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The Last Real Life Prisoner Of War Who Participated In "The Great Escape" Has Passed

Dick Churchill

Former squadron leader Dick Churchill was the last remaining of the 76 allied POW's who participated in the daring escape from Stalag III. Their story was immortalized in the 1963 film. Read the rest of the story HERE. Though not historically accurate, it is still one of my favorite WW2 films.

RIP Squadron Leader Churchill.

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Spot The Democrat!!

Good Morning!

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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Here's Some Fine Pillars Of The Lawrence Ma Community....

If you know about Lawrence, then this won't surprise you.......

I would love to see what their list of  government assistance

The fine mayor threatened to sue Jeff Sessions just last year for telling the truth <<<<<

Alabama Woman Who Joined ISIS Wants To Come Home

There are several oxy-morons in this story. First of all, I really do not believe this woman was an Alabamian. If she was and if she was an American citizen, would joining ISIS for the purpose of becoming an enemy combatant not make her a traitor? Listen in the second video (see link below) as her attorney Hassan Shibly and Ashfaq Taufique, president of the Birmingham Muslim Society tell how this woman has realized her wrong, repented, and should be allowed to return (my first thought was "are you shitting me?). I bet some lefty commiecrats will soon jump on the bandwagon and lobby for her return. I for one do not want to take a chance that this woman might aid other ISIS fighters, detonate herself in some busy restaurant, or drive a U-haul truck into a crowd of people at some street corner. This story reminds me of an old Cherokee proverb where a young boy picks up a snake and later cries and moans when the snake bites him. The snake's simple reply to the boy was "well, you knew I was a snake when you picked me up".

                                                                                                             Click here for more on this story.

Welcome To Relationships In Present Day America....

That Moment When You're Half Awake And Smell Bacon Cooking Downstairs.....

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Militaria And Gun Shows Are Among The Latest Casualties In The American "Culture War"

I've been going to Show of Shows Military Show and National Gun Day mega gun show at the Louisville, KY Fair Grounds/Expo Center since the mid 90's. This year will be a little different. Ohio Valley Military Society, which sponsors the SOS has caved to a tiny bit of political pressure. Collectors and traders will notice a huge change at this years show with the absence of Third Reich pieces and other collectibles. There will be nothing with swastikas, Confederate Battle flags, etc. displayed at the show or worn by patrons. Read the entire list of "rules" HERE. I wonder if the "Herman Goerring Chair will be there this year" LOL! Seriously, in the past I have seen several Roman Army artifacts on display. Are they next on the chopping block? Those Romans were tough on a lot of different people and early Christians. I imagine if we as a nation continue on our present course these type shows will disappear in the near future. 

This video is from a recent gun show where "nahtsee" Christmas tree ornaments were offered for sale. 

WWII-era Nazi gear was on display at the Louisville Expo Center.

This photo is from an article that got the "ball rolling" to ban such items from the shows. Read the article HERE. I am beginning to wonder if there is anything left in this country that doesn't offend somebody. Can we ban everything?

I tend to agree with Hank Jr. in this 1981 song "The Coalition to Ban Coalitions"

Houston Cop Lied To Obtain Search Warrant

The result was a couple who had been married for twenty years and their dog was killed and four policemen were wounded. Heroin was supposedly being sold from this house. There was not any Heroin found. None of the cops were wearing body cameras. The lead investigator, Gerald Goines, and long time Houston Department undercover narcotics investigator lied to obtain a "no knock" search warrant. Goines has been suspended along with another unnamed policemen.

Dennis Tuttle and Rhogena Nicholas were the victims.

Read the story HERE.

From Irish via Jeffery

Even more eye opening evidence in these two videos sent in by reader Papa. Watch 1 then 2.

                                                                               Pt. 1


KFC Update:

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Zoomie, Something I Think You Would Do....


It's Been That Way For A Long Time....


 They need to move the "republican refugee" zone higher and add a mASShole area.

Spend Half an Hour In Mumbai's Worst Slum...

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Captions Add Lolz....

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If there is one about this country that I truly hate, it is "hate crime laws".

Why should someone be afforded "extra" and redundant protection under the law because of their race, creed or color if we are all equal? The law of the land 

should apply equally to everyone. I cannot think of a single instance where any "hate crime legislation" would ever be needed if a crime were committed against anyone. The way I see it, these laws are designed only to draw attention and awareness to minorities and gays who already are provided as much protection as anyone against assault, battery, murder, etc. as any other person in this country. Why are such laws needed? Why does this country need "anti-lynching" legislation. The fact is if anyone goes so far as to put a noose around another Americans neck and hoist them into the air, they are either seriously demented, seeking vigilante justice, or by-God they hate the person's guts and liver that they are hanging! When I see "stuff" such as these photos below, it really makes me question the motives behind the sponsorship of such legislation. I hope Kamala, Maxine, and Valerie enjoyed their association with Jussie Smollett. He has proven himself to be real loser and liberal shit-stirrer. I know the liberal commiecrat media will only lightly report on this if at all, but let us try to make everyone we possibly can aware of how shady all these characters really are. I can already envision Chuck Schumer crying some too.

If you have the guts to visit a real liberal-POS "news site" that touts this anti-lynching bullshit , click HERE

H/T to Bob in KY for the images.

Happy Thanksgiving on Valentines From Dingbat Nancy Pelosi

Sure bleeps and mistakes happen, but Nancy Pelosi has been doing these sort of things frequently for sometime now. Regardless if is from continual drunkenness or senility, now is the time to launch and investigation to ascertain whether or not she is fit to serve as The Speaker of the House. God forbid it happening, but she is after all 4th in line for the Presidency. Story

CLAIM: Pitiful actor, Jussie Smollett apparently has failed miserably in his first production "Two Maga Men And A N!@@er"

The two Nigerian brothers and friends of Smollett, Abel and Ola Osundario have gone on record stating Smollett paid them to participate in the alleged attack which was trying to convey that Smollett was a brutalized, traumatized, victimized, and any other buzz-phrase the commiecrat media could tag onto this "story" physically, mentally, etc. by two MAGA supporters. 

The things the left does while attempting to damage the right in mind boggling. Here is one of the stories pertaining to this farce. Story here. Prepare accordingly. There will be an exam.

Jussie Smollett

Grab Another Coffee and enjoy.....How To Fix Your Steam Engine....

Her Mirror Doesn't Even Wait For The Question...

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I'm Not Responsible For You Spitting Coffee on Your Keyboard....

That moment the deplorables finally get sick of the left's attacks.....