Saturday, January 16, 2021

The Man.....


 The man sat quietly at the desk in thought. Outside the rain droned steadily against the windows.

His features had been chiseled noticeably deeper over the past five years and the weight of it all 

pushed down on his shoulders. He was tired but would never admit or show it.

 As he glanced around the room his thoughts were moving back and forth like Newton's Cradle.

 First, to the history he was surrounded by, then to what the future would look like,

 then to the present, and back and forth.

 He placed his hands on the old wooden desk and pushed himself into the large leather chair. 

Clasping his hands behind his head and closing his eyes never once thinking of placing his feet

on the desk as his predecessor had. He respected the history of his work place.


 Always aware of what was happening, he know the phone would ring before it did.  Opening his

eyes the clock chimed at 22:00.  Right on time per the agreement.

He lifted the receiver and shared cordial greetings. The other party spoke perfect English but he knew

this not to be the case. As the other party spoke, laying out how the the near future would play out, and 

the terms and conditions there after, his mind wandered.  He listened and registered each word

that was spoken while rapidly playing a mental film of the things that he had been privy to over

the past five years. He smiled as he thought how well he had played the game on his end.

They exchanged some conversation and cordially hung up. He picked up a well worn book and 

placed it on his lap. The author was Sun Tzu.

Again , leaning back and closing his eyes, his thoughts were now highly focused on the present.

He knew a lot about the enemy but some things just didn't make sense.

After spending months with citizens all around the country and leaders from all around the world

he knew how many of them felt. 

He also was exposed to the depths of evil you wouldn't think existed.

How did they get so entrenched across the globe? How can a country that is so loved by millions be

also hated by millions of it's own citizens? How can billionaires, himself one, that made their money

because of his countries excellence, be so willing to sell it out? Do they really expect to get what they

think will be their long term prize?  Do they not know the term useful idiot?

 How can the exposed depravity and lawlessness and corruption of countless powerful families

 be just ignored and swept under the carpet? 

Jesus, he ate two scoops of ice cream and you would have thought he was the one that crucified Christ! 

He laughed out loud at that analogy.

How many of the people he trusted had turned into Judas?

How can states allow violent mobs to burn loot and murder with no consequences?

How did the people that are in entrusted to uphold the law and paid for by the citizen's taxes become

so corrupted and now so mistrusted?

He didn't need to ask a question about the media. He knew they were gone when they did their

best by spending months pushing the photo shopped toned firm arms theory. 

Those questions and countless others weren't answered, there wasn't time to go down that rabbit hole. 

They just passed though his thoughts and were gone. 


 The terms of the conversation were overall fairly basic.

 Concede the results and let's move on, amicably. He knew that was a lie just like someone getting 

eighty million votes in his basement. 

Then the other side of the coin. If you don't choose that path you will not like how 

that move will play out. 

 Calculating each of those positions, he mentally scrolled and listed the pros and cons. Knowing 

full well either list would end the same.

He had given up a lavish life for the country he loved. The country that gave him the opportunity

to be where he was. His old life was a thing of the past, gone in five years. Was it worth 

it to expose the citizens, those that were paying attention, to everything he knew? 

He was fought tooth and nail from day one but millions and millions were aware.


Glancing at a stack of pardons on his desk and a collated list of things that could be declassified

he knew the clock was running down. The game of cat and mouse was coming to an end.


There is no way he and his family would safely be allowed to enjoy "retirement". The other party 

always needs a boogie man. Many of his properties would have to be let go. His name removed

as they had done with statues of historical figures across the country. There would be no absolute

protection. The enemy was powerful, very powerful, and sooner or later he and his family 

would pay for his "crimes".


 On the other hand, he also had loyalists to his cause. People who loved this country and had provided

all the intelligence he had been privy to. Could it be enough?  If everything was released and the

traitors were exposed would the constitution be upheld? Would the rule of law, in the cesspool

of all the corruption, be upheld?  Would tens of thousands of loyal citizens hold true to their pledge

to defend the constitution? Would it be enough?


What seemed like hours passed as his thoughts slowly gelled.

He leaned forward. There weren't many pieces left on the chessboard. 

The game was fierce.

He reached for the Queen.

Their will be suffering.

 There will be bloodshed.

 There will be things that are known.

There are things that are unknown.

 Then there are the unknown unknowns.


With his back in the corner, where he knew it would be when he threw his hat in the ring,

he made his decision.





Friday, January 15, 2021

Friday Femme Fatale....






I Have No Idea Where All The Talk Of Violence Comes From.....


......and people wonder why half this country is fucking nuts.
















This Aged About As Well As A Epoisse de Bourgogne......











Is This Something?


Preface....Let me clarify,  I have not followed the Q phenomenon.

 Others have posted about it so I've been exposed to those blog posts.  

I'm sure there will be a difference of opinions concerning this post.


Trump is usually animated with his hands. 

Obviously, this speech is a serious matter and he has his hands clasped together the whole time except in the four minute time frame.

Watch the video, you can fast forward to 4:00.   Watch.

Here is the video in full:


 This is what is making the rounds......

You Can't Make This Shit Up, The Jokes Write Themselves.....


 Pussy hats and pearl necklaces.... 


Vox Day: CNN Was In On It


Vox Popoli

First saw this at WRSA

Tick..... Tock..........The Second Hand Moves....


Scroll Down and push play as you watch the gif... 😁


 Great version of the theme to The Good, The Bad, The Ugly....


Wednesday, January 13, 2021

President Donald Trump Addresses The Nation This Afternoon And Denounces Any Form Of Violence While Protesting


While Americans are losing their jobs, seeing their savings wiped out, being evicted from their homes, cheated out of free elections, not being allowed to go church, restaurants, bars, movie theaters, grandma's house for Christmas/Thanksgiving, but still allowed to go to abortion clinics, sodomite bathhouses, big box stores, etc., etc. while the asswipes in Congress and the Senate are sending billions of dollars of taxpayer money to other countries around the world, thumbing their nose to 80 million Americans (both democrat and republicans) who believe massive voter fraud was committed in the recent election and all of them protected by their own security and living in a fantasy world far from the real concerns of their constituents.  To top it all off they could care less about keeping the majority of Americans in the dark by suppressing the 1st Amendment and threatening as to what they plan to do with the 2nd Amendment after January the 20th. Also keep in mind that not one of these self-serving criminals has missed a paycheck and/or  a payoff. 

Hiding In Plain Site....


   Maybe it's time for a little fun. We can hide in plain site with just a little work and our own

Decoder Ring.  

Decorate your blog with feel goods and adjust your conversations to something like this:

Hey Timmy, why don't you grab your big cock and meet me down at starbucks?

Sure Nathan, should I bring my big black cock as well?

That would be fabulous!  Grab some pop tarts too!!

We can both shoot a big load!

I have a great idea, let's invite the lesbians.

 They are on board with the community organizer and would love to see Adam in his tree furry outfit.

We can all practice taking a knee.

Sounds good, lets go get some covfefe! < (the secret word)


See, you would blend right in!  Now comes the fun part the super decoder ring....


Go Ahead And Read This.. Twice If You Have To....






    When you are concerned about a Ugandan election but not an election in your own country...

The country that made it possible to become tech giant that just silenced millions in a free country.




Way Back Wednesday

 Cynthia Myers December 1968 Nude Playmate

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

One Thing I Keep Reading Is....



  Joe Biden hires this one and Joe Biden hires that one.

Joe Biden picks this advisor and Joe Biden picks that advisor.

Joe Biden does this and Joe Biden does that...


 Come on now, seriously?



Ok,who else is waiting patiently for that tone and a big bag of popcorn at the ready to pop?



 sent in by Skip






Listen To Your Grandmother...Please...






 What better way to accomplish that than by having the media run news cycle after news cycle of gun fights around the capitol buildings. After what happened on the sixth and the response to the protest this will just give them all the ammunition they need to ram through countless anti- 2A laws. We all know damn well the other side doesn't give a shit about people or property or life. Don't fall into the trap.


Some Interesting Links.....



  Found here at Anonymousconservative's Daily News Links<<  



Monday, January 11, 2021

Reader Joe Says "I Can't Disagree With This Logic"....










You Would Think...


 Just some observations.


You would think that there would be a plethora of BH signs in yards and bumper stickers on cars.

Nothing. Nil. None. Oh ok, maybe a few.

There are still Trump signs and bumper stickers though.


Also, this fucking asshole and his party has the blood of every single person that died not of Covid but because of the the measures that were taken to ensure mail in voting and fraud.

How many small business owners have suffered? How many suicides? How many families made penniless?


Sooo... NOW we can open up the economy?  You're all good with that?



Maybe It's Time For A New Outfit?














I got an email, from a friend who's behind enemy lines, telling me that mASSachusetts Paid Family Medical Leave Law went into effect.


He said " Go check out their website"  


 I did.



Well, It Seems We May Potentially Have A Much Larger Issue Looming....








Many have found little reason to do so....


 I found this mornings read over at PERGELATOR

 Follow his link to the article noted. Enjoy your coffee.


Sunday, January 10, 2021

Information sharing and links to various things.... updates..


 First some questions for better information and to help all the readers that stop by.

I've seen posts and comments in multiple blogs about using Ivermectin but no very specific information.

Ivermectin.. Where to get it? How to properly use it?


Brave Browser vs. Firefox. 

As we are are seeing with the big tech. People are switching from the censoring oligarchy to alternatives.

granted TFI is on the big G. Is there a better alternative? I have seen others have issues with the competitions offerings as well.


I have non de plumes on the social media side of things so I can keep an eye on what's happening. Most time's I lurk without commenting.


Laura Loomer called it back in 2018

@LauraLoomer is a brave and courageous woman and a true American Patriot 🇺🇸

-- GenFlynn GenFlynn Friday, January 8, 2021


There is talk of internet down.  Best or easiest type of coms to grab before it's too late so you can keep track of what's going on?





Lots of good headline briefs to read here<<<


Great video here<<<<


Is this real? Sworn affidavit regarding vote changing from Italy:









More later if this thing is still on.....