Friday, October 3, 2014

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Political Correctness and Our Downfall....

 I was thinking about this as I wandered around the bunker yesterday wondering WTF is
up in this country.

Given the current news of Entero68, A Beheading on US soil ( not the last I bet), unchallenged illegal imigration and now Ebola that are all making headlines, many of us are asking "How
can this all be allowed to happen?"

We have been trained to not say anything or question anything lest we be labeled as having one of
the following: homophobia and Islamophobia (not to mention racism, sexism, classism, xenophobia, nativism, and climate denial) and probably now Ebolaphobia. ( that list is from a great article >HERE<)

One PC decision that changed history came to mind:

I recalled an interview I had seen that was with a man named Michael Touhey, he was the ticket agent that allowed Mohammed Atta to board in Maine for his flight to Boston.

 His gut feeling was:

”I got an immediate chill in my stomach as soon as I looked at him, ” he said. ”I said to myself, if this guy doesn’t look like an Arab terrorist, nobody does. He had a look on his face of contempt, and palpable anger.”

 Then he questioned himself as this quote from another article shoes:

 “I said to myself, ‘If this guy doesn’t look like an Arab terrorist, then nothing does.’ Then I gave myself a mental slap, because in this day and age, it’s not nice to say things like this,” Tuohey told the Maine Sunday Telegram. “You’ve checked in hundreds of Arabs and Hindus and Sikhs, and you’ve never done that. I felt kind of embarrassed.”

 He FELT Embarrassed.

He had a feeling, he knew he was looking at evil and then he fell prey to being PC. That one moment changed this country forever. We haven't learned from that and it was only 13 years ago.

We are seeing political correctness being used as a tool encompassing everything and to squelch dissent. As soon as you question something , seemingly anything, you are labeled and marginalized. With all that is going on in this country right now, we have not learned one thing since 2001 and sadly the majority of sheep continue to toe the line.........

This Kid Has A Decent Security System...


Thursday, October 2, 2014

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Gotta Love R. Lee Ermey

How I Fill The Chip Barrels

The parts we are making start as 7/8 thick by 6 inch wide 6061 aluminum about 12 inches long.
Each one weighs about 5 pounds.

 This is a quick video of  the beginning of the roughing cycle. The finished part is less than 1 pound.

I get to listen to this... ALL... FRIKKEN..... DAY.....

Thought For The Libtards...

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Hey Irish, What's Been Keeping You Busy?

Machining LOTS of aluminum... this is half of it.

Do You Have A Feeling...

.. that this administration is trying to bring about some sort of catastrophic event in this country, or are they  just really as inept as they seem?


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I Think I Might Have To Get One Of These Now That I'm Getting Older....


I Don't See What All The Commotion Is About...

  People seem to be concerned that someone made it into the White House that shouldn't be there.

Shit, that scenario has been playing for 6 years now..............

( Ruined your lunch didn't I?)

A story,and a lesson in situational awareness.

This was sent in by blog buddy Leigh...

My boss has been looking for a large box truck for his business. After browsing Craig's List, he decided on two to look at. The first was a retired U-Haul truck down in Albany. It was totally clapped out. The next was a furniture delivery truck. The picture in the ad showed a pretty decent looking truck. The poster of the ad was a text only contact. After passing the furniture store shown one the side of the truck, the directions took him a few blocks further along. The street dead-ended at a block house, and no truck.
He was just starting to text the contact, when three young males approached him - two white, one black. They asked if he was the guy looking for the truck. He said that he was, and got out of the car.
While talking to the three, he started to get a bad feeling about the whole deal - the price seemed too good to be true, three individuals who didn't seem like the type to own such a vehicle, and no truck. They also couldn't give any solid answers regarding the vehicle such as mileage, the type of engine, or transmission. Also, he noticed that as he was talking to the one guy, the other two were kind of wandering around. The hair really went up when he realized they were angling to come up behind him. When he inquired where the truck was, they pointed through a gap in a a chain-link fence to an empty lot. They were trying to lure him out of sight so they could roll him.
The leader then asked him, "You got the money?".
At this point he really realized just how deep of shit he was in. He told them he had the money, just not on him at the moment. He told them he would drive around to the other street that the lot was on, and meet them there. They protested, and still tried to get him to get him off of the main street. Still being out in plain sight he got back into his car, and hauled ass! Once he got well clear of the area, he tried to pull up the ad - and sure enough, it was gone.

Mind you, my boss is not a gullible person. Being a suburb of Troy, New York's Chicago on the Hudson, he knew the neighborhood wasn't the best area. So that put his level of attention up a notch. Passing the named furniture store, he relaxed somewhat. Ending up on a dead end street, with a trio of shifty characters trying to lead him out into an empty lot had the alarms screaming in his head. Fast talking and quick thinking kept him from being another statistic.

He and I discussed what happened to him that day:
  1. An ad for a piece of equipment that was too good to be true.
  2. A bad neighborhood.
  3. Shifty characters that knew nothing about what they were selling.
  4. The item for sale was no where to be seen.
While he managed to escape with nothing more than a bad scare, had he not trusted his instincts, it could have ended much worse....robbed, beaten, or even killed. It happens down there every day.
So be aware of your surroundings, and every thing in it. Don't let yourself be a victim of your own complacence.

Here are some more tips on this linkedin post:


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Headline placement that caught my eye this morning....
I had a good laugh out loud.