Saturday, October 23, 2021

Stepping Into The Past... Check Out This Two Day "Old Fashioned Country Estate" Auction

   If old barns could talk......imagine the stories....

 From the McInnis website:

 "We are happy to invite you to an Old Fashioned New England on site Estate Auction under a 4500 square foot big top tent on the farm fields 68 South Road in East Kingston NH Saturday & Sunday October 23RD & 24TH at 11AM each day. The Currier Farm Barns, owned by the Carter Family since 1970. Earl Carter bought the barns with all the original contents and he, his brother Walter & the family filled it all up to the brim with all kinds of antique & vintage treasures. Previews 8AM each day, only Saturday’s items will be available on Saturday for Preview and the same on Sunday. No online bidding, no additions and no reserves! Bring your empty vans & trucks and plan on long days of discovery’s!! We are still uncovering and sorting, who knows what else is squirreled away in these barns. Come, tell your friends an join the fun of a good old Yankee tradition! Can’t wait to see you!"



 Go and scroll through almost a hundred pictures of all the various items...

like these:


Set The 8 Track Back To 1972... Live ♫♪♫ Yours Is No Disgrace..♫♪♫ Amazing performance....






Friday, October 22, 2021

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago.......


 For those keeping up with Mrs. Jones, her last two submitted pics appear in this post. There are no clues as you should be able to recognize them by now. Plus, I ran out of daylight to get this done.






♫♪♫ Surveilance Pt.2&3 ..♫♪♫ Please enjoy this musical interlude......










Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Way Back Wednesday

 Well, I am back and glad to report "a fun time was had by all" on our seven night tenting adventure. I will pick up where we left off on October 6th. Now we will get down to business:

Barbi Benton beat out Monic Bellucci, but just barely. Julie Newmar was right behind her. Honorable Mentions were Kim Novak and Ali McGraw. Below are the requests for this weeks contest and a few others I threw in the mix. 

Jan Smithers
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Jan Smithers

Sunday, October 17, 2021

500 Billion Tons Of Rock..... Sliding Into The Ocean..


 Lately , There have been eruptions on La Palma in the Canary Islands. It's almost the end

of 2021. We might as well add a Tsunami to the resume.



Here is a live feed today of the current eruption with sound.... eerie....