Saturday, August 13, 2016

Guicer 2.0 Is On A Roll!

This past week Gucifer 2.0 hacked and then published almost every democrat member of congress cell phone numbers, email addresses, and those of their staffers. All of this comes on the heels of Assange's Wikileaks that has the DNC and Htilery in a nervous jerk. Now, the hacker Gucifer 2.0 has published documents from Nancy Pelosi's personal computer (I'm sure most of those begin with "Dear Satan"). 

Read the story from The Gateway Pundit 

Nice Road For The Bike...

Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Femme Fatale......

Hanging In The Wilderness......

Found It....

Now I gotta look for the gold!!

Elvis Presley's Rare 1957 BMW Found in a Pumpkin Warehouse in Alabama

Even when he was a soldier, Elvis Presley lived like a king.
While he was stationed in Germany with the U.S. Army in 1958, the rock and roll star bought a 1957 BMW 507 roadster that had previously been used for racing and as a show car by the automaker.
The 507 was one of the “it” cars of the era, and Elvis’ Feather White model got more than its fair share of attention. As the story goes, so many of his female fans used to write notes on it in lipstick that he had it repainted red.
After completing his service, Elvis brought the car back to the Unted States in 1960, but soon traded it in to a dealer who flipped it for $4,500. During its 1955 to 1959 run, BMW only built 254 examples of the 507, and today they’re worth up to $2.5 million.
That is, of course, if they’re in perfect condition. The person who bought Elvis’ car modified it for racing with a Chevrolet V8, plus a new gearbox and rear axle, cutting the frame in the process.
By 1968, it had changed owners a couple of times and ended up in the hands of collector Jack Castor, who stored it in a “pumpkin warehouse” in Alabama to await a restoration that never happened.
Castor had heard rumors, but never knew for sure if his 507 had belonged to Elvis, until he read a 2006 article in “Bimmer” magazine about the search for the car. He invited the writer to come by and take a look, and its serial number confirmed the provenance of the now severely deteriorated car.
Eventually, BMW Group Classic bought the 507 from Castor, along with some spare parts that he’d collected over the years, and shipped everything to Germany for a full restoration in 2014. Castor died later that year shortly after the work on the car began.
The 507 was completely disassembled, and the paint removed with acid and alkaline baths. Many replacement parts were recreated using a mix of old and new manufacturing methods, with extras made for other 507s in need. It’s no surprise that the Chevy V8 was replaced with a correct BMW 3.2-liter V8.
To finish the original look, a fresh coat of white paint was applied using the same procedure that would’ve been used when the car was first built.
Elvis fans can keep their checkbooks in their pockets, however, because the car is not for sale. But they can get a look at it when it makes its first public debut at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance on August 21st.

In The Days Of My Youth....

Interactive Map That Shows All The Satellites Circling Our Earth...

 Wirecutter posted a picture of the hundreds and hundreds of satellites circling the planet.
That sent me on a hunt to find out how many there ARE.

This website ( link bleow) gives interactive data to each item, it's trajectory and info on it:


You can zoom in and out then click on the specific one you want to read about.

screen shot of the site STUFF in SPACE

"It's 2016 Megatron!" TRANSformers..... Fuckin Funny!

sent in by Leigh

Adult humor.....

Thursday, August 11, 2016

In The Days Of My Youth....

  One of the models I built was the B17 and I remember this diorama... Mine NEVER looked that good. I did hang it from the ceiling in my bedroom using fishing line.

After some searching I happened upon this SITE<<

Click on the link and see if you remember seeing those dioramas.. Here is some info from the link:

 Throughout the 1970s, Sheperd Paine was commissioned by Monogram to build dioramas of new and re-released kits for what turned out to be an ingenious marketing idea, with his work summed up in a brochure that was packaged with the kits. Timing was everything, with production line demand for a completed diorama coming in only one week from the time Shep began. It was truly a remarkable feat for the mind, skill and speed of Shep to develop what was to become the benchmark for thousands of model builders.

When you are on the PAGE.. click on the pictures to get the full page of TIPS ON BUILDING DIORAMAS for each of the models.

 If you want more goodies Google "Shepard Paine" he was a master model maker for sure.

Pictures From The "TFI" Inbox.....

 #1 submitted by thefuriousfrenchman
#2 submitted by reader Jeff
#3 submitted by Leigh ( borrowed from )  NINETYMILESFROMTYRANNY

What your children can expect… in Hillary Clinton's America.

I saw this over at THEDAILYSHEEPLE

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Hillary Thinks She Has The "Treat" of The Presidentcy All To Herself Right Up Until...

  ...Trump Walks By.....

Next Time You Have Some Spare Hours Available....

You could build one of these...

This incredible table is the work of art by hobbiest, Ryan Devoto, who undoubtedly loves miniatures and terrain. With a table of this magnitude, it’s not hard to picture yourself stepping right into this scene. From the beautiful buildings and shops, to the absolutely unreal ships coming into port – I would get lost in this room just staring at this masterpiece. Pouring over someone’s labor of love like this is how we learn and grow and get ideas to bring into our hobbies.

In The Days Of My Youth....

Man, did they make you dizzy.......

Over There....

Think About This For A Minute....

   I found the following post shared in a post by "B"

So, it is Monday. My FMLA ( family medical leave) abuser is on his second week of holiday, and my other operator is on vacation this week. I get the machines up and running and am just about done with the job, when, boss comes up. I am one of the lucky ones to go downtown for a random drug test. Having just used the restroom, it was going to be a bit before I was ready for the test.............


More Obama?

  How about THIS SCENARIO? <<<< link


It Is Hard To Believe It Was 32 Years Ago Today

The movie Red Dawn was released in theaters across America. I saw it in Decatur, Alabama and it was the only movie I had ever been to where the audience actually stood and applauded (it went on for at least a couple of minutes as the credits ran on the screen). I suppose the plot of Red Dawn might be difficult to explain to younger generations who had not grown up in the shadow of the Cold War with Russia as America's primary enemy, the direct threat of Communism from commie-bloc countires, duck and cover drills at school, etc. However, much of the film was very plausible for the time it was made. The movie had horrible reviews from critics, but was fairly successful at the box office and is cult classic now in "re-run land". Starring in the film was Patrick Swayze, C. Thomas Howell, Lea Thompson, Charlie Sheen, etc. Other memorable characters fore me were Powers Boothe  playing the part of Air Force Lt. Col Andrew Tanner and Ben Johnson as Mr. Mason. As a note of smaller significance, the movie was the first to be rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association of America. If anyone has not seen it, it it is well worth watching. 

Someone Else Posed Nude, Remember?

 Sent in by reader anon:

Meanwhile In ASSachusetts... Living The Feral Lifestyle....

Click on duck face to see how bad she fucked up......

Wirecutter posted the story and Leigh sent me an email about Miss Ray Of Sunshine. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Another Case of Arkancide?

WOW! Breaking News! Julian Assagne suggests that Seth Rich, who was murdered in D.C. was Wikileaks DNC source! I think there is a lot of stuff rotten in Denmark,,,,,,,,,,,,,err,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Washington, D.C.!

Read the entire story HERE

When You Hit The Lottery With Your Game Camera....

♫♫ Anybody Listening.. Queensryche.. ♫♫ The Last Song Off The Empire Album When They Were At Their Pinnacle

Your Choice For 3/4 Ton Pick Up Trucks.. An Irish Poll...


Poll Maker

Cabin Pron....

In The Days Of My Youth.......

Five Seconds Before Angel's Last Day At The Office......

Monday, August 8, 2016

Don't Worry! If Hillary "short circuits", her handlers are always ready with diazapam.

Bracken Sends

From Matt:
I wonder who writes Hillary’s scripts and schedules her days? This is why she lies all the time: she can’t remember what she had for breakfast, so she must stick to one story. This is why she sticks to “I always told the truth” about emails, bad as it is, it’s just one narrative, take it or leave it. As soon as Hillary goes off-script, even before an audience of tame “black and Hispanic journalists,” she flounders. This is why “short-circuited” popped out of her mouth. This is how her neurologists probably explain her seizures, so the term “short-circuited” was already in her mind and ready to blurt.
We need to find out who the black medico with the Diazapam pen is, and his CV. He’s no SS agent, that’s for sure. No wonder she had her “long break” during the debate. They were probably working on her off-stage the way drug dealer buddy John Goodman was working on Denzel Washington in “Flight” to get him ready for his FAA testimony while drunk and high.
Clearly she is just a zombie stand-in for whoever is running the show off-stage. My guess is a coven of Michelle, Valerie and Huma. Michelle keeps the Obama circuit energized after Obama’s term, Valerie is both the true communist and an Iranian agent, and Huma is for both of them their conduit to Hillary the Zombie after the election. The same Huma who is a Muslim Brotherhood agent in place.
Spread far and wide.


One For Uncle Bubba.. He Likes Tight Dresses...

Isn't Fakebook Lovely? A collection of violent threats against Secret Service-protected Trump...

As you scroll through them imagine if trumps name was changed to O or H..What would the repercussions be?



I've Been That Fucked Up Before...

 sent in by reader Jeffrey W, thanks!