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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Those Crazy Kids On Twitter Can Make Me Chuckle...


 As I'm scrolling through  my twitter time line, this one caught my eye.

 Some lunatic stole a bus and proceeded to cause a lot of damage and injury in NYC.

I don't find this situation laugh worthy at all. What I do find smile inducing is the comments section.




Here are some of the comments:

"Cat's can't be dogs" replied with this GIF: which makes light of the situation.....

"Brave Cock Dog" replied with this GIF

Where Were You On August 1, 1981??


Long before Snooki and pregnant teens and social activism there was MTV.


Here are the first two hours when MTV aired.....




Morning Quiz....


Which states are totally "blue"?


What color represents the most "fraud"?




Wednesday, December 1, 2021

A Couple Weeks Ago I Found A Very Interesting Tweet on Twitter....


 It starts off with this:

  " So you know the whole story about how the Pilgrims were starving a few years until the Native Americans taught them how to farm, then they had true abundance & thus, Thanksgiving was born?"


 Yeah, that’s all BS.     <<< LINK

Here's  a snapshot of the beginning of the thread:

Click on the link above to go read the thread. It's an interesting synopsis from a history book written

back in 1876.  Back when history wasn't rewritten.  The author was Born in 1794 and died in

1878.   BRYANT<<<


Anyway,  Just the thought of reading about the history of the US back 150 years ago I went shopping.



These just arrived.  Now I have some winter reading to do.













Way Back Wednesday

 Jan Smithers barely beat out Hedy Lamar. Timeless Bergman held her own. Let us see how this plays out this week.

1. Jan Smithers

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Jan Smithers

2. Grace Kelly

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3.Maureen Ohara

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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Going Back In Time A Few .. Year... Decades .. To The Days Of My College Life..


Disclaimer... There may be some errors in my ways and I took a simplified route to get here.

So be nice if you catch a fuck up. I'll make it up in detention.



 I was thinking about what actual loads were on the wall and ramp and chainfall for the tractor

lift/storage I posted about.   According to the specs the mower weights 490lbs and is 68in overall.

Obviously this is simplified as the full load is spread out over the span of 4 tires and not a single 

point load.


The unistrut pivot is 55 inches or so above the floor and the ramps are 90 inches long.

Their capacity is 1500 lbs.


With some good ol' trigogenometry on the calculator I come up with the cable seeing 301lbs

static load and the wall seeing 237 lbs horizontal load spread out over 4 2X6 studs.

 Also, another thing to take into consideration is the mount I made for the snatch block in the center stud.

That cable is loading the stud toward the mower and the ramp is pushing the stud away from the mower. Close to net zero load.

The hand winch is rated for 1600lb

I'll get better pictures of the set up later this week.



Now the simplified horizontal load. Again, taking some liberties because it's already been 

2-3 hours of fartin around here. I came up with this.

Using a calculator for two static loads on a beam the results showed 277lbs on the unistrut 

bolted to the wall and the CHAINFALL is only seeing 212lbs.  Well under the 2000lb rating.

I weight just under 250lbs and I would stand on that unistrut beam all day long drinking beer.

The beam the chainfall is mounted to was recovered from an old mill building and we got it

at a salvage yard for old lumber.

6" x 10" and and the chainfall is bolted 28 inches from the vertical wall. 212lbs is like extra dust 

to that ol' girl.

Everything They Told You Was.... A Lie...






Told through the eyes of the people who were there on the ground, Capitol Punishment shows the world the true story of January 6, 2021.

Everything that we are being told is a lie and Americans are being persecuted to support that lie.

January 6 was years in the making and the threat to the survival of America as we know it, has never been greater.



Juicy Smollett Trial Starts..... and the media suddenly forgets about a Red SUV...









Freedom Isn't Free....







The Propagandist literally stepped on their peckers this time. The old tactic of blaming inanimate objects went to far this with this story: "The SUV then drove down main street"

Even most "useful idiots" who are walking in lockstep with the regime realize a firearm must be loaded, aimed, and fired by a real human being. They may fail to admit it, but most people are not that ignorant. Even a loaded firearm that is in a state of readiness requires someone to aim and fire that weapon. Still, for decades the Ministry of Propaganda has blamed firearms all the while discounting the perpetrators who should be the ones being held accountable. I know I am preaching to the choir on this site, but a firearm can no more fire itself than an SUV can systematically run down a crowd of participants and spectators at  a Christmas Parade.

Read the entire piece HERE


Monday, November 29, 2021

Adult Erector Set.... Unistrut


  I have been picking away at a project in the tractor shed to make more floor space available.

Luckily there is some vertical clearance so the only way to go it up ↑.

 Over the past several months I have been messing around with a way to get the lawn tractor

up and out of the way for the winter. One was to make hangers and purchase a set of forks for

the John Deere. The only issue was limited room to move the tractor and running the diesel for

a while in there wouldn't be fun.  I modeled some 2x8 ramps and a platform but didn't like that.

I don't want something too permanent.  Final iteration testing was with my truck ramps. 

This seemed to be a good plan.  I mounted a length of unistrut to the wall so the ramps can 

hook into the slot and be adjustable side to side. It's bolted about 42 inches up from the floor.

The longest ramps could find on sale at Tractor Supply were still rather steep. Next up I 

grabbed a hand winch off amazon. Mounted to the extended piece of unistut, it goes to a 

snatch block mounted on center above the ramps. The cable from the winch runs up from

where you see it under the window then 90 degrees down the center of the ramps to the front

 of the mower. 

Once I made some adjustment and got everything mounted the winch pulled the 

mower right up the ramps.

 Since I didn't want anything interfering with the floor space I bolted a large eyebolt through the center

carry beam 6x10 and added a small chain fall.  A length of unistrut tied the ends of the ramps together

and has another eyebolt for the lifting hook.

 Using the chain fall the ramps are lifted from the ground to slightly above level and mower rolls

slowly forward an inch or so and  bumps into the far wall. 

I will add some safety chains to either side of the ramp near the rear wheels so the chainfall 

doesn't stay loaded all winter.


If You Get This MEME You Are Paying Attention.....