Saturday, June 13, 2020

Inquiring Minds Want To Know

I have been asked who the brunette in the B&W and grainy color photos with the distinct "sixties look" was/is I posted earlier in the week under the title "Vintage Heat".

Quentin Dean (1967) : vgb

Her name was Quentin Dean (Cederq thought I was pulling his leg when I told him that). I do not know and cannot find out very much about her. She was born July 27th, 1944 in Los Angeles County, CA as Corinne Ida Margolin.  She died of cancer at the age of 58. She never married. Her acting career began in 1967 playing the role of nymphet Delores Purdy in the film In The Heat Of The Night. Her character was sixteen years old and Dean was 23 at that time. She played in three other films, including Stay Away Joe with Elvis Presley. Dean also made seven television film appearances. Her acting career ended abruptly in 1969. I have not been able to find out why. In 2014 Steve Hart and the Cadillac Angels recorded a song titled The Ballad of Quentin Dean. There are a few subtle hints as to what might have happened to Dean. If anyone knows or comes across anything, please post in the comments. 

Below are a couple of Dean and Presley from Stay Away Joe


Looks about right

H/'T to Tycehpus

Interesting Isn't It?

Love the responses.....

Beautiful Day For Enjoying The Solitude Of A Boat Ride....

Maybe not....

Port of Amsterdam - Timelapse of SAIL 2015 -by Drone Addicts

Friday, June 12, 2020

Phriday Phemme Phatale so the Phans Don't Phillet Phil.....

  It's been a busy week for sure. Earlier, as you know, I had a mechanical failure with the lawn maintenance equipment <<.  I alluded to the fact that FFF might be compromised due to my good Buddy Phil since I would be busy on trying to fix the busted axle. I chose to step it up so he didn't feel the wrath...


  Think they'll be disappointed?



Prelude to FFF....

For The Time Being.....

Vintage Heat

                   Joe over at The View From Lady Lake posted this photo below with this caption.

"I've seen this look before. It's not good."

That got me to thinking that we haven't seen this beauty in some while, so I thought I'd dig out some pictures                                                                         and post them. Enjoy. Oh, here is the look.



Thursday, June 11, 2020

The Girl In The Rainbow Top.. Inquiring Minds Want To Know...


She's a Russian asset so be careful.

Her name is Natalya Krasavina  aka Nata Lee

 Natalya Krasavina is a breathtaking blond who has gained her fame from her Instagram Star account where she has gained over 1.8 million followers since September 2018 when she uploaded her first photo. Born on Feb. 17th 1999 in Russia. 

Nata Lee Quick Facts

  • Birth Name Nata lee
  • Date of Birth February 17 1999
  • Birth Place Russia
  • Nationality Russian
  • Birth Zodiac Sign Aquarius
  • Ethnicity White
  • Eye Color Blue
  • Hair Color Blond
  • Feet/Show Size 9.5 US – 40 EU 7.5 UK
  • Dress Size 6 US & CAN – 36 EU – 10 UK & AUS

Nata Lee Body Measurements

  • Height      5 feet 6 inches / 167.64cm
  • Weight  114 pounds  52kg
  • Body 36-27-35 inches / 91.4-68.5-88.9cm
  • Bust Size 36 inches 68.5cm
  • Bra Size 34C
  • Waist 27 inches 68.5cm
  • Hips 35 inches 88.9cm

Lots of photos here< 

Instagram here<<

2nd Instagram here<<

Pinterest link <<

WRSA.. Western Rifle Shooters is Back...

Here is the new LINK<<

Good Morning. It is time to wake up and start the blood to flowing.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020



Via Woodsterman

It's Been A Long Week...

 First off, I will curse both Phil and Leigh under my breathe for putting up a challenge.

Phil, because he is stubborn and will spend hours fixing a 20.00 leaf blower.

Leigh, because he enjoys motor swaps and tranny fixes.

and here.

What started all this was me telling Phil about my Sunday which looked like this:

Heavy rescue to get the mower out of the back yard.

 Busted axle

 Sweet, it only took about 15 minutes to remove:
 Here's the little bastard on the bench

I mentioned to Phil about replacing the whole unit either from ebay or aftermarket.
At which point it was suggested, by Phil, that I replace the shaft and save money.

At first I'm looking at that unit and I really don't want to crack the case open. You know what that can lead to. IT NEVER BEING THE SAME! ( experience don't you know.)

Anyway, I decided to spend some time on the webz and came to realize that these units have known issues with the shafts breaking and there are aftermarket upgrade kits.

Mind you this is a 2005 machine. It's a nice unit and as it is it ain't worth much.

So, to the detriment of Friday Femme Fatale surfing, ( you can blame Phil if it's not up to par) I have spent lots of time researching this.

Luck had it that I found this video, AWESOME.. this is exactly what I'm dealing with:

Using his suggestions, I have ordered the axles(S) upgrade and will attempt a repair on both sides.

Everything is due in next week so keep you eyes to the skies and if you see this:

 You'll know I did this:

and, I'll be here:

There is the challenge.  Can I fix my 2005 zero turn, labor and parts for under $2699.00?

The world awaits an answer :)

We have also had a family emergency that seems to have turned out Ok. Posting will be light for a bit as that and work and life are keeping me busy.

I'll be around as time allows, Jeffery can help keep you focused on "breaks" (see below) and please enjoy the sidebar links to some great bloggers.


Monday, June 8, 2020

Minneapolis goes full retard

The Demonrat city council of Minneapolis, the city that made poor soul George Floyd famous or maybe it's the other way round, has voted to DISBAND their Police Department.

 They have not, to my knowledge, promulgated a plan to respond to resident emergencies requiring any kind of normal police response that one would find in any other big city in the USA.

What could possibly go wrong?
Well to start, Minneapolis will be renamed Shitholia Midwest or maybe Mogadishu West. What ever happened to Minnesota nice.
Minneapolis will be declared a No Go city, first in the world!!!
Let's see. Property values, if not already in the crapper, will certainly be worth $0.00 in short order. Property Insurance? What's the cost of insuring a property that's worth $0.00?
Using known property tax formula's or maybe it's just simple math, $0.00 property valuation = $0.00 in property tax liability for the property owner. 'Course that will never happen. I imagine that the city council and the Mayor already have a plan in place for redistributing existing tax income to what ever far left dingbat fantasy they can come up with. Good luck trying to collect any further tax revenue.
With no property tax income there'll be no maintenance of the city's infrastructure, no snow plowing in the winter time, no pothole fixing in the summer. Water, Sewer, Fire services? Who's going to pick up the dead bodies resulting from all of the shootings that are sure to follow.
This is going to make Baltimore, Chicongo, Detroit, East LA , Harlem, Newark, and any other big city shithole you care to name, look like a walk in the park.
Demonrats. Always looking to screw the little guy any which way they can.
Oh and I have it on good authority that Ilhan Omar is creaming her dew rag over the possibilities of more Somali refugee resettlement. After all, Minneapolis should now feel right at home to them. Nothing like resettling in familiar war torn surroundings to make one feel all warm, fuzzy and thankful to your new adopted country. The only thing that's missing is a local war lord or three, (plenty of territory to go around) which should be settled in short order. I imagine the local drug lords are already salivating at the possibilities.

Guest post by Nemo.