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Friday, June 8, 2012

WOOHOO It's Friday... Lets Start With A Hospital Trip.

LOWELL, Mass. (WHDH) -- A frightening accident was caught on camera when a Massachusetts skateboarder, performing a stunt, was hit by a truck.
He flew 35 feet and he wasn't wearing a helmet but astonishingly he survived the accident, with no broken bones or serious injuries.
"I had some cuts on my back and my hip was just really swollen and bruised," said in an interview on the Today Show.
 The accident happened in the bay state as the skateboarder was riding down a rail in Lowell.


  1. I feel sorry for the truck driver, he is probably shitting himself waiting to see if the friggin moron sues him.

  2. Darwin fails again. If I was the truck driver, I'd have backed upon the moron.

  3. God loves fools sometimes.
    Granted we all do something foolish but that just seems suicidal to me.
    I get the skateboarding thing and I understand a great spot to do things is hard to come by.
    But at least have a friend post at the bottom of the hill to say if its clear or not.

  4. I have very little sympathy for these twits! There was a similar "accident" in our neighborhood a few years ago. Some genetic throwback on rollerblades was doing "stunts" for his friends to catch on video. Got hit by a car and dragged about 30 feet. Ended up with a compound fracture of the left tibia. So, bleeding and screaming, they rushed him off to the local hospital. They had to call in a surgeon to repair the fracture, and then the nurses picked all the gravel out of his leg, arm, and face. They patched him up and sent him home. The best part of this was that while he was recovering, his buddies posted the video of the whole thing, including the emergency room trip online. Right where the family insurance agent could see it!! Imagine the shock when they turned in the medical bills and the agent denied the claim! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAA!!!!!!

  5. Ok, I give. How did the truck hit him "as the skateboarder was riding down a rail"? Details, details, details. And the media wonder why they have no credibility.

  6. No brain - no Pain!


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