Monday, January 17, 2022

Interesting Coincidence?.. Definitely Not...


 A few months back, one of the neighbors stopped and introduced himself while I was working

out in the yard. He retired from down in Assachsetts and moved up here.  The back corner

of his property abuts the back corner of ours and he inquired about crossing through

to get to the conservation area that is out behind us.  


Previous to that interaction I had no idea of his existence. Last week, after the snow I saw

tracks out back and sent him a text to see how far he made it. He responded that it was just

a short hike to check things out.


That was it. One text out, one text back. No other interaction.


Saturday as I logged into facebook, he was the first in line of "friend suggestions".



Paging Mr. Marx.....




created by reader RK.




Friday, January 14, 2022

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago..... Guest Appearance....




Mrs Robinson makes a splash with some photos....

  To find the pictures use these hints and clues found in the imagines:

What year did The Graduate debut?

Divide that by the number of inches reported by the CDC ( rounded up).

Subtract .34

Add Bugs Bunny's Caliber.

 Each individual number that makes up the answer is the number of the pictures submitted.


Does Anyone Remember The Las Vegas Shooting? Anyone...


 Here is a 2 hour documentary.  I "paged" through it and there is a lot of footage and information

that is presented.    It's Friday night so this will be one to come back to and watch completely.

 I just wanted to share it now....






Étaín Paints The Sky With Fire.....


About 4:45pm in Seabrook NH..







Meanwhile, In A Third World, LA










TFIF!!! Although, things are still pretty eff'd up out in bizarro world...


 I had to read that twice to figure out who had the penis and who had the vagina...





Thursday, January 13, 2022

Ladies Only Night......






Little C**ks##ker Speaks With Forked Tongue....














I Couldn't Help But Shake My Head When I Saw This During The Commute......









Some Links Sent In By Nitzakhon and Skip....

So a person who mocks and discredits the idea of using psychology to nudge people... is an advocate of using psychology to nudge people.  You can't make this sh*t up!

Why do I have this impression that they're desperately trying to get ahead of revelations that are drip-drip-dripping out?

Two-fer.  Bad things coming.  I fear soon.

Agreed.  No dynasties.

Commies gonna Commie.

 Now the World Health Organization has waved the white flag on Covid vaccine boosters too.

In the end, the truth will always be revealed, and the truth about the coronavirus policy is beginning to be revealed.

This Guy Covers A Lot Of Different Puzzle Pieces.... Interesting Video..


 via AnonymousConservative


 Here is a link to the 3D tracking software >>> SKYGLASS<<




Tuesday, January 11, 2022

and That's When The Fight Started.....


 How come all the "conspiracy theories" are coming true?


Democrats in Washington State have introduced a new bill that will authorize the detainment of residents as young as 5 years old in Covid concentration camps, for failing to comply with the state’s draconian vaccine mandate.

If passed, WAC 246-100 will allow local health officers at “his other sole discretion” to “issue an emergency detention order causing a person or group of persons to be immediately detained for purposes of isolation or quarantine.”

The harsh new law also allows health officers to deploy law enforcement officials to assist with the arrest of disobedient residents. reports: According to W 246-100-040,  “a local health officer may invoke the powers of police officers, sheriffs, constables, and all other officers and employees of any political subdivisions within the jurisdiction of the health department to enforce immediately orders given to effectuate the purposes of this section in accordance with the provisions of RCW 43.20.050(4) and 70.05.120.”

The “emergency detention order” legalizes the isolation and detainment of American citizens who fail to voluntarily comply with Covid gene therapy shots “for a period not to exceed ten days.”

However, a judge may extend the forced quarantine “for a period not to exceed thirty days” if the segregated individual or family persists to refuse vaccination.

The Washington State Board of Health will hold a virtual public meeting on January 12 to discuss the application of W 246-100-040

LINK <<<

Military Documents About Gain of Function Contradict Fauci Testimony Under Oath. Project Veritas





Back In The Day - Men, Real Men _ and a New Proof Editor...


 This post by NWS Boston was on my twitter feed last night:



 That sent me off to look for some time lapse videos of lake effect snow. This one video caught

my attention..

This video from 1939 in New York State provides a look at the way winter operations were performed over 70  80 years ago.






Real Men... Those must have been some hard days.





Please welcome the new approver of all FFFF posts......


Sunday, January 9, 2022

Internet Battle Stations... Help Needed... Is There an IT Doctor In The House That Wants To Crush Trolls?


  Mike at Cold Fury and Phil at Cold Fury/ Bustednuckles appear to be dealing with a DDOS attack on their blog.

 Here is the URL to  Bustednuckles on Cold Fury that is getting blocked: 

For now, Phil is using:


BC has a post up with some comments pertaining to outage: 

If anyone has suggestions to rectify the situation, please leave a comment or send me an email.

Based on the recent dealings with the trolls it's most likely their nefarious handiwork.

I can get more info if anything else is needed.

Thanks for the help,


Saturday, January 8, 2022

Couple Things To Share... Alpha vs. Beta Males... and Calgary News Does A Slight Of Hand.....


 Both of these are from IOTWReport...


First up, listen closely to this guy. People are awakening...



 Here is the video if they take it down.


Also found at IOTWReport was this headline change in the Calgary News.

Now WHY would they need to edit the headline????




Wednesday, January 5, 2022

You Never Know What Awaits......


  On the ride home tonight I made a quick detour into the local Supermarket

 to grab some stuff for dinner. I hate shopping and crowds but I do my best to 

get through it.  I made the rounds and had maybe 8-10 items

in the "little kid" cargo area.  It was busy as I approached the checkout lines.

The three that were open had three patrons each. 

 I scanned the check out belts and loaded carts in front of me

 to quickly assess which line would move faster, made my choice,

 and took my six foot distancing spot out in the cross aisle.  

As luck would have it, they had to change the register drawer on patron

one. So I stood and fucked around on my phone.




Minimizing The Storm>? The signs of such a movement are emerging.


H/t to Skip.




The Way Out

 Here are two questions pertinent to our times: (1) How would you reduce the greatest free republic in history to despotism in a short time? and (2) How would you stop that from happening? The answer to the first question has been provided in these last two disastrous years. The answer to the second has begun to emerge in recent months. Both are worthy of study.






The Ear Splitting Silence....



The Calm Before The Storm...


Having modern technology makes it easy for us to know when storms are coming

and what the potential expectation is going to be. 

Hyped by the media, and having cute names, doesn't

change the fact that there is a fore warning.


 Our ancestors, with out technology,  were much more in tune with nature and

 could sense "something" coming. The air is different, the sound is different, there is a 

general sense foreboding.


When a big snow storm is forecast you can "feel it".

Walking outside, the overcast sky is leaden, the dark color of wet concrete. Pause, stand still,

and allow oneself to slowly mesh with the surroundings. There is no sound. 

You strain to hear a bird in the trees. You listen for a squirrel rustling in the leaves.

There is no sound. It's calm, too calm. 

Sure there is the distant sound of vehicles on nearby roads or a train far in the distance,

 their sounds, carrying through the deathly still air, can't over power the silence.

You can "feel" when the storm is coming. 

As you stand outside in the deafening nothingness you can see a few stray flakes 

meandering down from above. 

Placing your hand out, with palm up, you may be able to capture one of

these "messengers" of the impending storm. It will rest for a moment, then melt away.


I think we have had many of these "messengers" landing.








America, Fuck Yeah....







Sunday, January 2, 2022

and No F**Ks Were Given..




Meanwhile.. New Years Eve In Ecuador..

  I wonder how this worked out??

I Have Woken Up In The PNW For The Past Week or So....


 Overcast, grey skies, heavy fog. Wash, rinse, repeat.... I'm told that's what the PNW

is always experiencing.


I'm waiting for a Mooch Obama sighting.... 


 Looks like we get a break here in the Northeast on Tuesday:



Saturday, January 1, 2022

You Have To Go Enjoy The Comments..... Sent In By Bear Claw....