Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday Femme Fatale.......

Now You Know Why Putin Envies Trump....

10/22 Gunsmithing Tools From One Of My Readers.....

Gunsmither™ Tools -
the website featuring
the Unique Gunsmith tools and 
accessories manufactured by 
retired gunsmith, Joe Beary.

Each of my items is personally
manufactured by me using
modern CNC and manual
machinery, with much "Hands 
on" labor also.

I personally guarantee your
100% Satisfaction with every
item I sell.

Go check out  Joe's site   >>>HERE<<<<

He also recommends  RIMFIRECENTRAL.COM  for the 10/22 aficionado.


I Like His Thinking.... December 26th Right Back In The Attic...

Some Drums.. and Pipes And Drums For The Lunch Hour....

 This first video I found over at MYDAILYKONA


  This next video was on the sidebar at the youtube site.....

One of the commenters wrote:

" If ISIS seen this coming, 250,000 Bloodthirsty Irish/Scotsmen they would fucking run." 


Then And Now... WTF???

Widener's Guide To Smokeless Powder...

From their website >>HERE<<

Smokeless powder may be the most important component for any shooter who is reloading ammo and it’s probably the most complicated as well. With different characteristics and a ton of variables, gunpowder needs to be fully understood before you attempt to reload ammunition.
This guide will take you through the basics of reloading powder, show how all smokeless powder is not the same and demonstrate how the different characteristics of powder can make your reloads more effective depending upon your intended purpose.
Don’t want to read the whole thing? No problem, use the quick links below to jump to whatever section you like. 


Three Tips To Keep Your Ruger 10/22 Running Like A Top

Sent in by Mr Natural:

This article is from GunCarrier

This is a follow-up to the feature on Ruger 10/22 rifles from earlier this week. As a proud user of two of these rifles, and friend of many others who use them also, I’ve come to learn a couple tricks to keep them running well, especially during extended use or in rough weather.

  1. Ammunition makes a difference

.22 ammunition is known for running a bit dirty, creating more gunk in the action than centerfire ammunition types, as a rule. This problem can be multiplied when using a suppressor, which can also increase fouling in the barrel.

I’ve run many brands of ammunition through my 10/22s. Ammo that has an exposed lead bullet is usually less expensive, but fouling is accelerated. Many brands that work perfectly well for just a bit of shooting in a repeating rifle, or for extended use in a single-shot rifle, begin to have failures to eject when the 10/22 action has become dirty and hot.
There’s one brand of ammunition that my friends and have had great success with in our little Rugers. It’s CCI’s 22 Mini-Mag load. At around 18 cents per round, it’s not the cheapest 22 ammo, but not the most expensive either.


Dogs vs. Cats....

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

Department of Homeland Security tied to attempted hack of Georgia's election database.

Story HERE

H/T Bob in KY

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

EBT Waste and Fraud... Just in ASSachusetts is Staggering....

Massachusetts’ EBT card holders are spending welfare cash in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, while patronizing or at least accessing ATMs in liquor and tobacco stores, beauty salons and tattoo parlors.
In response to my public records request, the state’s Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) turned over 18 months of EBT records from Jan. 1, 2015, to July 1, 2016.

In all, the taxpayers shelled out $321 million in Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) to welfare recipients.
Liquor Stores, Beauty Shops, and Bars where EBT cardholders are accessing welfare cash at
In the 18-month period, more than $7.3 million in Bay State welfare funds were spent outside the state, including $2.4 million in New Hampshire, $780,000 in Connecticut and $549,000 in the Sunshine State of Florida.
In that period, Mass. EBT cards were also used 1,335 times in Puerto Rico to access more than $110,000 in welfare cash.
State Rep. Shaunna O’Connell (R-Taunton) has long campaigned in the Legislature against welfare fraud and abuse.
“I continue to advocate for an end to out-of-state usage and to limit cash access,” she said. “Taxpayer-funded EBT cards should not be paying for vacations. The state should revoke cards used out of state.”


When Grandma Wants You To Keep Your Face Warm....

Monday, December 5, 2016

It Would Be The Greatest Catch Phrase In Politics EVER!

I Have Heard Them Referred To This Way...... ( without the "er" )

h/t to Blogbrother Borepatch

Subliminal Lunch Suggestion on a Cold Snowy Monday......


If #pizzagate Is Real - The People Involved In The Highest Level Of Goverment Will Need A Distraction... Be Vigilant....

If you don't know about #pizzagate...

"It's The Most Wonderful Time In Eight Years!"

H/T to Bushwhacker Bob in KY

Yup, It's Monday.. Mother Nature Will Wreak Havoc....

 1-2 inches during the morning commute on a Monday.

I bet the car insurance companies are sweating. There are always a ton of accidents
with these conditions.

I was out early to drop off parts and pick up material for the day, thus beating the "crowds"

The intersections are already hardpacked and the cars are slipping.....