Friday, October 21, 2022

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 First up.. J asks:

"Bought a new Mac mini. Had Ublock on my old one but not available for safari now. Looks like gooble chrome controls it and I refuse to use anything gooble if at all possible."

 " Any good recommended ad blockers?"



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Wednesday, October 19, 2022

When You Can Play The Blues At 16y.o.

 Thanks Pandora!!



 Irish notes  "This is from her website which hasn't been updated from 2011. It seems she was around for a bit then just left." >>>>

 Michaela Rae is a 16-year-old guitarist with a decade’s worth of playing the blues, picking up skills quickly and expertly, making her a rising star to watch on the Colorado music scene. Her debut CD, Blues with a Backbone, was released in June 2009, and showcases her “plenty solid” guitar playing (Westword). Michaela has appeared on numerous esteemed stages from the Blues From The Top Festival to the International Blues Challenge, and she’s currently working on new material for her next album. In her spare time, she races dragsters, runs track, excels in art and math, and loves being a teenage girl.


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“The Chair Is Against The Wall” - I repeat-- "The Chair Is Against The Wall"-- Update From Down Blogger...



Hey Guys If'n you could pass this on, to including Irish (don't have his email here)

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
A quick Update Courtesy of Phil and Cederq.  I'm OK, Divemedic's grandson notsomucho.  He's having some serious medical issues, and that put getting on the back burner for which I'm happy to wait.  Just wish the kid would get better and prayers for him, as no six year old should -ever- be in a pediatric ICU.  The sit-rep is here:

So, as for me and Wifey, we be headed North to Tennessee -again- to meet with the new lawyer.  That's tomorrow ostensibly after work.  Having to break out the cold weather gear as shorts and t-shirt ain't gonna cut it, raised in New Hampshire or not, my blood got too damned thin between Iraq and Florida.  Hell, it was 50 degrees here in Tampa this AM... a  mite chilly for me...

Gearing up is a stone bitch too, as we're in such an outlier situation what with everything teetering and tottering worse than a playground toy.  Bare essentials or 'heavy loadout'...  decisions decisions... I do know that that at least a week of grub, and water filtration, plus 'party favors' are going along.  Better to have than want Aye?

That being said, all the prayers and donations have meant the world to Me and Wifey, and Adriana as well.  We actually get a visitation thankfully while we're there, as it took some arm twisting by some behind-the-scenes 'stuff' that made it possible.  So hopefully good news there, as well as the new lawyer.  Gets me hopeful which as of late has been in short supply.
So More Later I'm The I.R.



An Oldie, But A Goodie

 I was in Muscle Shoals last Thursday and grabbed a bite at a pizza joint. As I walked out of the restroom there were three poster sized black and white images on the wall. One was of Etta James. One showed Wilson Pickett. The last was Bobbie Gentry. All three recorded at FAME studios in Muscle Shoals along with many other big name stars. I do not think I had ever seen this particular photograph of Ms. Gentry, but I thought the readers here would enjoy it. As I was searching, I came across a few more that I decided to post. Enjoy.

This is the song that made her famous.

Today's Lesson in FAFO...Body Cam Edition...



 First, a short refresher in FAFO...


 Now on to our main attraction...




Watch as Bubba "garage door pull" Wallace attacks NASCARs only Asian driver. The hypocrisy, will it ever stop?


I still like racing, but I am no longer a NASCAR fan. I miss back when.


Junior Johnson winner 1965 Rebel 300

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

If You Wish To Clutch Your Pearls OR LOLZ.... I found this....


 From yesterday's post featuring "Mangina Rick".

Would you call the media and authorities if it said Fuck Trump??  Me. No.


 Meanwhile you can see part of the local tribes-people decorations on the bridge.




 Meanwhile.. The Left...






Phrase of the Day....


"Barbie Pouch"

Let's find it's context in a tiktok video......

Monday, October 17, 2022

Email Dump.. Memes and Erratics...


 Thanks to Mark, Ron, Lu, Jay, Skip, Bob and others.....



and Rick From Hooksett Clutches His Pearls....



Early risers driving on Interstate 93 South in Manchester got an eyeful Sunday morning.


A Department of Transportation roadside message board was altered overnight.


For a brief time, the lighted message showed an expletive followed by the president's last name.


The sign wasn't up for long and it was turned away from traffic, but it was up long enough for a WMUR viewer to notice the vulgar message on his way to breakfast at 6 a.m. Sunday morning.


“I'm driving down the road and I'm coming to the split to go to the mall or to go to Boston and I see the sign,” said Rick, of Hooksett. “I can't even believe it.”


News 9 cannot show the message or describe the message, or even abbreviate the word, but it was four letters, vulgar, and followed by the name “Biden.”


“To me, I don't care whether you’re Republican or Democrat, it's just like wrong on so many levels,” Rick said.


“We were notified around 6-6:30, so it was up an hour, maybe an hour and a half,” said Richard Arcand, public information officer with the New Hampshire DOT.


A hasty, crack-of-dawn investigation by the DOT determined that it's a mobile traffic message board. This particular one was part of a bridge rehab project on Huse Road that is supposed to say “shoulder closed.”


“Someone must have vandalized it to get into it. Because it's not connected to the internet. It's a stand-alone unit that is programmed in the field,” Arcand said.


The investigation will include the DOT construction engineers contacting the contractor to figure out the last person responsible for this message board.


Arcand said state police checked the area Sunday morning and didn’t find anything suspicious.


But the short-lived vulgarity is getting reactions from social media posts to calls into state offices and newsrooms.


“It was unbelievable, I was blown away that it was on there,” Rick said.


If DOT officials can identify the sign vandal, charges are likely. It's illegal to tamper with construction equipment in a work zone.




Even the reporter is sooooo dramatic in the news clip<<<