Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Elites Testing Positive and Sharing The Same Talking Points...


Democrat plans to take credit for the covid win... keep you eyes open.



 Someone posted that document in the comment section on a twitter thread about the elite's

suddenly having covid, feeling ok, get vaxed and boosted..... blah blah blah.....

Do you really think these two give one flying shit about John Q. Public???


Update....  Like I said keep your eyes open. This was just posted yesterday....

“Now I understand why he had a blind stare. I’m sure he was scared to death,”




Tuesday, March 22, 2022

"Hey Honey, Hold My Beer".....



  Chevy, You Have A New Commercial..... 




and for those that don't want to watch it on twitter, here ya go.

Say Their Names....


 Brenda Aultman and Terry( Vann ) Aultman.


Last night I was scrolling through the webs and came upon a news story that raised my blood

pressure.  It was on my news feed on fecesbook and I forwarded a link to myself. This morning,

here is what greated me when I opened the link. You'll understand more as I go on.


 "That's weird, I know it was there" I thought, then I realized what "they" did.

Ok, let's try searching the web. 


So, the big search engine hasn't stopped the signal.  Did anyone see this story on the MSM?

Did the view discuss it?  Where any neighborhoods burned and looted? 

This happened over two weeks ago.  Granted I don't watch the news and only spend time

perusing the blogs and webz so maybe I missed someone else raising the flag on this.

I do know that if someone says George Floyd, I know who they are talking about. How 

could you not?

 If you chose to read the story you can search like I did. 

I may not know everything but I'm 100% certain of one thing. 

If the races were reversed this story would still be on the news.

 There is a go fund me set up.  

( I wonder if those fuckers will take the donations since it doesn't fit the party agenda)


One last note, use care if you comment. I won't moderate comments that will be an excuse for


Stay safe out there.