Saturday, June 9, 2012

G-nite...Saturday Six Pack....Rule 5 NSFW

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Igloo Coolers....

A cooler, cool box, portable ice chest, chilly bin (in New Zealand), or 'esky' (Australia) most commonly is an insulated box used to keep food or drink cool. Ice cubes are most commonly placed in it to help the things inside stay cool. Ice packs are sometimes used, as they either contain the melting water inside, or have a gel sealed inside that stays cold longer than plain ice (absorbing heat as it changes phase).

Here is an example of an Igloo Cooler being tested in a hot ass environment :

Top Two Things That Make The Internet Great!

Be Careful You Might Pee Your Pants With Hysterical Laughter....

President Barack Obama said today that the private sector is doing fine but that the economy is suffering because of cuts in state and local government.

continuing with his standup routine he added:

 “The private sector is doing fine,” Obama said at a press conference on Friday. “Where we’re seeing weaknesses in our economy, have to do with state and local government -- oftentimes, cuts initiated by governors or mayors who are not getting the kind of help that they have in the past from the federal government and who don’t have the same kind of flexibility as the federal government in dealing with fewer revenues coming in.”

WOW is this guy funny or what? Barack you silly bastard you owe me a keyboard this morning.....


HOLY SHIT!.. Way To Close To Home....

Potential Zombie Apocalypse in the next town over from here:

PLAISTOW, N.H. (WHDH) -- A New Hampshire business has been shut down after illegally selling bath salts -- a synthetic drug used to get high.
Police told 7News the drugs were in plain view at the New Hampshire store. They were disguised as face treatment and ladybug attractant, but they were actually the latest designer drugs to hit the streets.
They’re known as bath salts, and they come in all kinds of colorful and attractive packaging. Investigators say they were being sold at Foods Plus Discount in Plaistow, N.H.
“They’d walk right up to the front counter and they would ask for a specific brand they wanted and they would sell it to them right over the counter,” said Detective Patrick Schiavone, Plaistow, N.H. Police Department.
Undercover officers zoned in on the convenience store Friday afternoon after months of investigation.
“There has been a lot of undercover work going down. They have made undercover buys into this establishment,” said Detective Schiavone.
A search warrant was executed, and more than $100,000 in drugs -- primarily bath salts -- was confiscated.
The drug can be injected, snorted, smoked -- some even drink it. According to authorities, the side effects are deadly. It can cause psychosis and paranoia.
Recently in Miami, a man brutally attacked and chewed the face of another man. Experts say the wild and violent behavior was a result of bath salts.
A half of a gram of bath salts costs between $40 and $100.
“This is the new thing coming out on the street and it is definitely going to be one of the most dangerous," ”aid Detective Schiavone.
Charges against the store’s owners are pending.

Friday, June 8, 2012

G-nite...Rule 5 NSFW

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Then God Rested.....

WOOHOO It's Friday... Lets Start With A Hospital Trip.

LOWELL, Mass. (WHDH) -- A frightening accident was caught on camera when a Massachusetts skateboarder, performing a stunt, was hit by a truck.
He flew 35 feet and he wasn't wearing a helmet but astonishingly he survived the accident, with no broken bones or serious injuries.
"I had some cuts on my back and my hip was just really swollen and bruised," said in an interview on the Today Show.
 The accident happened in the bay state as the skateboarder was riding down a rail in Lowell.

One Hell of A House Cat.......

Well Looky Here, Some College Kids Get IT......

♫♫ Chewin on a Peice of Grass Walking Down the Road ....♫♫

Busy Morning... Here's Some Puppies...

Thursday, June 7, 2012

G-nite... RULE 5 NSFW

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Drink Your Whiskey with This....


Huge Yankees Fan.....

It's Thirsty Thursday!!!

Vintage Plane Scrap Turned Into Furniture.....


OCD Test... Would These Drive You Nuts?

Chlorine STAT!...maybe add some ammonia too.

OMFG! Beef Jerky+ Habanero= WINZ!

I had to make a delivery of parts to the zinc plater this morning and decided to stop for gas and the station down the street. When I went in to pay this caught my attention. Needless to say it was awesome.
If you like the spicy stuff definitely give it a try. Oh ya, make sure you grab something to drink too, it was hawt.

I'll give it two thumbs up!!

Go to their homepage and you will see they have a NEW Bacon Jerky !!!

I just ordered some so I will report in when I sample it :)

I don't think there are many more things that are as Bodacious as BACON JERKY?


Headline States the Obvious.....Why all the Fuss?

Cape Cod bear spotted in Provincetown

 P-Town is known as a gay enclave out on the tip of Cape Cod. There are always PLENTY of 

bears to see there. I don't know why this is such a big deal?? There are bears in P-town year 

round and they are always out and about roaming the streets. Not that I have seen it first hand

mind you. I just read about it somewhere.

1. bear

A term used by gay men to describe a husky, large man with a lot of body hair.

 OHHhhhh... they meant >THIS< bear...

Here Ya Go Boys..Now Find a Way to Put Some Rounds Through it......

Link >>>Tail Exhaust Exhaust

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

G-nite... Rule 5 NSFW

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Dog and Cat.... BFF's

Not a Good Place.... put a clothes dryer. It must be awfully difficult to get to.

WOW... Look at the Work to Get Rid of a Junk Battleship..

This stuff amazes me......

The other day I posted some old shipwreck pictures and one of them was the Russian Battleship 

Murmansk. It was purchased and was to be scrapped in India but in 1994 it ran aground off Norway.

From Wiki:

Murmansk (Russian: Мурманск) was a light cruiser project no. 68-bis (designated the Sverdlov class by NATO) of the Soviet and later the Russian Navy's Northern Fleet.
She was laid down in Severodvinsk in 1953 and commissioned on 22 September 1955. The Murmansk joined the 2nd Cruiser Division on the division's formation in 1956.
In 1994 she was sold to India for scrapping but ran aground off the Norwegian village of Sørvær during the transfer. It was first estimated that the winter storms would destroy the parts of Murmansk above the water, but in 2009 funding was allocated to pay for the dismantling of the vessel. The project has started and a dry dock has been built around the ship to allow heavy machinery to access her. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2013.[1]
There is a dispute about possible radioactive substances within the ship.[2] Some claim that the substance found is Polonium-210, which has a half-life of 138 days.
The wreck can be found on Google maps.[3]


They have built a drydock around it and are going to start dismantling it soon 


Amazing Wildlife and Nature Photography.....

Click the picture to go to "Robswildlife" and scroll thru the galleries.....

Obama's socialist business model simply blows.....

Finally someone puts into writing what I have been saying since '08. 

As Barack Obama leaves the White House on January 20, 2013 -- as I suspect he will -- do not be surprised if he leaves just about dead even on job loss/creation for his term officially.  I mean literal net/net.
Huh?  Yes he can!  In fact, he's halfway there already.  
Consider: out in the real world -- outside Washington, D.C power and Manhattan's esoteric hedge/arbitrage/derivative bubble -- business owners realize what is going on, and the best of them pounce on reality-based opportunities -- or crises -- the minute these become evident.  They instantly adjust how they build or service or distribute their thingamajigs without the rigamorole of inaugurations and such.  And a quick check of the calendar shows us that in a full one-term presidential cycle, there is nearly a half year's business of lame duck time coming and going.  And that half-year includes the most crucial time for many businesses.

It's well worth reading this article:


Thanks to sickofthestatusquo and AlanD

Go Scott Walker.....

 I'm hoping he wins by a large margin.