Saturday, January 30, 2021

My gawd, If this is any kind of foreshadow of how things will be....



 We won't even be able to play GOLF!!!  <<<


When the banksters, NYSE pirates, gold-digger politicians, and other "money changers" are beaten at their own game and have their assess handed to them it is time for this.


Technical Information Question...Regarding Self Hosting, Blogging, Deplatforming,TPTB, Internet Giants and the little guys..... updated


 As many of us have seen TPTB are in the process of trying to crush the signal. Things will be ramping up once "you know who" passes the torch to "you know ho" in the next 3-6 months, my estimate. I don't think they can pull off a Weekend at Bernie's scenario but they may have a doppelganger as nothing surprises me anymore. Who knows.

Once the hot dog eating champion  is in control and those behind the scenes ramp up the rhetoric against anything "orange man bad" related, some of us, in the circles we travel, may lose contact or the ability to contact.  I know there is nothing that can be done if they really want to shut it down.

That being said, many are going to self hosting as a way to protect their blogs.

There are a few good people out there that have offered to help self host TFI. but I was wondering what is involved in a more detailed manner. I have a few questions that maybe some of you can answer.

Can I use my own server here at the bunker? I have one available.  What do you need to have one or two blogs running?

Will the traffic over the cable be an issue? There is really only one provider locally, Xfnty by comcast and with the flick of a switch they can shut it down.

What about blogging software?  As you know i'm using blogger which is a google product and hosted by them.  I see that wordpress is open source and you can download it. What about updates? 

If I host here and set up a VPN will that give another layer of protection?

If I go with a monthly fee and set up hosting per the offers can I / should I still use blogger or do I need to move to a wordpress type software?

I use gmail at this time and have also opened a proton mail account. Thoughts on email options?

My limited knowledge on the IT side of things gets me far enough to handle things with some guidance and I have a few good resources for help with the backside of things.

This past few weeks has opened our eyes to what they think they have in store for "us".

Thoughts and ideas are welcomed.   Irish

After I wrote this I ended up at this post and comment thread on THEBURNINGPLATFORM

 check out the comment section regarding VPN proton mail and the pros and cons.

This is why it's somewhat confusing.


I am NOT looking to do this for nefarious reasons. I believe in the First Amendment and if I want to

post stuff like this I don't want my webz shut off.









Thanks Leigh, My Coffee's Cold And I've Spent The Morning Watching Logging Clips From The 1900's....


Good friend Leigh posted this comment on FFF:


 I've seen old films of logging in the Adirondacks, back in the late 1800's through the early 1900's. They would dump water on the trails to ice them up. That way those big picks would slide along rather easily. They would have cables attached to the skids and have mechanical brakes to control the decent. The horses also had cleated shoes, so they could have sure footed traction.
I saw the presentation back in the early 80's, and have never been able to find it since.*

Whitehall, NY 

* Irish "I see that as a subliminal challenge"  /sits back and cracks knuckles...  

    After some lengthy research scrolling pages and watching, with awe, clips of what the loggers used to do back in the early 1900s I came up with a few tidbits of information that most likely is the video Leigh was referring to..


This site has a caption to a very short video that reads:

In the early 1900s the Ford Company sent an early film camera crew to the Adirondacks to record the life and work of the region’s loggers. The footage they shot shows the logging camps, the icing of roadways for skidding, the interior of a sawmill, loading and hauling logs, and more.

The original footage is held in the National Archives, but I’ve (the author of the site) posted a short clip of a group of river drivers working a small log jam at our YouTube page along with a clip form the PBS documentary The Adirondacks that shows similar color footage. Check it out here.



That video at the link is too short BUT I did find the PBS film that is a step back in time to the 


If any of you are from that area or want to reminisce about what Americana was like this is really 

quite an interesting show. Ya I know it's PBS but fast forward and take a look at memories of yesteryear.

They talk about the logging at the 28:00 mark. Scroll there if you like . Then rewind if you 

like to see the past....



 Below is another documentary I found that was made in the Down East area up in Maine.

It is from the 1930's and it's amazing what these workers did back then....



One last video that documents the history of logging white pine in Michigan.

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Updated....Is There A Financial Guru In The House? Understanding Gamestop and some good links to read.


   Just asking, as it is making all the rounds on social media, what is the cliff note

explanation of the Gamestop, reddit, autists and hedgefund manager  situation? 


Last night I posted the above after seeing the headlines and blurbs about Gamestop. It is quite an interesting situation. IS it a Davy and Goliath tale OR is it how they will use this as an excuse to control all the finances because things are "risky". As I am fond of saying nowadays, "I don't trust a fucking thing anymore" which is why the quote below rang so true.



Thank you for all the comments and links. I have added them here for those interested.

One sentence from the Z-man's informative post on the subject rings true across the spectrum:

 "The institutions we are supposed to rely upon to regulate our lives have been corrupted by managerial insiders." - thezman


Links to posts left in the comments section. Do go read through the comments over at each site for a lot more perspective.





Well, We Finally Killed That MEME..





 Thanks to Tony at Saratoga Flag <<<<

 His Brighteon site<<<


Tony sends info places to retire:

Hey Irish,

Great piece!

I think it's all a matter of prospective.

Y'all gonna think I'm crazy but I am "retiring" in UPSTATE New Yawk.

It ain't that bad. 

We get 6-8ft snow on average every winter, temps in the teens to 40's and summer is very mild. It rarely tops 90°F and that's only in July. That's why they moved the horse racing up here from Belmont every August.

My bride and I are both from Queens.

Moved 5 hours north of the city in the late 80's.

Considering the high taxes, unaffordable housing, high crime; et alia -- well, we up and left.

We chose Saratoga Springs. 

Turns out my dad's cousin worked at the race track & he suggest we check it out.

(Saratoga is "The Summer Place to Be" after Belmont and Lexington).  

Best advice he ever gave me. We were able to afford to buy a house!

I know, I know...Toga is sooooo liberal.

Well, that wasn't always the case; back in the 90s.

As all the old, WW2 generation died off or left for FLA, the city turned radically left after 9/11/2001 with the advent of transplants (folks with means; unlike us cash-strapped newlyweds back in the day). These newbees, especially the ones moving in since 2012, are not the humble type; by any means. They sold their homes and bought twice that for half; up here. Not too bad. 

The good: that property values are going up.

(For those of us with a good equity base; it's not too shabby.)

The bad: they can't help sticking their noses in other people's business; bringing their leftist agenda with them.

But why would I want to stay here?

Because, once you get your butt 15-20 miles outside the cities and especially outside the interstates, life changes; big time! The rural parts of New York is to die for. People are very right of center; redneck. When you get into the mountain regions; be it the Adirondacks or the Green Mountains of eastern NY & VT; expect to see rebel flags flying!

These so-called rednecks, trace their roots back to the Scotts-Irish hillbillies that founded this great nation. And they are not about to give it up. They love their trucks, their beer, their dogs and their shotguns. They hunt, fish, conceal carry and live within their means. 20-30 acres of inherited land and a trailer. Fine. They drive old Ford Super Duty trucks and the rust on the quarter panels is worn like a badge of honor.


Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Just WOW... I am humbled by....

  I am humbled by....The outpouring of info and help in the comments you all left on the post below.

I would also like to thank those that emailed me more detailed information. Either way of communication is welcomed.

Everyone of you is awesome.  THANK YOU!.  

There is a boatload of surfing and research into the various areas you all mentioned.

You restore my faith in the greatness of this country. Except for MF, we have work on that a bit :)


If I'm not mistaken, this is the largest comment generating post in a very long time.

I know the gentlemen, and secretly maybe a few of you wimmen folk,  enjoy FFF, but comment 

wise, I am flabbergasted.

Each of you deserve a comment personally but for now all I can say is






IF Only... "Click your heels together three times and say 'There's no place like ________' and you'll be there."

 This image made me think about the best place to go if/when possible.  LINK TO POST


Where would you go?

What state is the cheapest to live in?

I was hoping to retire in the next 4-6 years, now those hopes appear to be dashed upon the rocks.

My criteria would be living in a rural area within an hours drive of being able to shop, work, enjoy 

some form of entertainment when the urge arose.

Shortened to no winter weather.

 Obviously conservative minded.

As I type this it sounds like Utopia!  

Florida? The Carolinas?  Texas?  Alabama! ;) I do have a partner in cryme down there.

 I have been to AZ and the northern area seems nice.  Pinetop? Flagstaff?  I'm sure the CA

exodus will ruin that. We have seen northern/ southern NH overrun with those from MA and the ones

colored red just south of NE in the map above.  They come up here to get away but then 

bring the BS they are trying to escape. Are they fucking stupid? < don't bother answering, I've 

seen their leadership.

Anyone care to recommend a place that would accept a hard working, Jack of all trades?

Oh, and the boss will need a place for a horse or two. :)


PSA from Uncle Nemo...



As if we need another reminder "to be the grey man, avoid crowds and recognize when a trap is being set" (in keeping with Irish's trap meme of a couple weeks or so ago), the Wall Street Journal, in a piece published on January 26th, states that the efbeye is using facial recognition, along with other investigative tools and a massive assemblage of agents, to identify, indict and arrest every January 6th Capitol protestor on charges of conspiracy, insurrection, theft, vandalism, unauthorized entry, unauthorized assembly, destruction of government property and any other charge that they think they can get away with.


Every protestor identified and indicted, will have their name leaked to the efbeye's partners in crime,the leftist sychophant press*, then dragged through the mud, guilty or not. They will, at minimum be tried in the court of public opinion, even if the charges are subsequently dropped or are dismissed. Standard operating procedure for the Demonrat controlled efbeye these days despite efbeye procedures that are supposed to guard against release of predjudicial information on any arrestee. Then they wonder why the general public doesn't think very highly of them.

The purpose here, is to make examples of the protestors. The efbeye will demonstrate that protesting, when NOT CONDONED BY TPTB, will result in charges that could end up with jail time and will, at minimum, bankrupt any normal person, make it impossible to gain or retain employment and generally destroy their life, even if not convicted.

Now, with John Brennan's announcement, last week, that President Usurpers administration is "laser focused" on identifying groups and individuals involved in "domestic terrorism" and items at multiple leftist/communist MSM* venues stating that "Trump supporters must be sent to re-education camps", the people identified by the efbeye as participating the Capitol protest, could be sent to a FEMA camp for incommunicado detention until their case comes to trial, cutting them off from support by friends, family and most importantly their lawyer(s). Remind you of the gulags of Solzhenitsyn fame?

Such is our tyrannical "unify the country" government under President Usurper and the Obama criminals re-employed in his administration. But hey, this is only the start of his second week.




Irish says "I remember what they did the tea party when they used their minions to crush the opposition"





Way Back Wednesday

 Raquel Welch, 1960s : OldSchoolCool

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

It's Been Seven Days, Miss Me Yet?


 Whoever created this meme was spot on:



  Seven days,

For those of you playing at home, here is the list of the Executive orders passed in the week past:



 I won't link, but you can gogle this to see the list and images:

"Here's the full list of Biden's executive actions so far"




 Pablum from NBC  ( nothing but communists). and credit to this intern from dartmouth college who probably doesn't realize the character traits of the person she is writing about

 She writes:

In his first days in office, President Joe Biden moved to dismantle a slew of Trump-era regulations and make sweeping measures to bolster the nation’s Covid-19 response.

The new president also ordered the establishment a variety of environmental protections and changes to immigration policy.

As he embarks on his first full work week as president, Biden is poised to continue scrapping a number of the Trump administration’s policies, including the controversial transgender military ban.

Here’s a round-up of the measures that the president has taken so far.>>>>>>>>>>