.

The other one.

I heated both sides of the blade mount at the thinnest cross-section to see if I could get it to expand.

After heating and pounding and prying and swearing and heating and ...  you get it.

I finally grabbed the grinder and notched all around the end of the blade to get it out of the way.


 I also ground a flat on the pin so I could put a large pipe wrench on it and get some "bite"

If memory serves me, they are 4140 hardened steel.

Adding some WD rust penetrant and a few hits  the pin finally moved. 

Since the blade was out of the way there was space to pound the pin in. Then I could get a crowbar behind the pin and pry it back out a bit.

Back and forth a few times then I added the pipe wrench and was able to get some rotational movement.

Finally out

Now, for those of you that would have suggested I un-bolt the mount crossbar, you will notice that the bolt holding that on has a captive washer the someone welded to the crossbar. The center bolt , above my finger is 1 1/8 hex. The washer has a hex broached in it and it welded. 

I'll tackle that when I do the seal on the gearbox. ( I also need a smaller grinder)


 Even though it was going to be a "quick" project, I considered safety up front.  There was also a fire extinguisher handy during heating and grinding.


The old blades were pretty worn. 

I have all new pins and hardware to reinstall during the week.

Also, those are steel-toed shoes.  I learned my lessons over the years.

More later........

Stay safe out there...

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Earthquake or unknown seismic event here in NH... I heard it this morning..

 It caught my attention. Way off in the distance, but a large boom/explosion.

 Reading more to night I found this , it was in hillsboro county NH


Loud Boom 


and this from WMUR


WMUR viewers from across a wide area of southern and central New Hampshire reported hearing either a boom or felt shaking Sunday morning, but it's not clear what caused it.

One person in Fitzwilliam who emailed WMUR said they felt about 10 seconds of shaking around 11:30 a.m.

Another emailer from Merrimack said they heard a huge bang and their house shook.

A third person in Goffstown said the shaking caused a picture on the wall to fall.

Viewers in from more than 40 towns including Rindge, New Boston, Hillsboro, Greenfield, Goffstown, Peterborough, Chichester, Nashua and even Lebanon, Maine and Winchendon, Massachusetts also made similar reports.

"First thing was like a huge thump, like a very heavy person had landed on their heels on our second floor," Weare resident Richard Bossart said. "We called up to our son on the second floor who replied, 'It wasn't me!'"

Several police departments in southwest New Hampshire were dispatched to investigate reports of a loud boom, but nothing has been found.

Neither Weston Observatory nor the U.S. Geological Survey has reported any earthquakes in New Hampshire on Sunday.

Paul Caruso, a geophysicist at the USGS National Earthquake Center in Golden, Colorado told WMUR he checked the seismographs for the New Hampshire area from Sunday morning and said he did not see anything that looked like an earthquake.

Paul Raymond with the New Hampshire Department of Safety told WMUR that the FAA Regional Operations Center had no military plane activity over the state this morning. He also said statewide 911 only received one report of the boom and no calls to State Police.