Wednesday, July 17, 2024

I'll Toss A Few Of These Out There. So Many Memes , So Little Time....






Alive and Kickin'


 Still here, you can't stop the signal.

 As I noted a while back, things were going to be busy. They still are.

Now, you can add in the fact that many here in the Northeast aren't acclimated to longer periods

of heat and humidititties like we have been experiencing for almost the two weeks.

This afternoon, things are supposed to break.  The front will move through with strong to severe

thunderstorms. Yay.

I have an outing planned for Friday with work then, most likely, will head out to enjoy nature for the 

rest of the weekend.  I'll be around.


Be safe out there.

If you head to Nantucket, watch out, the beaches are closed due to wind turbine blade debris.



Saturday, July 13, 2024

Saturday Femme Fatale Farrago...... Let's see if it works...


Memes and Musings

So Much Blues In This Blues Jam










Test Image Load Poast....


 What's his name?

Who was looking for him?












A quick update on the image load issues ....


 First off, when I mentioned my work laptop, I have a chrome account for work. In the past I had added a profile for my personal google account. Anyway, Chrome at work was corrupted and locked down. It was recommended that I change all my passwords so I did.  


Google blogger was working okay during the week for me.


Last night, things changed with having to log in for photos. Many seem to be having issues so I'm happy to know it's not here at TFI or my account.


I tried again this morning and, for what ever reason, I got the old way of loading images. Cool.


Go do a few things, brew coffee, etc. 


Come back to try and post and NOPE, got the new "you have to sign in page". Fuck.


So, I tried turning off some of my ad blockers trackers.  


The first one I tried was Ghostery.  

When I went to post I DID NOT get the sign in page BUT I did get a new upload picture page to 

drag or insert pictures.   I tried it and it seemed to work but not all the pictures showed up.

I closed the post and then went to the preview page and they were all there.

So, long and short of it, there is a  SFFF post for 8pm tonight as a test.

We'll see what happens.

What is the numerical value of "Significant"?

It was probably meant for "click bait". It got me. I haven't heard any more than this small story. Bottom line is a significant number of 1911 CMP pistols are missing from the Anniston Army Depot.

‘Significant number’ of guns missing from Army facility in Anniston; $10,000 reward offered for tips

Friday, July 12, 2024

Sorry Folks......



 For some reason I can only get to this section of the blog.  It won't let me post any pictures.

I am logged in, but it says I need to log in to "access this content" when I go to add pictures.

There was an issue with a virus on my work laptop so I had to go and start changing passwords.

I thought I had the goog all straighened out.

Anyway, fuck it, I'm going to bed.   There's always tomorrow.

Be safe and enjoy the evening.






The crucifixion of the psyche of a POTUS (or what was left of one)

 Psyche is not really the word I am looking for here. It really is not character assassination either. I think Joe sold that to the devil long ago. We are seeing something very odd unfolding. As I started to write briefly about this subject, I began to see how difficult of story this is to "sell" to the American public. We are witnessing allies going after their own and giving us a list of reasons "why". It is confusing since only a few days ago the very same people were telling the world what great shape Joe was in, what a great president we have and how lucky we are to have him, etc.  Joe Biden in the current condition is a very tough sell.  The demokratz have a huge conundrum with few options for a favorable outcome for them in the 2024 election. Yet, they may win. They could invoke the 25th and get stuck with Kamala to finish out Joe's term. She would have little chance of winning the presidential election without cheating (why some people think the current Dims will not cheat this time around befuddles me) IMHO. They could leave Joe in office to finish out his term, but it is too late for that now since the proverbial "cat is out of the bag" pertaining to his mental/physical condition. It is obvious that Joe could not run a middle class household or take care of himself without assistance. I will not attempt to go into the "coverup" and scandal thereof to follow by evil people who have known of Joe's true condition and have kept it from the American people and have also been "running the country" for whose design (we know it isn't Joe's). I suppose TPTB could introduce some "fresh blood" like Gavin Newsome and his stellar performance record of his accomplishments in Kalifornia or "Big Mike" whose claim to fame is "it" hates America and white people. I do know that for the Dims, Joe has to go. They have painted themselves in a corner using Kamala as a political football in the last election (woman/DEI hire).  Get the popcorn and enjoy watching them devour their own.


                                       Above: Biden's handlers feel it is necessary to allow him to make an buffoon out himself before a national and world audience for the purpose of showing all of us how stupid they were to have supported Biden and now we should simply overlook that oversight. Like his overlords, Biden is between a rock and hard spot. I believe these handlers will see Bribem out of the WH one way or another.  In this clip we see Jobama referring to Kamala Harris as Vice President Trump.

People say the darndest things about the latest Clown World shenanigans involving the 'Ol-jo Bribem "awakening". The media and wealthy members of Hollywood put on a great act pretending they didn't know Joe Bribem's mental capabilities had declined to the point we see Joe gaffing today. Now that they have seen it along with most of America, they have dropped Joe Biden like used condom. The so-called elites  did a "bootleggers turn" on Jobama's face. We are watching the assassination of the character of the man known as the POTUS.   TPTB needed him till they no longer do.  The media who has been an accessory to every crime committed by the Bribem crime family and has suddenly declared, "we didn't know he was this bad" or something similar and as Forrest Gump might say, "and just like that, everybody in Hollywood, the media, and a large part of the Demokratik Partei, took a giant shit on Joe Biden's head. These are the same folks who have been his complicit partners in the destruction of this country and aiding Joe in achieving his personal goals. These below are the most common comments I've heard since the debate regarding the presidency:

1. I didn't realize he was this bad.

I don't have words for this one. A person who has been living the last four years and is just now realizing that Joe Biden is an tottering old man in his dotage and who has zero business driving the bus so to speak is going to have a difficult life. People like this will quickly perish without the safety nets of .gov  To all the top demokrats, Clooney's, and other talking heads that tout this line of ignorance, I would say, you must be a complete and total idiot. These people should have killed their credibility in the eyes of normal people, but not liberals. They will get a pass just like the idiots who pretended they were duped.

2. How can people be so cruel to an old man?

For people who think along those lines, don't. Joe may be an older guy who is suffering the affects of Parkinson, dementia, Alzheimer's, etc, but make no mistake. For all of his life, JoBamma has been swilling at the government trough and attempting to turn America into a Communist State where the government can be manipulated and votes attained by handing out money (welfare, incentives, and other "carrot on the stick means") to promote his cause assuring POS like him stay in power, or simply because that is what his handlers told him to do. Joe Biden may be a senile old man, but he will receive no pardon for the treachery he has committed against this nation during his 44 years of fleecing American taxpayers. Like most of his fellow demokratz, he spent his life promoting one group who does nothing but induces "drag" (no pun intended) onto our society (crime, poverty, social ills, etc.,) while punishing the folks who work, own businesses, pay taxes, etc. (racial/social division). I know welfare recipients, and illegals invaders whose comfort levels are through the roof while I know others that work two shifts to buy bologna.
 Come on man!

3. Who will take his place? Kamala? Gavin? "Big Mike"? (same song, different verse). "if not Kamala, how will they bypass her?

I don't know, but I'll be it will be somebody who tows the commie liberal line and keeps the wheels of the industrial military machine supplied and running (a lot of RHINOS too), that is very pro-Sodomite and pro-abortion, anti-gun, anti-God, anti-American, etc. Really anti-anything good and wholesome.

I would be interested in what others are hearing at work, in coffee shops/eateries, school, etc. 
These are interesting times in which we live. Take note. Keep your larder topped off and your powder dry!

You Know It's Coming. Not If But When.....








Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Seems Like The Wind Currents Can Bring California Trash To New Hampshire....










Tuesday, July 2, 2024

I imagine there are plenty of "hard ankles" around trying to figure out how to get in there

 I came across this story scanning through my usual morning haunts. It isn't every day that two young ladies who attend the same university are in  two well known pageants together. Even more rare is the fact that the two young ladies are roommates. This headline (link), Two Auburn roommates represent state in Miss America and Miss USA — A first? , and photos caught my eye. 

Monday, July 1, 2024

Sunday, June 30, 2024

I've never heard one called that,

 but it appears some people do. I was on eBay this evening. I had been searching for various "bags". Some included the word "repro". At some point, I typed leather haversack into the search bar. This was the first search result that appeared:

Repro Renew Natural Female Women’s Reproductive herbal tea bags

I am needing a pouch of some sort to carry a few extra items around in an urban setting. I believe a backpack might be to large and thought I would investigate "man purses". I am open to suggestions.

"Hey Irish, How Muggy Is It There Today? "














Saturday, June 29, 2024

I'm Not Sure But ....


 --- She seems to have missed greasing the slides and maybe some never-seize on the bolts. 

I'll have to watch it again.

Friday, June 28, 2024

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago..... Go Forth And Enjoy The Weekend.....














Friday Lunchtime Matinee.... Barn Find.... Damn.. Check This Out.


Sent in by Leigh... Thanks!!










From The Achives. "Irish and Arnold posted back in 2013" (LINK FIXED My Fuck-up, sorry )


  Looking at the date on this picture and realizing it was 41 years ago. Holy shit... I was 21.


Link HERE<<<<

When Your Dog Goes Missing... Hilarity Ensues....








Here Ya Go, The 90 Min Debate Condensed Into 90 Seconds...




 I watched it for entertainment purposes only.  After 40mins I gave up and went to bed.

They threw Biden out there, to the lions so to speak.

Get ready for Big Mike.

Enjoy your Friday!!



Thursday, June 27, 2024

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

52 US WW2 Submarines were still on the "Eternal Patrol" Until Recently. The number is now 51. The USS Harder has now been found.

"For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty as commanding officer of the U.S.S. Harder during her 5th war patrol in Japanese-controlled waters. Floodlighted by a bright moon and disclosed to an enemy destroyer escort which bore down with intent to attack. Comdr. Dealey quickly dived to periscope depth and waited for the pursuer to close range, then opened fire, sending the target and all aboard down in flames with his third torpedo. Plunging deep to avoid fierce depth charges, he again surfaced and, within nine minutes after sighting another destroyer, had sent the enemy down tail first with a hit directly amidship. Evading detection, he penetrated the confined waters off Tawi Tawi with the Japanese Fleet base six miles away and scored death blows on two patrolling destroyers in quick succession. With his ship heeled over by concussion from the first exploding target and the second vessel nose-diving in a blinding detonation, he cleared the area at high speed. Sighted by a large hostile fleet force on the following day, he swung his bow toward the lead destroyer for another "down-the-throat" shot, fired three bow tubes, and promptly crash-dived to be terrifically rocked seconds later by the exploding ship as the Harder passed beneath. This remarkable record of five vital Japanese destroyers sunk in five short-range torpedo attacks attests the valiant fighting spirit of Comdr. Dealey and his indomitable command." from Cmdr . Dealey's Congressional Medal of Honor  presentation. 

It is a very good story of a very brave commander and crew. The boat was a Gato Class submarine named USS "Hit 'em Harder" Harder. To read more, click HERE

H/T to reader Ed in Moulton

Thursday, June 13, 2024

This is a good sign that people are tired of the $PLC's bull$hit

The $PLC is cutting their staff by a fourth. Even though the commie leaning organization has a sizeable "war chest", the group that puts the make-believe rights of illegal aliens before the rights of American citizens, is having to downsize. I have a gut feeling that this decrease in popularity is due to more people being better informed and alternate news sources exposing the organization's radical views. 

"SPLC's decision has a catastrophic impact on the organization's work in support of immigrants seeking justice and its mission to dismantle white supremacy, strengthen intersectional movements and advance human rights through support of educators," the SPLC union spokesperson said. "CEO and President Margaret Huang announced that the cuts would allow greater 'focus' on racial justice, but failed to explain how eliminating immigrant justice work and anti-racist education work served that goal. Click HERE

Things recently seen around the interweb that piqued my interest, made me smile, etc.

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

What Did He Do? Go On.. Guess...





Ya gotta guess before you hit the page break.....



No Step On Snek....


  Was started around 2015 possibly as mockery of the right by the left. But, the left can't meme and

now it seems the Snek has become a thing for the right.


My post earlier was poking fun at the glowies trying to fit in. Allen noted, in the comments,

 that if that was the case, the truck would have been a 2024 with professional graphic wrapping

which is probably more accurate.

From Reddit  >>>

What is the deal with the 'No Step on Snek' flag?


"No Step on Snek"

and now you know more of the story, hopefully.

Thursday, June 6, 2024

80 Years Past D-Day

80 years ago today (last night) was the apex of the largest military sea assault/invasion the world had ever seen of Axis occupied Europe and particularly the Atlantic coast of France known as Normandie. This massive project was years in the making. After accumulating a staggering number of men, equipment, vehicles, planes, ships, LSTs, and supplies in England, the conditions were as "right" as they were going to be for a couple of more months, and after pulling off one of the most effective deceptions in military history, the Allies dropped the hammer. Though the operation looked "iffy" in the first few hours, Allied forces, mainly Americans, gained a toehold onto the continent. Over the coming days the amounts of war materiel pouring into Europa was mind-boggling. The Germans had waited too long to send their Panzers to repel the invading allies. Unknown at the time to either side, but this would be another huge nail in the coffin of German armed forces and the NAZI regime. Between the drops of large airborne forces by parachute and thousands of other soldiers landing by glider, the Allies had secured the way for even heavier vehicles and artillery pieces, supplies, and more men. God bless all who stepped forward and answered the call. My paternal grandfather could be any of the Americans in the combat photos as he was at Omaha Beach in the first wave. I think he, along with other millions of Allied soldiers, sailors, airmen who fought in this battle and WW2 in general would have trouble recognizing (if at all) the country they defended today.

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Living In Your Mom's Basement and Gaming In No Way To Go Through Life Son....






A Goffstown man is heading to prison for 40 years to life for killing his mother last year.

Thomas Humphrey was living in his mother's basement at the time of the killing. She had just given him a PlayStation for his 47th birthday, and the two were arguing about how loud he was playing video games before she was stabbed 22 times and almost decapitated.

"This is, as I said in my more than a decade on the bench, one of the most brutal murders that I've presided over," said Judge William Delker.

Delker spoke before sentencing Humphrey to 40 years to life in prison for the murder of his mother, Linda Tufts.

Humphrey stabbed his mother 22 times, almost decapitating her, and then lit her body on fire. Relatives told the court how Tufts' killing affected them.

"You tore our family apart," said Kimberly, a family member. "The grief, the anger, the pain – that just continues on. You took one of our matriarchs of the family. It was completely unforgivable."

When police arrived at the house, they discovered the fire and located Humphrey at the bottom of the basement stairs with self-inflicted wounds, holding a knife.

Humphrey was charged with second-degree murder and arson. He pleaded guilty to both charges.

"The brutality of this crime simply makes it too dangerous not to impose a very lengthy state prison sentence," Delker said.

Humphrey was sentenced to five to 10 years in prison on the arson charge, to be served consecutively to the murder sentence.