Saturday, June 3, 2017

Peace-loving Muslims Strike This Evening Near London Bridge, Vauxhall, and Borough Market

Rest easy Britons. Prime Minister Theresa May says this "terrible incident" is being treated as a "potential act of terrorism". 


What are the people of England to do? They have allowed their country to be over-run by these seventh century barbarians and for the most part have surrendered their right to keep and bear firearms. Details of the attack are still forthcoming, but initial reports indicate a van plowed into a crowd, young middle-eastern men jumped out and started stabbing people with "large knives", etc. The story is the same. Only the names of the Western peoples killed have changed.

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Friday, June 2, 2017

Friday Femme Fatale.....

Alabama City Requires Teens To Buy A Business License To Mow Lawns

Here is more proof that government destroys everything it comes into contact with via over-regulation, fees, permits, inspections, etc. (aka "red tape") 

It is not like the American people needed another example of a bureaucracy and bureaucrats "gone wild", but here it is alive and well in of all places, Gardendale, AL. This policy of requiring part time yard mowers to buy a business license is simply wrong in so many ways. Why would a council person go along with an idea which punishes kids for working? In this day and age when most young folks have their eyes fixated onto the screen of an electronic device and their asses glued to the couches, Gardendale wants to penalize kids with an entrepreneurial spirit who are trying to earn extra money for the summer. Like most liberal concepts, I would hope this idea of licensing began with good intentions, but that is not always the case. Additionally, I realize things have changed dramatically from the days of mowing with a Yazoo (nothing wrong with that mind you) like the one pictured above to what lawn care professionals have become today. Still, it doesn't change the fact that some kids still push their mowers to next door yards for the purpose of earning extra money in the summertime.  Is this just another example of government attempting to generate revenue and or deter a select group from competing with established business owners with "connections" to city hall? It could be. Either way concessions need to made to allow part time "students" a chance to cut grass without them having to buy a license. I wonder if the family of the council members, mayor, etc., have relatives who own a lawn care business? Should we also believe it is really fair that the "illegal invaders" of the Gardendale area who regularly mow yards in the city limits and fail to purchase a grass cutting license, live in free .gov housing, receive food stamp benefits via EBT cards, free health care, etc.? vs. those who do pay the "blood money". Of course it isn't fair. Hypothetically, I wondered if I lived in Gardendale and my lawnmower broke, would my neighbor have to purchase a license to cut my grass even if it was for free? Shame on the members of Gardendale government.

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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Link O'rama... Keeping Tabs On Things...

Compiled and submitted by AFOI:
** Quote: "Many commentators simply couldn't wrap their heads around the fact that the Republican candidate not only won, but raised over
$100,000 the day after he body-slammed a left-leaning reporter.  It was because his supporters would probably like to have done the same thing
to the reporter, if not worse - but reporters can't admit that, because if they did, they'd also have to admit that they've made themselves
the enemy of 'traditional America'."
>> They go to the same schools, live in the same neighborhoods, associate with the same circles, read the same books and magazines and listen
to the same radio shows... and then think they're well informed about the country.
** Excellent takedown and analysis.  Funny how the more wealth they get, the more generous they get with OTHER peoples' money.
** Automated world shipping.  Add in pirates and hackers and bad weather.  Stir.
** And this quote sums up the screencap of a twitter exchange, below: "It's the Death of the West in one Twitter exchange.":
** They lie about guns.  It's what they do.  (They lie about EVERYTHING.)
** Dated, but illustrative.  The economic crash is coming.  It can't NOT crash.  Somewhere within ten years, economic math ends as we reach
the end of the road.    

Monday, May 29, 2017

What a "tease" this turned out to be

                          I was fourteen in '78 and can remember trying to imagine what must be inside this edition.

This was about the extent of the "spread". 

Not posing nude was probably a wise choice for Dolly considering her work with children and her Imagination Library.


Sunday, May 28, 2017

Link O'rama.. Keeping Tabs On Things...

Compiled and submitted by AFOI
** Biting and insightful as always.  Related, and also very worth reading:
** Quote: "They did achieve their aims: they killed 22 people, including children, and injured several dozen. Dead infidels: that's their
objective, period. (Or, as you would say, full stop.)"
>> The problem is that the Left CANNOT - is absolutely intellectually INCAPABLE - of actually understanding the Islamist enemy.  Another
quote: "You are more scared of being called bigots than of the prospect
of children under your official protection being slaughtered by jihadists."
** Multiculturalism, like socialism, is a fantasy.  And read the concluding two paragraphs carefully... and weep.
** This question NEEDS to be asked: At what point, after months of "investigation" with no evidence found, can the
legal standard of the "reasonable man" conclude it doesn't exist, and shut things down?  More:
** Title: The Architects of Western Decline: A Study on the Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism
>> 28 minutes of must-understand history.
** Not just smoke, but actual fire... but the difference is "D" vs. "R".