Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Way Back Wednesday

 Okay, here is the way last weeks polling played out. It is informal, but that is the way I think it needs to be. Some readers sent in multiple votes (i.e. 14, 4, 8). Send it your favorite only. What I will try to do is keep listing suggestions from readers or finds I run across from time to time. Only one suggestion per comment (this is turning into work). In the future we can have a final sweepstakes where we pick the most popular/sexiest lady. 

The top five for 09/22/2021

1. Raquel Welch
2.Sophia Loren
3. Ann Margret
4.Barbara Eden
5.Dawn Wells

Suggestions from 09/22/2021 (in no particular order) 

1. Claudia Cardinale

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Monday, September 27, 2021

Observations of Daily Excursions..


 Almost every place I have stopped for, coffee, dinner, food shopping, etc. Is lacking employees.

Here is a partial list of signs:

"Help Wanted"

"XXX.XX Sign On Bonus"  ( any where from 500.00 at a bank up to 10,000.00 for a CNC programmer machinist)

"Drive Thru Closed"

"Lobby Closed, Drive Thru Only"

"Sorry No Grill or Hot Food, Limited Staff"

"Closed Early No Staff"

"This Area Closed Due To Limited Staff"

"Please Have Patience, Waitress and Food Service Will Take Longer Due To Staff Shortage" This was yesterday, late afternoon. It was a beautiful day here and we stopped at a restaurant where you can sit on the deck and watch the sunset. The deck was closed. The staff was friendly but very limited. 

You get the point.  

Where have all the workers gone? Are the "kids" hunkered down with video games? Parents don't make them "get a job"?

Just fucked up weird.

 I'm off to the salt mine.