Thursday, August 17, 2017

Friday Femme Fatale.. Preview...

The cold race war is beginning to turn hot...

The mood of the country will continue to darken. Reactions to these types of events will intensify. More blood will be shed. It’s too bad these functional illiterates didn’t pay attention in history class or ever read a book. They are going to learn some harsh lessons over the next decade.

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Compiled and submitted by AFOI..
** This is what happens when criminals are not afraid.
** Notice how they lump climate change skeptics with people who think "aliens" on everything?
I don't remember which logical fallacy this is, but it's a classic technique.
** Title: Warned in 1989! Sharia is the goal, Taqiyya is the method. Meet Clinton pal - Sharifa Alkhateeb
>> They state their goals - conquest.
** They're afraid the supply of illegal aliens, er, new Democrats will be choked off.
** I have been saying for years that Democrats will, by default, side with America's enemies.
** Quote: "One onlooker asks in an astonished voice, 'What's going on?'"
>> What's going on?  You're being INVADED, that's what's going on.  With the complicit help of those in
your government.  Related:
** I have to think, in dark moments, that it would be poetic justice if all the Libtards got TB from
the very rapefugees they wanted brought over.  And other nasty third-world diseases.  

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Mayor Bell More Concerned With Covering Up A Confederate Monument / 3 Children Shot, Two Killed Along with Four Adults Shot and Killed In Birmingham, AL In the Past Two Weeks

It is sheer insanity that William Bell, mayor of Birmingham, is pandering to voters (election year) claiming he is deeply concerned about a monument commemorating soldiers and sailors who fought for the Confederacy in Linn Park. The monument, which I am certain few ever took the time notice, much less read what few words are written upon it until recently, was commissioned to be built and then erected in the city by the United Daughters of The Confederacy in 1901. One would think the good mayor had "bigger fish to fry". Bell was so "concerned" that he ordered the monument covered with plastic and plywood yesterday. Today, Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall has filed suit against the city of Birmingham and has warned the municipality could be fined a $1,000.00 for every day the monument is covered as the covering is in violation of a recently passed state law protecting all historical markers and monuments. It is really sad that the once "Magic City" has gone downhill since 1982 and now resembles a war-torn third world country. I suppose Mayor Bell should change the name to "the Tragic City" as the city has had 62 homicides (guess the race) since Jan. 1st. Anyhow, Bully for AG Marshall and Gov. Ivey for taking a positive stand and obeying the laws of the State of Alabama. Click the link to read the entire story at the bottom of the page.


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

ANTIFA and Their Allies Demand That All Volkswagen Automobiles Be Removed From American Soil

After stumbling across an internet photograph showing Adolf Hitler dedicating the Wolfsburg, Germany VW factory in 1938 and with hundreds of Swastika banners and Confederate flags in the background, members of Antifa, BLM,  and a myriad of other commie organizations have partnered with race baiting mayors, governors, and some members of Congress to demand that all Volkswagens be removed from the United States. The fate of Daimler-Benz and BMW were not known at the time of this writing. However, insiders confirm that if support is strong enough they too will cave to the mounting pressure and retreat to Eurostan. All three of the giant automakers have issued apologies for participating in the Holocaust and are discussing terms of repatriations to people who may have been scarred as a result of being exposed to any of the many emblems of hate which have bedecked the automakers products for decades. Staff from Mercedes and BMW freely admit they were just as guilty as VW in contributing to NAZI Germany's war effort. 

"Symbols of white supremacy and those known to associate with such regimes will no longer be tolerated or allowed to go unmolested. Those NAZIs were bad, but I don't think every one of the German soldiers owned two hundred slaves like the Confederate soldiers did," said a tearful snowflake who was proudly wearing a shirt fashioned from a communist era Russian flag . 

Meanwhile near the Chattanooga, Tennessee VW factory thousands of  "peaceful counter protesters" were throwing Molotov cocktails, bricks, rocks, and bottles of piss at the white supremacist workers as they entered and left the NAZI auto plant. A huge white on blue background VW "NAZI" symbol was brazenly displayed above the plant's main entrance further enraging the "peaceful protesters". Nearby stood approximately fifty uniformed Chattanooga policemen and sheriff's deputies filming this peaceful counter demonstration as a Hamilton County Sheriff's Department government surplus issued UH-1 hovered near the main gate. An officer who requested not to be identified told us that the doors of the chopper had been removed and the M-60's added as a precautionary measure should any VW employees attempt to use any part of their known arsenal to drive the "counter demonstrators off VW property and only then would authorities intervene. The unnamed officer also hinted of a few other tactical surprises that might be used on the NAZIs should things "go hot". Additionally, we have just learned from a reliable unnamed source that search search warrants pertaining to a child pornography operation and a monster methamphetamine lab located inside the factory were  awaiting a judge's signature. Stay tuned for future updates.

I am certain all of you reading this know that I am only trying to illustrate how ridiculous this narrative sounds and just how gullible the liberals in this country are when it comes to believing the propaganda of the Marxist who are waging a war on white culture, history, and Liberty. The reds could care less about truthful history (in fact, they despise it). Ridding cities of Confederate monuments is not the driving force behind this movement which currently plagues our land. It is only a small show this side of the big show (Sam Watkins). Their goal is a one-world communist Utopia. Keep the faith and remain vigilant.


Georgia Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams calls for the removal of the giant stone carving that depicts Confederate President Jefferson Davis and two of the greatest and most honorable Confederate Generals the South ever produced from the face of state-owned Stone Mountain saying it "remains a blight on our state and should be removed".

"We must never celebrate those who defended slavery and tried to destroy the union," Abrams said in a series of tweets posted early Tuesday as a response to the deadly violence that occurred this past Saturday in Charlottesville, VA. Sadly, Abrams and other race hustlers who are fixated with erasing the history of our great nation know very little in regards to this period in America's past. I sincerely doubt most of these idiots could even name the century in which the epic struggle known as "War Between the States" occurred. Neither do these enemies of Liberty have any concept of "cause and effect". They need to stop before the fulcrum reaches a "tipping point".

The liberal point of view can be read HERE if anyone can bear to read it.

Last Night Clueless Insurgents Topple Confederate Monument in Charlotte, North Carolina

                                                                                          l am at a loss for words. 

Monday, August 14, 2017

Where is Kim?

There could be something to recent headlines regarding a launch, but Kim may also be deeply concerned a team of American operators might be getting ready to play "knock, knock whose there?".  



            Kim's disappearance sparks concerns that a missile launch may be imminent. He has been missing for nearly two weeks now according to various news reports. Got preps?

Maybe Mick Can Add A Verse About Charlottesville, VA

                              On second thought, I think the song covers most all of the pertinent subject matter.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

American Tourist Beaten Near Dresden, Germany After Giving NAZI Salute

Swastika T-Shirts

An American tourist was severely beaten outside a Dresden cafe after giving the stiff-armed NAZI salute. The article goes on to say this occurred in a very liberal part of town. The American was reported to be very drunk. Although the article did not state, I know most who read this would not be shocked to learn the "beater" was muslim as most European men have been emasculated and would never resort to violence of any kind. Read the entire story HERE.

By the way, though often referred to as the "Roman Salute", the National Socialist Worker's Party adopted this salute from a socialist in America who created the Pledge to promote government schools. The Pledge should be changed from pledging allegiance to the flag to "pledging allegiance to the Constitution". Of course that was not the intention of the original author.