Saturday, July 16, 2022

Bullet Points For Those That Asked About The "Procedure"


Friday 1:00pm scheduled time.

Wednesday night had dinner and started fasting.

Worked on Thursday. 

Drank black coffee and copious amounts of water all day.

I had to suffer through my co-workers ordering pizza during our meeting.

Per instructions I used a product called "GoLytely" 

For me it worked well and the taste didn't bother me.

I recommend it.

Mix well with warm water Thursday AM then refrigerated to make ice cold.

Thursday PM start around 6-7PM drink 8 oz every 15-20 mins for 8 glasses.

This was, for what ever reason, easy for me.

I set my stopwatch to chime every 15 mins. I filled an 8oz glass

and left it on the shelf in the fridge next to the jug. Once I chugged it I would refill for the next go.

You drink half the jug the night before.

I made it through the 8 glasses without having to hit the head.

Over the hour or so after i finished, it worked. Fasting made it easier I think and baby wipes.

Once I felt that was over I showered and went to bed. Slept through the night

without incident.

According to the instructions, the day of procedure, you have to finish the other

half gallon. 8oz , 8 times every 15/20 mins.  This is started 5+ hours ahead so you are done

three hours before "go-time".

There were a few trips to the loo during and after drinking the morning dose,

 but I was able to putter around and wait for the stop watch to chime.

They called around noon and said they were ahead of schedule and to come in early if I wished.

I got dropped off at 12:35 walked in, registered and was in the assless chaps  Johnny gown

fairly quickly.

Got vitals taken, 3 nurses were attending multiple things as well as other patients.

IT was high production.

Signed my life away to the DR. if he fucked up. I told him not to.

Ordered Ginger Ale and peanut butter crackers if I made it out alive.

The sedation was not full anesthesia. There were two drugs that they told me

they use. I THINK the first one was Midazolam and the other Fentanyl. 

These were administered after I was rolled into the room.

Closed my eyes

Woke up in recovering feeling fine. Had two Ginger Ales and two packs of crackers.

No issues.

The nurse handed be a brochure of my procedure and explained about the small polyps.

one diverticulosis pocket and some internal small hemorrhoids.

I will get results when completed.

The staff was friendly and accommodating and I had no issues.

They were pretty firm about no alcohol for 24 hours. 

The orderly came and wheel-chaired me to the front entrance.

The "Boss" and I went out to get some lunch. 

Two chicken tacos, no hots.  I was craving a beer and settled on Heineken Zero for the taste mind you.

I also drank three large soda waters with lemon since I was feeling dehydrated.

By the time I got back to the bunker I felt fine.

Did some work around the house till the mosquitos drove me in.

Had some dinner, shower and slept all night until the cat wanted breakfast.

For me, the process wasn't bad. I'm busy and can't sit still so the night and morning of the 

procedure was the hard part getting through drinking the GoLytly and waiting for

potential potty runs.


Friday, July 15, 2022

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago...




I passed the test, so I'm told. Waiting for final results.

 For those wondering about yesterday's clip. It was from the movie Zombeavers.






Be Back Later...

  Not really how I wanted to use a sick day. 

After the first one 10 years ago, I tried fasting for the second one and it seemed to make

things easier.

I started my fast on Wednesday night. Nothing but seltzer water and black coffee.

Getting through yesterday was a drag but I find that once you can push through

the fog you actually feel much better. Fasting, for me, seems to make the prep tolerable.




I'll be looking forward to breaking my fast tonight. We'll see how I feel :)

aaaand It's FRIDAY!!