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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Happy 70th Christie!

It is hard to believe.

                   When I read/hear her name, this is the image that always pops into my mind. Great movie!

                                                For one of the many stories about her celebration click HERE.

Are You An Extrovert or An Introvert?









Monday, February 19, 2024

We'll See

 When I first saw this piece about a possible trucker's strike over at N.C. Renegade. The thought of "we'll see" popped into my head. The writer was offering alternate scenarios to a trucker's strike and this scene from the the movie Charlie Wilson's War came to mind. There is hope. At least people are now talking about standing up and offering some resistance to the tyrannical/illegal "madness" that has overtaken much of our government and the population centers of this country. 

Love him or hate him, DJT has received the very short end of the proverbial "stick". We have a sitting president representing a corrupt cabal of dark and sinister people who are dead set on preventing the upcoming elections and keeping President Trump out of the White House. Think about it like this. A sitting president using every resource of his office, including the Department of Justice, to inflict harm and suffering onto his opponent and hamper free elections (elections will never be free and fair in this technological age until we go back to only bonafide citizens voting using; paper ballots, in person, and inked dyed thumbs after voting but that's a story for later). What we now have is a long way from what the founders intended and is exactly what future Americans were warned against and why we have the 2nd Amendment and that is why those bastards are constantly trying to subvert the Constitution and take away our guns (no matter what, do not let them take your guns). Good luck and Godspeed to those who oppose the tyranny and injustice. In the meantime, we'll see.

Any Statement From Bernie Sanders?








Sunday, February 18, 2024

I Think New York Not Only FAFO'd But Also Jumped The Shark...









Lately, More Often Than Not, The Days Feel Like This...











The mayor, Randall Woodfin, who lost a cousin in this gunplay, says it is a crisis when we lose six people to "gun violence" (it is never a people problem). I say that the guns are not to blame and this is a societal crisis rooted in sixty plus years of the failed social experiment known as Lyndon B. Johnson's "Great Society". Can this be "fixed"? Meanwhile, the insanity continues. Read the rest of this story  here.

Saturday, February 17, 2024

This Is Quite An Interesting Interview... Very Eye Opening... Carve Out An Hour and Listen To This.