Friday, March 25, 2016

Link O'rama.... Keeping Tabs on Things..

Compiled and submitted by AFOI

** Life has gone far beyond farce.
** Know your enemy.  What's fascinating to me are the comments trying to analogize MODERN Islam with OLD Christian practices, or dismiss this
as "Well, ALL religions are like this..."
** And they're telling everyone... why?  (Unless this is a way to alert the public to what to look for - but guaranteed the terrorists will
** Quote: "As Tamara so aptly puts it, Europeans can go from 'zero to jackboots' faster than you'd believe possible.  They've done so many
times in the past . . . and I strongly suspect that ordinary
Europeans (with or without the support of their current political leaders) are about to do so once more."  


Ain't That The Truth......

someone posted that in a comment section
I was scrolling last night. I would like to
give them a H/T but I couldn't find it again.


It's Friday!

Contrary to What the Media Would Have Us Believe, Things are Not Well in Cuba

Air Force One on it's return trip from Cuba

Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Shit You Find On The Internets.............




 It's On Youtube So It's Not Graphic... 


   Click the pic...... You Can Decide To Push Play When You Get There....



♫♫ Set The Turntable Back To 1980...♫♫

Now Back To Zen.....

The Vulgar Curmudgeon.. The Early Years....


I Just Got A Tingle Up My Leg...... Freedom's Safest Place...


borrowed from dailysheeple

Today's Machining Project...


   AC power adapter housing out of Delrin.


Sit On The Rocks, Un-Pack Your Lunch, and Enjoy a Moment of Zen......



   Ya, maybe this quality of "man" did...................

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Notes From The Road...

While driving on the Route 95 in mASSachusetts yesterday I noticed the electronic bill boards are 
all running the saying "See Something Say Something".  I wasn't able to capture a good picture as
I cruised by.  Seems like the Brussels attack has warranted an up tick in security.

  My thoughts went to the hypocrisy we have seen from this SSSS campaign....


Got Bunker? Maine Couple Selling Their Prepper's Paradise

Dave and Sue Prentiss, of the bucolic town of Limestone, are looking to sell their near twenty acres of land which comes complete with missile silo,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,






Read the entire story HERE.


Here's the LINK to the 20th Century Castles site 

Click on the image to scroll through the pictures


Robert commented below about how remote this is:

412 miles North of Boston




H/T Bob in KY

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

♫♫ A Song About An Old Welsh Witch... ♫♫

She's Won A Lot Of Trophies....

Subliminal Appetizer You Know You're Gonna Order Later........

 ... You can smell them.................

Random Pics Sent In By Murray.....

Cabin Pron..


♫♫ Black Moon ♫♫

"Black Moon"

Everyday I see a new cloud coming
There's one more hole in space
Everytime I walk across the street
I feel the gas blowing in my face
We never learn even deserts burn
And all politicians lie
They won't do nothin'
'Till we reach high noon
Black Moon

Ain't nobody gonna walk on water
When it falls like acid rain
Nobody gonna fake you out
Every poison stains
We're all stuck here
Right in the middle
We never call the tune
We don't get active
We become immune
Black Moon

In the night see the red sky burning
There's fire on the mountain
Oil slicks on the sea
Black Moon is rising
How long will it be

Just take a look around the world
The future never waits
We're skating on the thin ice
And we're in the hands of fate
What we need's a little re-direction
To find our blue lagoon
You know it wouldn't come
A moment to soon
Black Moon's
Ghostly images die 

If Walls Could Talk.....

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

This Post Contains A Song Parody That Deals In Adult Language and Humor So It's NSFW....

  Please be aware of your surroundings before pushing play.

No children , puppies, kittens or those special snowflakes that are afraid of microaggressions should be within earshot.

This song contains language and adult humor......

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"Jill Munroe"

♫♫ The Atlanta Rhythm Section Takes Us Into Tuesday Night........♫♫

 Their Top Hit Below....

Link O'rama.. Keeping Tabs On Things.....

Compiled and submitted by AFOI

He writes:

" Thoughts and prayers for the victims of the attacks in Brussels; I fear this is only the start.  And I will opine that it's a real pity that the people who MADE THE DECISION to allow these people in are NOT the ones who pay the price for it.  THEY are hidden, safely behind their walls, gates, and armed guards while the common man takes the brunt of the effects of their decisions."
** And where's the minefield?  There needs to be a minefield.
** If the natives won't vote your way - replace them.  They're doing it in Europe, they're doing it here.
** From this day forward, if any Republican is caught mishandling classified info, just cite Hellary as precedent.
** I'm not opposed to solar power; on the contrary, I hope it succeeds.  At issue is the area needed to power anything significant.



Building an Amazing Wooden Workbench........

Because... #Puppies!

I See The "Religion of Peace" Held A Service This Morning....

G' Mornin'