Friday, April 12, 2019

24 Year Old Man Has Been Arrested For Throwing A Five Year Old Boy From The Third Story Balcony At The Mall of America

I almost entitled this piece as Guess the Religion, but we will wait and see. When the MSM identifies a suspect as anything but white, I get suspicious.


Read more about it .HERE.

There needs to be some ass whippings!

How did we arrive at this point in time as a nation where this sort of chaos breaks out in schools, sporting events, malls, funerals, etc.? Something such as this would have been unimaginable 30+ years ago when I was in high school. If I had of been a part of this, I would have been dead the moment my daddy found out about it.

On the subject of U-boats, U-boat engines, etc., I came across one of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite movies

Water vs. Beer

How You Can You Spot A New Boater Owner....

Meanwhile, The TDS is Strong In Epping NH.....

MacKenzie said she wore the shirt as part of the school’s "America Day," when students are encouraged to wear patriotic clothing.

Which didn't sit well with this guy...

Ooops, I mean this guy....

A high school principal in Epping, New Hampshire has flagrantly violated the First Amendment rights of a student. Principal Brian Ernest forced a student to remove a “Trump” T-shirt that she wore as part of an American pride celebration at the school.

Apparently, Brian Ernest hates President Trump, which is fine. That is his right. However, it is not his right to prohibit the speech of his students in order to push his own personal politics.

The Supreme Court has made clear that students in our public schools do not lose their First Amendment right to free speech when they walk through the schoolhouse door. Public schools are government entities. Therefore, the First Amendment prohibits them from banning speech on the basis of its content, especially its political content. In the field of First Amendment jurisprudence, political speech is the most protected. Furthermore, the Court has held that messages or writing on clothing is considered speech for purposes of the First Amendment.

By explaining his decision to prohibit the girl from wearing her Trump T-shirt, Principal Ernest made clear that his motive was overtly political. He apparently gave two explanations, both of which are patently ridiculous.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Didn't they make a movie about this sort of thing, twice?

                 Scientist put a human gene into monkeys to make them smarter and "more human like". Read all about it HERE. When I read about crazy stuff like this, I think of these two scenes.


Start Up of WW2 German U-boat Engine

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Cherokee Writings Found In North Alabama Cave From The Time Of "The Trail of Tears" Translated By Scientist And Scholars

                                      Basically, the translation is "DON'T TRUST THE GOVERNMENT".

Related image

The carvings are in Manitou Cave near Ft. Payne, Alabama. The cave has been open to tourists since 1888. It is amazing that the writings survived. Considering the source, the article is well written and worth the read. All of it can be seen by clicking HERE. By the way, the "Indian Maiden" doesn't have anything to do with the story. I just wanted to see how it would impact the "hit counter", LOL!


At That Moment... All Was Well In The World....


Tuesday, April 9, 2019

RIP Colonel Cole

The last of the Doolittle Raiders has passed. Ret. Col. Richard Cole was the last of 80 men who participated in the famed "Doolittle Raid". HERE is a link to  one of the stories pertaining to Colonel Cole. There is plenty of information and original footage on the web regarding the raid. Simply Google The Doolittle Raid .

Image result for richard cole

113 Year Old Machine Shop....

   Man, you could spend hours wondering around in here and have an appreciation for the days gone by of real men running real machinery that could kill you if stopped paying attention for an instant. It's not like all the safety interlocked osha approved machines of today.

Reader Russ, thanks, sent me the link and I also noticed that Phil posted it the other day on his site.

Here is the description from the video:

 While in Georgia we visited a very old machine shop and the owner let me take some video while I was there. I was converted from a blacksmith shop from 1903-1905 into a machine shop and some of the original beams from the line shaft are still in place. The Niles vertical turret lathe was installed new in 1905 and it even has the the original documentation. This machine is for sale by the owner. I you are interested in it or one of the old lathes send me and email and put you in contact with the shop owner. It was interesting walking through this old shop, just thinking about all the work it has seen over the past 100 years. If you have interest in one of the machines for sale send me an email and I’ll put you in contact with the shop owner.


Check this out............just to add perspective of these machines....