Saturday, September 5, 2020

BURN, LOOT, and MURDER is a Communist Lie


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Some of you duffers are slacking....

I surprised there were no comments on this picture in the FFF post:

At first glance I was thought "Damn.. nice custom"  then I did some google fu and found the original

Which is from a company that restores and does custom bronco builds. Like this one, below, for the discerning collector who just hit powerball.  Go ahead and guess how much.  I'll wait.


 They have some beauties over there so spend some time scrolling if you like.

Some Things To Consider As You Enjoy Your Covfefe....

Go ahead, push play....

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Kenosha Kid Vocaroo Ballad "FU(%ed around and found out" (funny and good)


It gives new meanings to the phrases of "disrobing the judge" and "laying down the law"

 Kenton County Family Judge Dawn Gentry was accused back in December of a number of misconduct charges. Among them were "having a threesome in her chambers", soliciting a co-worker to seduce her husband, soliciting her secretary to have a threesome with her and her boyfriend, soliciting sex from attorneys and offering favorable treatment to those who participated and unfavorable who declined her offers, consuming alcohol on the job and allowing her staff to consume alcohol during work hours, retaliating against attorneys and others who did not vote for her or openly opposed her, etc. Judge Gentry was removed by a judiciary committee. Oh well, I guess it was fun while it lasted.

 The 39-year-old judge - who had been suspended with pay in December - was accused of using sex, coercion and retaliation as tools in her judgeship

Dawn Gentry (dawneegirl) on Pinterest  Dawn Gentry (@dawgen12) | Twitter 

 Gentry, who allegedly had an affair with Penrose when she was still married, plays in a band with her lover

Read more HERE and HERE.

Can you image how much money is on that truck..... updated

I found the video of the second truck.. as others noted. It's different, although a very expensive wreck.

Tuesday, September 1, 2020


We Were Warned In 1965...

In 1965, American radio host Paul Harvey gave an immense warning to the American people about the fate of the nation. "We Were Warned: Freedom to Chains" is a short film about the the parallels between the warning Harvey gave over fifty years ago, and today with the Socialist influences in government and society.

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Hang on! Here we go again.

Crowds gathered in Southern Los Angeles last night after deputies shot and killed a black man. There are conflicting reports at present, but I'd bet ten dollars against a doughnut that we will see looting, burning, and all sorts of mayhem by "peaceful protesters".  The guy who was shot allegedly had a gun, but I bet CNN will report he was a choirboy who was working his way through college studying to be a chemical engineer or similar. I sick and tired of this BLAMTIFA shit

Thisth is outrageous!! , I can't believe the cops would mace a black male choir boy with his hands up.....

Can you believe the brutality?

  Suddenly, in thousands of mom's basements........... the outrage amplifies...

Wait, what??  there's body cam of what led up to this? Ok, let's take a peek...

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Monday, August 31, 2020

Be careful with that thing

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Now Black "Trans" Lives Matter...

 Check out this resume.. I think everything is covered by this individual in CA. Can you imagine the conversation over a dinner date?


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No Monolithic Black Vote

 This is a good video of conservative black preacher "shelling down the corn" and exposing Kamala Harris for what she is. It is less than three minutes long and well worth the time.

Anonymous Is Correct In The Post Below... It's Photoshopped.

 I wouldn't doubt for a minute that you would see something like that though....

I believe this is the original:

Someone has the madd skilz:

The University of Alabama football players and coaches stopped being simply a football team and followed the lead of the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NASCAR. Today the U of A football team took a political stand based largely on a false narrative perpetuated by Commies and the MSM.

 I stopped watching college football several years ago. If I was a UA football fan, I would not be after today. In this video it appears there are not any white players marching. They are in the back of the line kind of like "the back of the bus". I really think this will be "step on your dick" moment for the team and university. I know in recent years student attendance at games has waned. In light of what took place today, I figure we will see kneeling during the anthem at UA games which will also cause attendance numbers to fall (think NFL, NASCAR,  etc. ).

If anyone has the stomach for it, click HERE to watch the latest attempt in destroying a fan base

And I always thought Fleetwood Mac was a "soft rock" band. Here is some music to get the blood flowing on this overcast-rainy Monday morning.


and it's Monday. While everyone is pouring over and analyzing Kyle taking out 3 criminals....

Someone analyzing the video and stills for any information must have been like, "Hey, what else can I find of interest?" *zooms in on stills*  who else was in the back... "noooo"  "come-on, it can't be"

More degenerates at the BLAMTIFA clusterfuck. It sure attracts some interesting "characters".

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Sunday, August 30, 2020

♫♫ Another Pandora Band To Try "OSI" ♫♫

  Earlier I was doing yard work with the headphones on . Listening to Pandora on a channel I created for Airbag. Progressive Pink Floydian type stuff.  This song came on and caught my attention:


I'll be gone now, either way that the wind blows
I'll be back though, leave a light in the window
When the waves die down, I'll be halfway round and I'll call you
When the sun blocks out, hold the radio up to the phone

I was dreaming
I was heading west, thirty days faster
Had a fever, woke up in a sweat, bailing out the water

Can't go on
Can't go back
Can't go on...
Can't go back

Heard your voice coming through the noise
Wrote it in the radio log
Hurt my head wondering what you said
So I threw it overboard

Can't go on
Can't go back
Can't go on
Can't go back
Can't go on...
Can't go back

I was dreaming
I was heading west, thirty days faster
Had a fever, woke up in a sweat, bailing out the water

Can't go on
Can't go back
Can't go on
Can't go back
Can't go on...
Can't go back

OSI is an American progressive rock band, originally formed by Fates Warning guitarist Jim Matheos in 2002. Chroma Key keyboardist and vocalist Kevin Moore is the only other full-time member of the band. The collaboration may be considered a studio project, as its members and contributors write and track most of their material independently, sharing and developing tracks long-distance, only coming together at the end of the process for mixing and additional tracking. The band's name is a reference to the Office of Strategic Influence, a short-lived American government agency formed in 2001 to support the War on Terror through propaganda. The band has featured a number of guest musicians on its albums, including Sean Malone, Steven Wilson, Mikael Akerfeldt, Joey Vera and Gavin Harrison.
Matheos recruited Moore, Dream Theater's then-drummer Mike Portnoy, and Sean Malone (Fretless Bass and Chapman Stickist) to perform on what was originally planned to be a Matheos solo album. Matheos and Portnoy originally planned to produce a progressive metal album similar to Matheos' work in Fates Warning, however Moore's impact changed the music's direction and genre, incorporating electronica into the original progressive metal sound. The band's debut album was released by InsideOut Music in 2003.
OSI was originally intended to be a one-off project, but Matheos and Moore found they both had gaps in their schedules so produced a follow-up. Free was released in 2006, with Portnoy returning to play drums as a session musician rather than a full band member, due to personal and musical differences between him and Moore. Blood was released in 2009, with Porcupine Tree drummer Gavin Harrison replacing Portnoy. The fourth album Fire Make Thunder was released in 2012 by Metal Blade Records, with Harrison once again on drums.

Sunny and 74° Here Today...

  The sunrise was kissing the trees above the barn earlier. I set it as the Masthead above.

 When I first rose from sleep, before cracking my eyes, I had this in my head. It's on a plaque that has been hanging in my parent's home for as many years as I can remember.
I've read it hundreds of times.
Now when I visit them I make a point to stop and read it. It's time for me to get one for here.

Stay safe, try and enjoy the day no matter what you do.