Saturday, February 17, 2024

This Is Quite An Interesting Interview... Very Eye Opening... Carve Out An Hour and Listen To This.










Tuesday, February 13, 2024

From "X".......



Say What ???   

Euler? Euler? Anyone?


 Free House? Only In Portland 

Computer Models Showed This As A Large Meme Dump.. All You Get Is A Dusting...








 Three days ago we were going to get "clobbered". I was out yesterday and the markets and 

gas stations were busy. At least the parking lots and pumps were full of cars.  This was on the 10th:

This is the WMUR map for NH this morning:

This is WHDH for The PRoM.

We might get lucky to get .5 an inch at this point. 

Even the computer models were all over the place.

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Odd creatures from "The Heart of Dixie"

 One thing people notice when visiting Alabama and that is the fact that one can find an abundance of wildlife, amphibians, fish, birds, and 14 gazillion species of insects that emit sounds, light, smells and almost all of those sting or bite. We have mosquitoes around here that can stand flatfooted and mate with turtles. Of course the last part might be a stretch, but we do have some interesting species that are found no where else on the planet. Places like Dismal Canyon, Sipsey Wilderness Area/Bankhead National Forest and some of the creeks/environs in my county are such places (i.e. salamanders, turtles, darters). There are 43 species of snakes in the state. Six of those are venomous. I was surfing the interwebz and found this article and thought it would at least be more interesting than the "Swifty Bowl". 

The impaling was done by the cute little songbird above named the "Loggerhead Shrike". We call them "butcherbirds" .

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IF You Are Going To Watch The Superbowl, This Might Ease The Nausea...
















Just A Thought For Game Day..