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Saturday, February 8, 2020

♫♫ Behind Blue Lies..♫♫

If it disappears you can try it here:

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  Since we are doing classic rock and Trump.... Go check out this version of Paranoid


and this one:


Truman's Mother Finally Shut Off X-Box and Kicked Him Out of The Basement....

To Compete With Space Force,The IRS Introduces Space IRS (satire for now, but the left will get around to it)

"We were also inspired by watching shows like Star Wars and seeing someone like Hans Solo , a smuggler, who is obviously avoiding taxes", said Nancy Pelosi.

Read the rest of the story HERE.

Thanks to reader "Robert in Cullman".

Friday, February 7, 2020

Here is a picture of nice buck my son killed over the Christmas holiday.

He picked the mount up from the taxidermist a couple of weeks ago. It had nice chocolate horns and scored 140 Boone and Crockett. The deer had been a ten point for at least the past two years (different photos on game cameras) and was probably on the "downhill slide". He didn't weigh it, but I helped him dress it and I'd guess it was in the 190-200 lb. range.


Friday Femme Fatale... Shaken, Not Stirred...

Regarding tonight's post.

All the images that I search and saved this week were randomly listed in my FFF folder and then renumbered based on that order. I usually try to post images that go together or have the same theme. Tonight I wanted to see how a random post would look.

 Below the fold they are posted in that random order.....

Like dice, they are shaken then rolled out...

WYSIWYG. YMMV.  Enjoy.....

Pssst.... there's a new FFF in the works..

Hurry for front row seats......

Something To Ponder..

TGIF ! Grab A Cold One....

No Wonder Pelosi Was Pissed....

Meanwhile, After You Leave For Work....

Have You Heard Of The "New Way Forward" Act?

Here's the video if the embed doesn't work or they take it down...


Here's the video if the embed doesn't work or they take it down

Reader Joe Sends Some Memes...

Resident Spammer, ManualTRand, Works On Getting His Date Home....

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Watch as "queen" Nancy shows her ass:

At the end of DJT's State of the Union Address Tuesday night, Nancy Pelosi once again demonstrates exactly how demoRats feel. The key word is "feel". These leftist are hellbent on destroying the Constitution, America, and the rights of free-thinking Americans. I hope this childish act bites Nancy and all of the other commiecrats right on the ass. 

Mutual Of Irish's Wild Kingdom....

I Wonder If Princess Gray Beaver Paid Her Carbon Tax?

She also speaks with forked tongue...

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) campaigns as an environmental activist, supporting the completely insane Green New Deal and stating that she will ban fracking on her first day in office.

As is often the case with Warren, what she says and what she does are very different things. The Wall Street Journal reports that Warren received income from oil and gas royalties in Oklahoma and that she transferred her holdings to her children before announcing her run for the Senate.


3:23 PM in Faisalabad Pakistan ..

.. and right on cue, the little goat herder* ManualTRand, my resident spammer, must be finished work for the day.

*pronounced fuh·kr 


Monday, February 3, 2020

Damn, This IS Funny....

Here's the video if the embed doesn't work or they take it down

Go enjoy more MEMEs here<<<


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