Monday, July 6, 2020

R.I.P. Charlie Daniels

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                                                                                      Carolina (I remember you)


Lonesome Boy From Dixie

covid ✔ murder hornets ✔ riots ✔ second surge ✔


After more than three months of shutdowns, mandatory quarantines, self-imposed exile from society and working from home, nature-lovers looking for a well-earned breath of fresh air could face a possible collision course between coronavirus and tick-borne illnesses this summer.

A "perfect storm," warns Eva Sapi, a University of New Haven biology professor and group director for the Lyme Disease Research Group.

Noting the mild winter on the East Coast, Sapi says, "We do have a bad year for the ticks."
Hikers, campers and anyone else eager for an escape could "just explode into the outdoors. And there may not be the same thoughtful approach" to preventing exposure, explains Dr. Sorana Segal-Maurer, director of the Dr. James J. Rahal, Jr. Division of Infectious Diseases at NewYork-Presbyterian Queens health care system.


Sunday, July 5, 2020

“How could the CDC make that mistake? This is a mess.”

I know everyone is getting really sick and tired fucking fed up with this corona virus and the countless numbers of inconsistencies. 


The CDC is over counting the number of China coronavirus cases in an apparent effort to keep the country shut down throughout the summer.  This fraudulent activity was uncovered by the far-left Atlantic proving even a dead clock is right twice a day. 

Follow the links to

The Atlantic <


Even the NYT noted the GAO's report.


Along the line how they are reporting cases, I saw this post about Texas on twitter:

 We are seeing spikes in multiple states including Texas. Could this be part of the reason?

Someone corroborated the above tweet in the comments and posted this video:  (Back in May, there were new criteria issued in Texas for counting cases.)

It is also corroborated in this article >>  TEXAS SCORECARD <<<


North Texas officials are warning changes in how the state defines and reports cases of the Chinese coronavirus could “significantly and artificially” spike local case totals, creating false alarm as Texas begins to reopen for business.
Collin County Judge Chris Hill advised residents this weekend the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) will begin reporting “probable” COVID-19 cases in addition to “confirmed” cases.
Texas is also expanding its criteria for defining “probable” cases, as well as COVID-related deaths.

Saturday, July 4, 2020

I can think of several more "entitlements" to add to this list (i.e. free education, healthcare, having $2,000 worth of visible tattoos , gold teeth, and other "bling", etc.)

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It is time to cut the purse strings of those who hate America and take every opportunity to loot, deface, and destroy what others have built while on the taxpayers dime.

H/T to Rusty @ Lakeshore

UPDATED: More Black Lives That Do Not Matter To The Leftist, MSM Mob, etc.: Birmingham, Alabama Mall Shooting Leaves 8 Year old boy dead and three wounded.

Mourning 8-year-old Royta Giles, killed in Galleria shooting 4th of July weekend

What piss poor reporting this was. The article states a witness heard a "man" so therefore I will deduce the shooter must have been a black man. The article cites a shooting incident that took place at the mall back in 2018 elaborating more on that shooting than the one that happened yesterday. Where is the outcry? There will be none or very little as this doesn't fit the narrative of the left. There will be some unity breakfasts, a vigil where balloons are released, a denouncement of violence by some black politicians,  maybe a candlelight vigil in some city park, and a downtown march of about twenty black and white people calling for an end to the violence, etc. It is sad this young boy had to die and others had to suffer so senselessly. I am sure Al Sharpton couldn't be reached for comment. There is no money to be made from this act of violence and nothing to see here. Move along. The pitiful account can be read HERE.    (LINK FIXED )

Montez Moses Miracle Coleman (Hoover City Jail)

Montez Moses Miracle-Coleman has been charged with capital murder and three accounts of assault. Police are seeking five more persons that were in the shootout near the food court at Riverchase Galleria mall in Hoover, AL (metro Birmingham). Police are seeking the males seen in these surveillance pictures below.

An 18-year-old is charged with capital murder in the Riverchase Galleria shooting that killed 8-year-old Royta Giles Jr. Other gunmen are sought and police are asking for the public's help. (Hoover Police)

An 18-year-old is charged with capital murder in the Riverchase Galleria shooting that killed 8-year-old Royta Giles Jr. Other gunmen are sought and police are asking for the public's help. (Hoover Police)

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