Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Anybody Want To Go Out On Limb and Play "Guess the Attacker(s)"?

Already NBC is reporting this latest London attack as possibly being carried out by a "self-radicalized" and "acting alone" muslim terrorist. Really NBC? How many millions of these "lone wolves" have penetrated the so-called religion referred to as Islam?


Update: Early reports indicated the "attacker" was Oriental. Here is one of the first photos. Of course, it is hard to believe "fake news".

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** More love, tolerance, and acceptance from the Left.

** Hawaii judge met with Obama one day before issuing ruling against Trump's travel ban.
How... coincidental.  More:
** The more I watch Leftists, the more this one comes to mind - they're FAKE AMERICANS:
** Excellent!  And read the comments.

** Scary stuff, but predictable.  For generations we've had the Leftist termites undermining
confidence and admiration of America and its uniqueness.  It's bearing fruit.  Related:
** The Kool-Aid runs deep with these people.  And it goes to "11" with this concept:
** A 5% surtax for being white?  And the money quote: "Take away any national commonality and you are left with quarreling tribes using bloc
voting, group alliances and aggrieved narratives to lay claim to power and privilege."
>> Divide and conquer.  It's been that way since forever.

** Let's send all the snowflakes there.  Let them see REAL Socialism.

** Quote: "Mandela and his communist controlled African National Congress (ANC) were given a developed country endowed with an abundance of
natural resources along with a stable, successful economy thriving in all sectors. These included labour intensive industries such as coal and
diamond mining, agriculture, nuclear development as well as the medical sector with it's pioneering heart transplant surgery."