Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Weird Waffen SS Weapons / Mark Felton


Top O' The Marnin'! Been Busy and it ain't letting up....


  All is well, swamped at work and taking advantage of the beautiful weather we are having 

locally.  Lot's of projects around the bunker as well as the usual daily/weekly maintenance.

I'll be around and post when possible.  For now here are some memes to meme the enemies into

tears, and hear the lamentations of their soy-boys...




Sunday, May 28, 2023

" It was my honor to serve our fallen comrades in such a manner"- SmokeyJazz


 SmokeyJazz, long time lurker here at TFI sent the following: 



Hey Irish,

  Back in the mid 90's, I was part of Joint Task Force-Full Accounting (JTF-FA), based out of Camp Smith, Hawaii.  Each Southeastern country (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia) would have there own dedicated investigative teams.  I was assigned to one of four investigation teams for Vietnam.  After researching each loss for the upcoming iteration we would spend about three to four weeks in country tracking down the actual loss site and interviewing any in-country witness to the loss event.  If we could identify a possible burial site, we would either dig a test site or report it for future possible recovery.  While our teams were conducting the investigation side of the house, Central Identification Laboratory, Hawaii (CILHI), would conduct a couple recovery sites identified previously.

  Though my career field was Operational Intelligence, everyone in the military is dual hatted.   I was sent to our detachment in Hanoi to help out the Logistics and Finance side.  Everything from inspecting equipment used for recovery sites to working the C-130's out of Thailand for supply drops.  Worst part was taking the paper bill from the Vietnam government and transferring it to MS Excel (yes, Excel will drop a penny here and there).  We paid the Vietnam government around a mil per Iteration and there was six per year.

  I feel lucky do be doing this at it upheld the military's promise for full accounting and if possible, to bring you home.  While in Hanoi, I was able to visit the crashed B-52 within the city and also Hanoi Hilton before they tore it down (still have a brick from the prison with is currently on loan to VFW post).  Things that haunt me is to this day my medical records have cover sheets stating I've been exposed to Agent Orange, Japanese Encephalitis, and a few others.  I guess if I start looking like the three-eye fish on the Simpson's, I know why.

  Any who, long story short, I took the two attached photo's while providing logistical support during a repatriation of remains from Hanoi, Vietnam.  The ceremony is extremely quiet and you will notice the U.S. flags are not draped over the coffins.  That is because we had not re-established diplomatic relations yet and Viet government would not allow us to unfurl the flags on the tarmac.  This was completed after the ceremony when everything was being button-up for departure.  The wooden boxes the solider is saluting is the actual box the Vietnam government provides to us with the remains.  This will be transferred to the metal coffins in picture #1.  I attended six Repat Ceremonies i Hanoi, but never had the chance to participate since I was working logistics and was kept busy before and after the ceremony and was covered with sweat, fuel and other who knows what by the end.  Was able to click a few photos for my memory of what I was part of.  Please use photos if you want, just wanted to provide to people who care and for them to remember that freedom cost more than just money and equipment, and some of us will never forget.




It was my honor to serve our fallen comrades in such a manner and to hopefully bring rest to their grieving families.  I pass around these two photos to either ex-military or to individuals who have a strong desire to support the true reason behind Memorial Day.  May God bless and your family, keep up the great job on your site.